5 black-owned cafes + roasters in Birmingham that will make you feel ready to face the day

Latte flights… say no more. (Trvl Love Coffee / Facebook)

If you’re still looking for your next caffeine fix, listen up! Here are five black-owned cafes + roasters you need to try for your morning caffeinated drink (or any time of the day).

1. Chez Rochelle

Black owned cafe
Have a coffee AND a photo at Rochelle. (La Rochelle’s Place / Instagram)

Center Point residents, this one’s for you! Rochelle’s Place opened earlier this year and serves delicious coffee drinks and sweet drinks like lemonade with a smooth cold froth on top.

Additionally, this shop serves as a gathering place for those looking to socialize and meet. With WiFi, catering capability, and event rental space, this is the place to be. Come find them near the Firestone in Center Point.

2. Trvl loves coffee

Black owned cafe
One word—tasty! (Trvl Love Coffee / Instagram)

Trvl Love Koffee is a local coffee roaster that serves the best of the best. In addition to blends like Motherland, Aficionado, and 841 Signature Blend, they also sell apparel and teas for those who don’t like the taste of coffee. Described as “your passport to the world”, this coffee roaster also adds flavor to your life with its pop-ups where it serves specialty drinks.

Plus, big things are in the works for Trvl Love Koffee – stay tuned for more details.

3. Bizzare the coffee bar

Black owned cafe
They may be known for their coffee, but their turmeric lemonade is good for the soul. (Weird Cafe Bar / Instagram)

This local spot has been a Birmingham favorite for some time. Bizzare the Coffee Bar is special, as this cafe ALSO serves alcohol, food, and features live music every week. Because it is a café by day and a bar by night, it has become a meeting place for local customers.

The Bizzare team loves Wednesdays and hosts specials like Waffle Wednesday and Whiskey Wednesday, as well as karaoke. I mean, could you ask for a better night?

4. Java Dark Beauty

Black owned cafe
Mornings are for sipping specialty roast coffee, from a stylish mug. (Dark Beauty Java/Instagram)

Dark Beauty Java is officially making a comeback on July 22, 2022, and we’re excited to try it out. All of their blends are 100% organic and feature different flavors for the whole organic roasting experience.

5. Caliber Coffee

Black owned cafe
Caliber Coffee—perfect to enjoy anywhere! (Cafe Caliber / Instagram)

If you’re looking to support local, try Caliber Coffee! Although their blends are currently sold out, they are known to be bold, perfect for night shift workers. Their blend, Night Shift, is a perfect dark roast for this.

Caliber is owned by a local law enforcement officer who chased his dreams over pots of coffee and conversations at the gas station. Be sure to support them through the coffee and merchandising below.

Our cup is empty, Birmingham! Want to highlight other black-owned cafes? Tell us on our Instagram and Facebook.

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