5 Best Bagel Shops in Louisville, KY

Below is a list of the best bagel stores in Louisville. To help you find the best bagel stores near you in Louisville, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Louisville’s Best Bagel Shops:

The best rated bagel shops in Louisville, KY are:

  • Breugger Bagels – serves authentic New York-style pot-boiled and stone oven-baked bagels
  • Payne Street Bake House – serves traditional Vermont-style bagels
  • Cold Smoke Bagels – serves an innovative menu of classic and creative Jewish dishes
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels – shop serving the freshest bagels open for dinner, take out and catering
  • Bakery – served the freshest and most delicious bread and bagels.

Breugger Bagels

Breugger's Bagels Bagel Shops in Louisville, KY

Breugger Bagels serves authentic New York-style pot-boiled bagels baked in the stone oven. They only use 5 simple ingredients. They sell a variety of foods made from 100% Vermont cream cheese. Plus, their bagel options include cinnamon raisins, garlic, nature, and pumpernickel. There are also cream cheese selections from green onions with bacon, walnuts of honey and garlic with light herbs.

In addition to bagels, they consist of twice-baked potato pancakes and smoker’s breast. Exclusive soups and desserts are also served. Plus, they serve coffee which completely perfects the bagel options.


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Address: 119 Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY 40207
Telephone: (502) 618-1158
Website: locations.brueggers.com/us/ky/louisville/119-breckenridge-lane


“We love the Brueggers and took a day off just to buy bagels. I also bought jars of cream cheese as they have different flavors. – Nicola Davis

Payne Street Pastry House

Payne Street Bake House

Payne Street Bake House serves traditional Vermont style bagels. They have been serving their delicious bagel options since 1996. Their delicious options are open for take out and catering. In addition, there is a wholesale option for corporate meetings and large gatherings. Their bagel options include plain, sesame, poppy, and cinnamon raisins. There are also options of plain cream cheese, honey, nuts, blueberry, and strawberry.

There are also spicy turkey, hummus, roast beef and chicken salad sandwich options. Plus, they serve wraps, salads, and breakfast. There are also coffee, orange juice, and iced tea options.


bagel, espresso, sandwich shop


Address: 225 S Spring St, Louisville, KY 40206
Telephone: (502) 895-8323
Website: nancysbagels.com


“Delicious bagels. I had the sesame bagels with honey nut cream cheese. The soy milk mocha is a little gem. Contactless service. The process of ordering and getting the bagels is straightforward and you get a response to your text quickly. Highly recommended and would definitely be back. ” – Prasad Naïr

Cold Smoke Bagels

Cold Smoke Bagels Bagel Shops in Louisville, KY

Cold Smoke Bagels serves an innovative menu of classic and creative Jewish dishes. There are bagel sandwiches loaded with different advertising cream cheese toppings. in addition, they focus on a wide variety of smoked and salted seafood. They serve smoked fish and bagel platters. It’s perfect for Sunday brunches with family or friends.

Their sandwich options include the Classic Lox, The Deli, and Veggie. Plus, their schmears options include green olive, plain, butter, jalapeño, and many more. There are also trays with different combinations for catering.


bagel store


Address: 1001 Logan Street, Louisville, KY 40204
Telephone: (502) 309-4269
Website: froidsmokebagels.com


“Absolutely delicious! Lox bagels are one of my favorite foods and this little stand delivers. Avocado and fried egg on a plain bagel. Pickled onions are a fantastic touch. So impressed, I highly recommend it.” – Katelynn S.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einstein Bros.  Bagels Bagel stores in Louisville, KY

Einstein Bros. Bagels is a store serving the freshest bagels, open for dinner, take out and catering. They offer a selection of sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. Plus, there’s a cup of coffee ready to pair with their bagel options. They only use the best ingredients to create their most inspiring flavors. Their bagels are also fresh out of the oven.

Their bagel options include six cheeses, Jalapeno cheese, avocado toast, and hash browns. Plus, their signature bagels include French toast, cinnamon sugar, and Asiago cheese.


bagel shop, sandwiches, cafe


Address: 2001 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
Telephone: (502) 272-8437
Website: einsteinbros.com/us/ky/louisville/2001-newburg-rd


“Great espresso… really fantastic workers. So friendly… being a loyal espresso buyer, they offered me free espresso once. Oh, and the muffins are amazing! – Retief Williams


Breadworks Bagel Shops in Louisville, KY

Bakery served the freshest and most delicious bread and bagels. They create small-batch boiled bread and bagels that are perfect for the whole day. Plus, their specialty bread includes sourdough, asago, and challah. There are also daily golden wheat, raisins, and pecan and French country bread options.

There are also pot boiled bagels like plain, sesame, poppy and combo. Plus, their classic cream cheese options include plain, smoked, and vegetarian salmon. There’s also a selection of authentic scones, hand-twisted Danish, and cinnamon buns.


bagels, scones, bagels, muffins shop


Address: 2204 Dundee Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
Telephone: (502) 452-1510
Website: painworkslouisville.com


“Lots of bagels to choose from. The employees were masked and remained distant. Good selection of coffee. Practically the self-service to reheat your food. – Sharon Nassar

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