5 Best Sandwiches in Boston, MA

Below is a list of the best and major sandwiches in Boston. To help you find the best Sandwiches located near you in Boston, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Boston’s best sandwiches:

Top Rated Sandwiches in Boston, MA are:

  • Potbelly sandwich shop – first class sandwich dive serving best tasting sandwiches
  • that of Sam LaGrassa – opened in 1968 offering classic sandwiches.
  • Billy’s Sub-Shop – house-inspired sandwich and coffee
  • The Boston of Figaro – offers tasty sandwiches and gourmet dishes
  • Back Bay Sandwich – personally creates each sandwich they serve using organic ingredients

Potbelly sandwich shop

Tasty Sandwiches in Boston, MA

Potbelly sandwich shop is a first class sandwich dive serving the best tasting sandwiches. Plus, they aim to provide the best grilled sandwiches possible. They aim to make people happy with their nice selection of take out food. Their team are excited to take sandwich creations to the next level with their personally selected ingredients. Plus, their sandwiches are made with a classic sandwich love.

They offer a wide selection of first class sandwich menus. Plus, they have grilled sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, and chicken and cheese sandwiches. They also serve mashed potatoes and salads.




Address: 263 Washington St, Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 933-0140
Website: potbelly.com


“A good sandwich that fills you up and is gentle on the stomach!” I had the smoked ham and an oatmeal cookie, both of which were equally good! I definitely recommend this plate if you are looking for a quick bite on the go. – Benci Ruiz

that of Sam LaGrassa

Affordable Sandwiches in Boston, MA

that of Sam LaGrassa opened in 1968 offering classic sandwiches. They make sure each sandwich is individually wrapped and labeled for their customers. Their team is thrilled to be able to create thin sandwiches to satisfy their customers’ cravings. Plus, this is an award-winning sandwich restaurant that caters to corporate catering. In addition, they have reliable and efficient customer service.

They have a great selection of tasty and affordable sandwiches. Also, these include diablo pastrami, loco chicken, and club sandwiches. They also offer chipotle pastrami and vegan sandwiches.


cold meats, sandwich


Address: 44 Province St, Boston, MA 02108
Telephone: (617) 357-6861
Website: samlagrassas.com


“Their sandwiches are awesome! The chipotle Pastrami is their most popular and it’s really good. They also have one of the best clam chowders I’ve had in Boston. Fun restaurant to sit on and fun part of town. It’s a bit pricey, but worth a try. – Devil buff

Billy’s sub-shop

Sandwiches in Boston

Billy’s sub-shop is a house-inspired sandwich and coffee. The team specializes in the creation and service of artisanal and personalized sandwiches. Plus, their sandwiches are personally prepared by award-winning bakers. They also pride themselves on using sustainable ingredients to create their sandwiches. In addition, their team is happy to serve all the catering needs of their valued customers.

Their team offers specialty sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. They also serve vegan sandwiches, meat sandwiches, and New York style sandwiches. In addition, they offer fresh salads and tortillas.




Address: 57 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116
Telephone: (617) 426-1822
Website: billysboston.com


“The best prices in the region and generous portions. They also have a large menu. I really suggest calling your order ahead as they are very busy during lunch. “- Myrna Lempert

The Boston of Figaro

Gourmet Sandwiches in Boston, MA

The Boston of Figaro offers tasty sandwiches and gourmet dishes. This is a locally owned and operated specialty sandwich store. Their sandwiches are handcrafted with love, purchased by over 2 generations of family tradition. Plus, they opened in 1996 and serve customers delicious sandwiches in the perfect ambiance. Their mission is to offer their guests creative culinary options. Plus, they have a unique approach to breakfast, lunch, and catering.

The store offers a wide choice of gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. They also serve coffee with Al Capone or Luca Brazzi sandwiches. Plus, they have Pavarotti and Sentra sandwich selections.


coffee, sandwich


Address: 105 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: (617) 426-2121
Website: figarosboston.com


“With the Thousand Island Dressing, the sub tasted vaguely similar to McD’s cheeseburger, but I enjoyed it overall. They also have daily specials on rotation and I’m interested in trying their porchetta sandwich ”- Jea Hyun Kim

Sandwich in the back of the bay

Cheap Sandwiches in Boston, MA

Sandwich in the back of the bay personally creates each sandwich they serve using organic ingredients. Their team slowly roasts their own turkey, roast beef and chicken for the best possible taste. Plus, they aim to make a difference with their perfectly timed and seasoned sandwiches. They are delighted to serve hot and iced coffees freshly delivered to all their diners. Plus, they’re one of the most popular sandwich shops in the community.

They have a wide selection of sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Plus, they serve eggs, homemade pastries, and bagels. They also have Prosciutto and Jersey Shore Hoagie options.


sandwich, bagel


Address: 31, avenue St James, Boston, MA 02116
Telephone: (617) 451-1561
Website: backbaysandwich.com


“Back Bay Sandwich is my choice for a quick and reliable lunch when I’m in the office. The food is excellent, the service is friendly and the sandwich assortment is excellent. I slowly go through the entire menu, although it’s hard not to revisit old favorites. You can not be wrong ! – Mackenzie Wade

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