Aquatic center design keeps 50m option open

THE Surf Coast Shire is keeping open the possibility that the pool at its Aquatics Center in Torquay will eventually not only be 50 meters long, but also have a roof, according to concept plans which have just been released.

Drawn up by architectural firm Peddle Thorp, plans show the two-storey Surf Coast Aquatic and Health Center would be aligned east-west and be located next to Wurdi Baierr Stadium in Torquay North.

The 25m outdoor pool also runs east to west, with provisions for it to run west and also have a roof enclosure in the future.

Two indoor heated learn-to-swim/hydrotherapy pools, each approximately 20 x 10 meters, are located to the east of the main pool, near the paramedical treatment rooms.

Amenities, including changing rooms, are to the south, with a lift to a first-floor gym and multipurpose exercise spaces.

In June, the county’s appraisal of the originally proposed $39.25 million center with a 50-meter indoor pool found the design to be “unfeasible in its present form” given the rapidly rising costs of construction, and would now cost more than $50 million.

Councilors then decided to downsize the center to instead have a 25-meter outdoor pool and two indoor hot water pools at a cost of almost $44 million, and to seek $7.55 million in state and/or federal funds to go along with the nearly $40 million ($20 million in federal funds, $13.5 million in state funds, and $5.75 million plus land costs of the county) already committed.

“We are doing everything we can to provide an aquatic and health center because we know it will be essential to meet the health and well-being needs of the community, and it is a long-standing community ambition”, said Surf Coast Mayor Libby Stapleton.

“The center will bring great benefits to our community, especially for users in increasing age groups, such as young children who need to learn to swim and older adults looking for exercise in warm water and of hydrotherapy.

“This project still requires $7.55 million more than our existing funding pledges totaling $39.25 million, but with construction costs increasing by $300,000 per month, we cannot afford to put the project on hold. design process.

“This model considers the costs of operating the facility, committing to spending within our means and without impacting the provision of other valuable services to our ratepayers.”

Aspects of the Surf Coast Aquatic and Health Center, such as windows and aesthetics, still need to be finalized and will be part of the next stage of design.

“We will now move forward with the detailed design and look forward to receiving support from our Australian and Victorian government funding partners for the revised scope of the project,” said Cr Stapleton.

“At the same time, we continue to advocate for additional funding and welcome community support for these efforts.

“It’s the most sustainable and financially responsible model yet, but if any of our government funding partners were willing to fund a 50m pool, that would of course be welcome.” Concept drawings leave room for a larger pool.

Cr Stapleton said the county would seek funding commitments in preparation for the November state election.

“We are also open to philanthropic and private contributions.

“We know our community members are passionate about seeing the best facility built while being fiscally responsible.”

The county will review the project no later than February 2023.

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