9 NJ Candy Stores That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Nothing is more satisfying than the sweet taste that sits on your tongue after eating a candy. Especially if you remember walking into a candy store full of chocolates, gummy bears, lollipops and more. If you’re craving that childhood nostalgia, there are plenty of candy stores located all over New Jersey where you can relive those good old days.

1. IT’SUGAR (American Dream Mall) – East Rutherford, NJ

New Jersey’s mega mall, American dream is quite well located due to its variety of shops and attractions like the DreamWorks Water Park. To complete their range, IT’SUGAR, located on the first floor, houses an immense amount of delicious pieces of sweet candies.

You can get your typical offers including lollipops, chewing gum or chocolate. However, once you go up to the second floor, classic brand name candies are lined up on the shelves. Brands featured at IT’SUGAR include Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms, Kit-Kat, Reese’s, Nerds, and more. On Halloween, children who do tricks or treats try to look for houses that have larger-sized candies. Therefore, IT’SUGAR has oversized candies perfect for the occasion. With these choices, your pantry will become a candy store galore for quite a while.

By buying candy, you can even get a piece of the merchandise from these brands. Shoes, shirts, pajamas, toys and other trinkets are available for customers to take home.

IT’S SUGAR | Photo by @americandream

2. Black River Candy Store – Chester, NJ

If you want more of an old-school candy shop vibe, Black River Candy Shoppe will transport you back in time. For over 15 years this store has served its local community in Chester and other visitors from all over. They have all kinds of sweets at your disposal. Some of their options include sugar-free candies, 200 different types of bars, jellybeans, and assorted English candies.

For people looking to stock up on their favorites, Black River Candy Shoppe has the option to buy bulk candy by the pound. Shipping is also an option for those who are not local to the Chester area. They also offer a “Candy Buffet” option, which means they provide candy for events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and other occasions. Black River Candy Shoppe was featured in Food Network Magazine “America’s 50 Best Candy Stores.”

The Black River confectionery

3. Candylicious – Randolph, NJ

Based in the heart of Randolph, Candylicious has been satisfying sweet tooths since 2012. From shiny, sweet candies to creamy chocolates, Candylicious has it all. You don’t have to be located in Randolph to enjoy some of their specialties. Candylicious makes deliveries across the country.

Another service they provide is candy catering, which means they set up candy spreads and tables for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. Candylicious also welcomes its customers to organize their parties there. They can even help you create a custom themed party just for you. The shop takes responsibility for your party by providing candy and paper goods while you bring the cake and cupcakes. However, the Candylicious website mentions that this service is limited due to the pandemic.

4. Rauhauser’s – Ocean City, NJ

Known for its authentic candy flavors, Rauhauser’s, a family-run Ocean City company, has been serving its community and beyond for over 57 years. Some of their featured options include several types of chocolate, fudge, sugar-free candies, chocolate-covered nuts, nut-free candies, and their special holiday selections. For Halloween, they make their candied apples, a fall favorite.

For the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday, Rauhauser’s is creating its classic ‘Irish Potatoes’. Apart from sweets, they have a selection of confections that you can shop from. Options include party platters, candy boxes, Mary Meyer plushies and uniquely detailed teapots. This Ocean City candy store ships all over the United States. You can check out their website for more information.

5. Laurie’s Homemade Candy – Wayne, NJ

Laurie Walker is the face behind North Jersey’s profusion of candy, Laurie’s Homemade Candy. Walker attended the Philadelphia School of Candy Making, which helped create her own showcase. The boutique originally opened in Midland Park, NJ, but moved to Wayne, NJ two years later. When you enter Laurie’s, you are greeted with a variety of over 100 chocolates, candies, jelly beans, jellied fruit slices and other delicious gummies.

To celebrate special holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Walker makes chocolate-covered strawberries or his specialty “Happy Apples.” She makes snowmen, bunnies, reindeer, and other types of seasonal characters for her “Happy Apples.” You can also get unique candy gift sets for a relative, significant other, or friend. One choice is “Pretzelmania”, which is filled with different types of chocolate covered pretzels.

However, if you’re more of an old-school candy type, the “Vintage Bundle” includes Black Jack Gum, Wax Sticks, Pop Rocks and more.

candy stores in nj

Laurie’s Homemade Candy | Photo by @lauriescandies

6. Giambri’s Quality Candy – Clementon, NJ

The founder of Giambri’s Quality Sweets, James Giambri, immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1900. James stepped into the confectionery industry when he opened his shop in 1942. For years he has carefully crafted all of its sweets by hand. Three generations later, James’ great-nephew, Dave, runs the store with his wife and children. To this day, the original recipes that James used in his day have been passed down to keep the candy’s fresh, authentic taste.

Giambri’s Quality Sweets sells hard candies such as peanut crisps and a range of candy sticks in lemon, orange and lime flavors. Customers with special dietary restrictions can still enjoy Giambri classics by browsing their options free of artificial coloring, corn, dairy, gluten and artificial flavors. Easter and Christmas candy options are also available each year.

7. Hanna Krause’s Homemade Candy – Paramus and Toms River, NJ

At Hanna Krause’s Homemade Candy, high quality ingredients are combined in copper kettles and cooked over an open fire. With locations in Paramus and Toms River, NJ, this confectionery offers several chocolate-covered choices from nuts, fruits, graham crackers, pretzels, cherries and more.

Sugar-free candies are also an option at Hanna Krause. Along with the chocolate options, gummy bears, coffee beans, mints, and fruit slices fill the shelves. They offer shipping options for their candy assortment to 48 of the 50 US states.

candy stores in nj

Hanna Krause’s Homemade Candy Truffles | Photo by @hannakrause_paramus

8. Genevieve’s Chocolates – Garfield, NJ

With an outstanding 4.9 star rating on Google, this store can be considered a chocolate lover’s dream paradise. Genevieve’s Chocolates has been a family business for over 76 years. Chocolates of every shape, size and flavor you can think of are available at this Garfield-based company. Truffles, fudge, butter crunch and chocolate covered Oreos are just a few of the items in their “Everyday Chocolates” selection.

9. Cardy’s Sugar Bowl – Lodi, NJ

Rounding out the candy stores on the NJ list, Cardy’s Sugar Bowl likes to call itself “The Old Fashioned Crazy Candy Store.” This storefront is rich in history; it all started with Antonio and Concetta DaGrosa, who immigrated to New York from Italy. They eventually moved to Lodi, NJ; this is when Cardy’s Sugar Bowl was born, but under a different name. Several years later, the shop continues to thrive. Candies like Bottle Caps, Butterfingers, Big League Chew and Blow Pop line Cardy’s shelves.

In addition to candies, Cardy’s has what they call “Fountain Delights”. Their menu features an array of fountain sodas, root beer floats, ice cream soda, milkshakes, and old-fashioned egg custards. Cardy’s sugar bowl will take you back in time, reminiscing about your childhood with its vintage aesthetic.

Main image by Shirley810

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