12 Sweet Shops challenged for unsanitary conditions in Jammu

12 confectioneries challenged for unsanitary conditions in Jammu

JAMMU, OCTOBER 30: Food and Drug Administration teams challenged 12 food stores during its special campaign launched in the middle of the festival season to monitor food quality standards in the territory of the United States. ‘Union.

During the ongoing special campaign, 673 inspections were carried out in all districts of Jammu Division and 452 samples of various food items typically consumed during festival season were collected and sent for testing for quality and quality parameters. safety at the Jammu Food Analysis Laboratory. / Srinagar, reports on the same are awaited.

Some of the manufacturing units / outlets were found to be in violation of the sanitary parameters prescribed by law and against 12 of these food business operators, namely M / S Kwality Sweet Shop, Canal Road Jammu, M / S Mahajan Sweet Shop, Canal Road Jammu M / S Nathu Sweet Shop, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu M / S Bikaner Sweet Shop ChanniHimmatjammu, M / S Hari Om Bikaner Mishtan Bhandar Worksop, Channi, Jammu M / S New dairy products Choudhary, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu M / S Pargal Cheese Corner, Bus stand, Jammu M / S Pal catering Coorp Nescafe Superspeciality Hospital, Jammu & M / S Sharma Brothers canteen, Superspeciality hospital Jammu, M / s Ram Lal veg Shop Boulangerie Muthi & M / s Shahbaz, Srinagar has been recommended and will be brought before the competent court in due course for further legal proceedings.

In addition, 4 challan under section 58 of the 2006 FSS Act have also been recommended against FBOs such as Distributors M / S Santosh Singh, Udhaywala M / S Deepak general Store, Muthi Jammu, M / s Lawyer Canteen, M / S Mahinder general Store, Udhaywala Jammu for failing to comply with instructions from law enforcement personnel.

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