5 Best Gift Shops in Aurora, CO

Below is a list of the best and leading gift shops in Aurora. To help you find the best gift shops near you in Aurora, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Aurora’s Best Gift Shops:

The top rated gift shops in Aurora, CO are:

  • Cherry Creek North – works diligently to promote effective gifting practices
  • Swarovski Park Meadows Shopping Center – strives to create a training environment where everyone feels accepted and respected
  • Chest New – personally offers its locally sourced handcrafted products and accessories
  • Amy’s Hallmark Store – provides artistic and unique branded gift boxes and greetings
  • Fun Gift Boxes – Colorado-based gift company

Cherry Creek North

Favorite Gift Shops in Aurora, COCherry Creek North works diligently to promote effective gifting practices. With their unique local business support system, they offer a diverse range of local parts. They also work directly with well-known companies that bring fashion and trends. Plus, they provide a full-service customer experience. The center is also the best place for all community events and date ideas. In addition, they also deal with the sale and promotion of well-known brands.

The center offers a wide variety of high-end gifts and branded products. Additionally, their products include designer watches, perfumes, and apparel. They also have accessories and bags available.


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Address: 2401 E 2nd Ave #150, Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 681-5231
Website: cherrycreeknorth.com


“Nice place to do some high end unique shopping, grab some dinner and just hang out, love the Cherry Creek Arts Festival too!” -David Stewart

Swarovski Park Meadows Shopping Center

Luxury Gift Shops in Aurora, CO

Swarovski Park Meadows Shopping Center became one of the first gift shops in the world. They carry on the tradition of bringing extraordinary everyday styles to women around the world. Since 1895, they have continually created value pieces that have shattered fashion standards effortlessly. In addition, their creative process pays close attention to detail in all of their accessories. In addition, their jewelers have unparalleled know-how. They also focus on making amazing pieces tailored to each customer.

They have a full selection of gift shop essentials and quality products. These include sunglasses, perfumes and watches. Moreover, they also provide home accessories and jewelry.


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Address: 8505 Park Meadows Center Dr #2395, Lone Tree, CO 80124
Phone: (303) 799-4480
Website: www.swarovski.com


“My daughter and I walked into the store 2/20/21. We had so much fun with employee Kat. She was kind, friendly, and gave us great service. We highly recommend this store. Their prices are great too. – Ally H

Trunk New
Trusted Gift Shops in Aurora, CO

Trunk New personally offers its locally sourced handcrafted products and accessories. This is an independent, locally operated artisan gift shop. With its unique selection of trinkets and handcrafted items, this is the go-to store for all local visitors. Plus, they have a display trunk full of love for local artisans and artists. Their services are personally made to cater to all of their clients. Plus, they have a wide selection of quality gifts.

They offer a comprehensive selection of handcrafted necklaces and useful gifts. Additionally, these include steamer trunks, suitcases, and handcrafted trinkets. They also have local merchandise and artwork available.


Souvenir shop


Address: 2501 Dallas St #170, Aurora, CO 80010
Telephone: (303) 512-4977
Website: trunknouveau.com


“This store is so cool, filled to the brim with fun and unique gifts! Their other stores are awesome too, and Pandora on the Hill has been one of my favorites since moving to their old location. The staff is still adorable and my kids love it too.- Erika Righter

Amy’s Hallmark Store

Efficient Gift Shops in Aurora, COAmy’s Hallmark Store offers artistic and uniquely branded gift and greeting sets. They are known for their wide selection of creative gift cards with outstanding designs. Moreover, their goal is to share their love by expressing their gratitude and love with every product. The boutique is also proud to offer a selection of quality gift cards all year round. Moreover, they make sure that each customer finds the best gift card that suits their needs.

The shop offers a variety of affordable and impressive greeting cards and gifts. These include birthday cards, company cards and wedding greeting cards. Plus, they also have greeting cards and gift bags.


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Address: Arapahoe Crossing, 6340 S Parker Rd Unit 3, Aurora, CO 80016
Phone: (303) 870-3522
Website: hallmark.com/co/aurora


“A very welcoming place. The staff was very friendly and helped us get everything we needed. And the two ladies who greeted us were so cheerful. – David

Fun Gift Boxes

Reliable Gift Shops in Aurora, COFun Gift Boxes is a Colorado-based gift company. Its mission is to simplify the giving of unique and memorable gifts. With over a decade of experience in the gift industry, they are the best choice for unique yet affordable gifts. Plus, their gifts are all personalized and beautifully designed. Their products are all sourced from small businesses and skilled artisans. Plus, they have top-notch customer service.

The boutique offers unique and memorable gift sets for all occasions. Plus, their sets include jars of honey, almonds, and toasted candies and caramels. They also provide durable gifts and drink boxes.


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Address: 3931 S Helena St, Aurora, CO 80013
Phone: (303) 929-1514
Website: fungiftboxes.com


“Fun gift boxes are the solution to those customer appreciation gifts I’ve always wanted but never got! Yanna is a dream to work with and I look forward to working with her again. –Ashley Cawthorn

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