7 Great Cafes + Cafes in Lancaster, New York

There’s a brand new cafe and motel in Lancaster, New York.

In fact, there seems to be so much news with all these cafes in Lancaster at the moment. Who would have thought good old Lancaster, New York would have so much coffee drama.

Anyway, Lancaster has opened up a fair amount of cafes and cafes around the village and after trying all of these places I can say they are all worth a visit. Also, I’m sure you’ll have your favorites over time, but it’s fun to try new places once in a while. Take a look at the photos of all the Lancaster cafes and cafes below!

Two coffee stories that have been getting a lot of attention lately:

1.) There’s a new cafe and MOTEL coming to Lancaster

Does anyone remember the old Desiderio? You may have been there

The building will be the site of a brand new cafe, an extended stay apartment/motel business and some retail space. It will be on the corner of Bowen and Broadway where the old restaurant and theater Desiderio’s (which moved to Como Park Blvd. by Union and changed its name to Bobby J’s). It’s going to cost about $4 million.

2.) The Lancaster Coffee Co. is leaving its current location and will be taken over by Chrusciki Bakery. However, a Facebook post led people to believe that Chrusciki Bakery was evicting Lancaster Coffee Co, but the owner and owner were those moving in a different direction from Lancaster Coffee Co. The Facebook post prompted threats and negative comments.

Great Cafes + Cafes in Lancaster, NY

Where to find a good breakfast in Lancaster? Where are the best cafes in Lancaster, New York? There are some really cool places that have popped up in Lancaster.

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