5 Best Sandwiches in Baltimore, MD

Below is a list of the best and major sandwich shops in Baltimore. To help you find the best Sandwiches located near you in Baltimore, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The best sandwiches in Baltimore:

Top Rated Sandwiches in Baltimore, MD are:

  • Au bon pain – is committed to creating high quality products
  • Potbelly sandwich shop – dedicated to improving the communities they serve
  • Metro – is now the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs – are owned and operated separately
  • Rosina Gourmet – has been offering genuine gourmet meals since 1999

Au bon painSandwiches in Baltimore

Au bon pain to put it simply, it means “good bread”. A good supper is built on a good loaf of bread. It is the basis of a constructed sandwich, the essence of a sweet pastry, and the most effective technique for turning soup or salad into a meal. They take pleasure in providing gastronomic comfort where you live and work, with superb bread as the cornerstone of their business. They are not there to advise you on healthy foods to eat; it is entirely up to you.

Food should always taste good, whether decadent or nutritious, whether it’s good meals, snacks or healthy delicacies, because life is about balance. A healthy and delicious balance. Au Bon Pain is committed to creating high quality products using simple ingredients found in your own home. This dedication to using only the best ingredients is part of their heritage.


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Address: 22 S Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201
Telephone: 410-685-1976
Website: www.aubonpain.com


“A wonderful and friendly cafe. When in the area, can’t wait to grab a quick bite here. All the waiters are so nice. Varied enough for a hospital restaurant and a happy atmosphere ”- Jorja M.

Potbelly sandwich shopBest Sandwiches in Baltimore

Potbelly sandwich shop began when Peter Hastings and his wife decided to start offering sandwiches to their curious customers at their antique store in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. It was love at first sight. Bryant Keil, a regular at Potbelly, acquires the store from owner Peter Hastings. Bryant sets out to create Potbelly Nation, the culture at the heart of all we are.

Over the next 12 years, he built the business from one to 250 locations. Potbelly is committed to improving the communities they serve, protecting environmental resources, and working as a dynamic and diverse team. They believe that when high quality basic ingredients are used, you can taste the difference. Potbelly stoves have been around for a long time.


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Address: 1201 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201
Telephone: 443-278-8752
Website: www.potbelly.com

“First time and the sandwiches were delicious. I’m definitely coming back ”- Alytia L.

MetroSandwiches Baltimore

Metro The brand began over 50 years ago when a nuclear scientist named Dr Peter Buck changed the life of a student with the words “Let’s build a submarine sandwich restaurant”. Freshman Fred DeLuca was inspired by Peter Buck to help pay for his school he plans to start an underwater sandwich shop. With Peter’s initial investment of $ 1,000, a business relationship formed that would change the landscape of the fast food industry and the lives of thousands of people.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the partners built their first restaurant, serving fresh, inexpensive, made-to-order sandwiches. The fame of the sandwiches and the brand has spread over time, but one thing has remained constant: its underlying ideas and principles. With more than 40,000 points of sale worldwide, the Subway brand is today the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world. They have become the go-to option for consumers looking for quick, nutritious dinners the whole family can enjoy.


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Address: 2623 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21230
Telephone: 410-624-5489
Website: www.subway.com


“I love this metro !! The staff are always super nice to me and they actually put in enough veg, which most subways don’t. They usually remember me for the most part too and we always have a nice conversation, this last time about the new paper Subway bags which are better for the environment lol. Anyway, they are always very nice and the store is always very clean and the vegetables are always fresh, even the tomatoes, I would definitely recommend them ”- Danielle T.

Jersey Mike’s SubsGreat Sandwiches in Baltimore

Jersey Mike’s Subs are owned and operated separately. Jersey Mike understands that having the best team on the planet takes more than talent. It’s the perfect combination of talent, confidence, teamwork and a shared vision. It’s that extra effort, that extra surprise splash that makes everything they do better. Their subs are quirky and fresh, served with a side of neighborhood banter from their dedicated and energetic workforce.

Everything about Jersey Mike’s culture revolves around their dedication to their customers and the community. This is why they are so concerned with the quality of their food and the level of service in their restaurants. It is for this reason that people get involved in local causes. This is why, within the framework of each of their large openings, they select an association to support. Community integration is an essential part of Mike’s Way to Success.


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Address: 5601 Eastern Ave Unit 505, Baltimore, MD 21224
Telephone: 443-873-1234
Website: www.jerseymikes.com

“It’s great to have Jersey Mikes closer to home at Yard 56. The app makes it easy to order in advance. Italian is my favorite and my husband loves stickball. The store is immaculately clean, the staff are friendly and efficient, and the food is good ”- Laura G.

Rosine GourmetOne of the best sandwich shops in Baltimore

Rosine Gourmet has been offering genuine gourmet meals since 1999. Rosina Gourmet aims for freshness “from farm to table”. They only use the best farm-fresh food purchased from local vendors. They make their own food by hand which is why they put a lot of love into everything they do. Everything from their insanely tasty sandwiches to an abundance of filling salads are created from scratch, including their beloved sandwich sauces.

Their enthusiasm for fresh food is palpable with every bite you will experience at Rosina Gourmet. They create everything they sell and their fried chicken sandwiches are popular. Why? Each piece of chicken is marinated and cutlet by hand. They make breadcrumbs from five distinct types of bread, each sliced ​​to a certain size for the right mouthfeel and texture.


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Address: 300 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202


“I love their sandwiches and pasta salad, they have a very creative and delicious menu, a great lunch spot” – Dawn C.

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