æquō Gallery brings collectible design to Mumbai

A new gallery named “æquō” has opened in Mumbai, with a self-proclaimed mission to bring the best in contemporary collectible design to the region. Founded by entrepreneur Tarini Jindal Handa and designer Florence Louisy, the space is located in the historic district of the city and will house pieces from designers and manufacturers, to preserve the heritage of Indian craftsmanship.

The couple met by chance in Paris in 2019, where they had a conversation about the lack of collectible design in India. “My grandmother started the first artistic residency in India and my mother founded the Art Magazine of India. So I grew up surrounded by the arts,” says Handa. “I knew early on that I wanted to carry on their legacy by focusing on preserving Indian craftsmanship and meeting Florence cemented that mission.”

Together, they have since built up a network of skilled artisans spread across the country. They then invited designers from around the world to work alongside them, creating pieces that fuse contemporary aesthetics with heritage-rooted craftsmanship. “Introducing Western designers to the incredible craftsmanship of my country creates new and unexpected results that not only help preserve these unique manufacturing methods, but also open up a dialogue between cultures,” adds Handa.

It was important to the duo that this concept of collaboration shines through in every element of the gallery, from its management to the design of the space. As such, they brought in architect Ivan Oddos who created a scheme comprising the main gallery space and two additional workshops. The space is flooded with natural light through large windows, while locally sourced materials, such as Kota stone, red terracotta and teak wood, have been used to create light fixtures.

“æquō is redefining the future of Indian craftsmanship, showcasing it in its best light to preserve it,” says Louisy. “This project creates unique and unexpected limited edition collectibles that explore the transformative potential of Indian craftsmanship while carrying the intrinsic values ​​of a community.”

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Devidas Mansion Unit 11
BK Boman Behram Marg, Mumbai
Maharashtra 400001, India

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