5 Best Sandwich Shops in Anaheim, CA

The best sandwich shops in Anaheim:

The top-rated sandwich shops in Anaheim, CA are:

  • Corner bakery – offers a standard menu of sandwiches, pasta & pastries
  • Bronx Sandwich Company – specializing in gourmet sandwiches
  • Board & Brewing – has been offering quality sandwiches and craft beer for decades
  • Lee’s sandwiches – serves Vietnamese dishes such as banh mi, classic sandwiches
  • Sandwiches from TOGO – serves large, fresh and meaty sandwiches, wraps and salads

Corner bakery

Corner bakery serves sandwiches, pastas and pastries. After being inspired by amazing fresh ingredients, this little neighborhood bakery in a corner of Chicago started baking artisan bread and freshly baked candies. After a brief period of success, neighbors started asking for sandwiches made with this incredible bread, as well as homemade soups and salads, and even made-to-order jammers. Their customers’ requests inspired them as the bakery’s menu and business grew.

With a menu of ingredient-inspired, made-to-order dishes, they continue to meet the needs and desires of today’s neighbors. Instead of assembly lines, you’ll find real kitchens in the cafe. You’ll hear over 40 different types of fresh herbs, chopped fruits and vegetables, plus the sizzle of a real panini grill. All day you will see the open flame on the stove and feel the heat of the ovens. These are the traditions that started years ago and are still following zealously now.


Sandwiches, Wraps, Oatmeal & Yogurt, Family Meals, Fresh Salads, Panini, Pasta, Soups


Address: 5747 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, California 92807
Call🙁714) 685-6970
Website: www.cornerbakerycafe.com


“Great varied menu, and you can get breakfast items all day. The food is always fresh and prepared with quality ingredients. I usually have the Corner Combo because I can get a different sandwich each time, with soup, salad or chili. Makes mixing easier and stay healthy. The staff is really nice and helpful. And my favorite item that I buy almost everyday is the Black Currant Ice Tea. – Danielle G.

Bronx Sandwich CompanyThe Best Sandwich Shops in Anaheim

Bronx Sandwich Company specializes in gourmet sandwiches. Bronx Sandwich Company brings the East Coast to the West Coast with the same high-quality sandwiches seen in New York delis. They stuff them with the finest meats and cheeses, which are sliced ​​fresh to order, like all sandwiches should be. Bronx Sandwich Co. is pleased to offer only the finest deli meats, as well as fresh bread baked daily by a local vendor. At Bronx Sandwich Co., they take great pride in serving you the best sandwich this side of the Mississippi, a true slice of Americana.


Hot sandwiches, Cold sandwiches, Breakfast sandwiches, Street fries, Signature salads


Address: 949 S Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92802
Call🙁714) 758-3707
Website: www.bronxsandwich.com


“The sandwiches were thick and well stacked. The prices were worth the quantity and quality of food I had. I had the Spicy Baja Chicken Sandwich and was not disappointed. The sandwich had a great kick! I also ordered a regular fries and got a large amount. Excellent place to recommend. – Suzanne S.

Board & BrewingAnaheim Sandwich Shops

Board & Brewing serves high quality sandwiches and craft beer. Due to its clean, simple menu and consistent daily prizes, lovers of delicious sandwiches have been spreading the word for decades. Because the food they serve is their pride and joy, they never skimp. Every day they prepare all the sandwiches from A to Z with fresh ingredients. This dish contains no preservatives, substitutes or frozen meat – just pure, nutritious enjoyment. Customers love Board & Brew because they’ve stayed true to the values ​​they established in 1979. Its original Del Mar site is still a popular hangout and serves as a model for all subsequent locations.


Sandwiches and craft beer


Address: 5701 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, California 92807
Call🙁714) 685-2188
Website: www.boardandbrew.com


“The place is hitting all cylinders for sandwiches and surprisingly beer. Food is delivered quickly after ordering and the quality is still there. Beer I was surprised at how much craft beer they have and what to expect in the future as they post what they will be pouring soon.” – Kyle A.

Lee’s sandwichesGood Sandwich Shops in Anaheim

Lee’s sandwiches is the result of a meeting of minds and the support of the family. The creator, Chieu Le, immigrated to the United States in 1980 and settled in San Jose, California. Chieu Le worked on a catering truck to better understand the industry after seeing the possibilities of a portable catering vehicle. He bought his first food truck in 1981 and began his journey in San Jose. Lee’s Sandwiches is the result of hard work, family and tradition. He wouldn’t be where he is now without the help of a wonderful community. Lee’s Sandwiches was fortunate to be able to attract a large clientele and provide a unique dining experience for everyone.


Drinks, Lee’s Coffee Drink, Asian sandwiches, European sandwiches, Breakfast, Appetizers


Addressess: 659 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801
Call🙁714) 635-8802
Website: www.leesandwiches.com


“What’s not to like about Lee’s. Whether you take the baguettes or the croissants, the bread is fresh and soft. The sandwiches are filling, but feel lean and healthy. The variety of drinks is awesome; smoothies, shakes, teas, etc. I love iced coffees. – Amber H.

Sandwiches from TOGOOne of the best sandwich shops in Anaheim

Sandwiches from TOGO offers a variety of fresh and meaty sandwiches, wraps and salads. Only premium fresh turkey and pastrami stacked up to the sky, premium ham, mortadella and capicola that authentic Italians sing praises of, and tender, hand-carved roast beef cooked slowly with unique secret seasonings that make the taste buds the happy dance is used. In terms of freshness, each avocado is squeezed straight from the skin rather than squirted from a plastic device. Their Anaheim team won’t disappoint, whether you’re dining in, ordering online, or having them prepare your next conference or event. That of Togo. In agreement with the sandwich.

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