Associative Design presents “Made in Portugal naturally” at Dubai Design Week


Commenting on this, Mr. Vítor Poças, President of AIMMP, said: “The region is developing as a potential market for all types of furniture. In the United Arab Emirates, people are increasing their spending on renovating their homes (furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and flooring) and investing in better quality products. The demand for high end luxury furniture has increased over the years. Home furnishings, which involved heavy fabrics and leather, were more preferred by people.

“This increase in demand has led to the growth of domestic demand and the emergence of several players addressing the same target audience. Manufacturers and retailers operating in the region compete with each other on almost the same grounds of product quality and the material used to make the product. Branded furniture companies are slowly starting to capture this market, ”he added.

Creators and brands present on this Associative Design showcase:

Malabar, Ottiu, Porus Studio and Wood Tailors Club design and manufacture exclusive handcrafted furniture with a distinct artistic aesthetic. The combination of wood, the vision of our designers and the know-how of our craftsmen results in refined, classic and yet contemporary furniture. All our pieces are produced with noble, premium and sustainable materials such as wood, brass, gold and silver leaf, among others, by talented craftsmen and artists.

Emmel-Furniture is a design brand focused on making customers’ dreams come true by using different designs and styles mixing things together to give the end consumer a global experience in every home. FEIT is a design brand based in Lisbon, Portugal since 2019, which is driven by their love for natural materials.

MADOUK Design Furniture is a brand where the young and creative spirit is inspired by the richness of Portuguese history. Cobermaster inspired by innovation, durability, design and character for the creation of each of our pies. Desistart has a history dating back to 1988 and offers two different production techniques: hand tufting and hand weaving. Born and raised in Lisbon, Se7e represents the city of 7 hills.

NAUU Design was born in 2013 from an experience of more than two decades in interior design in Portugal. With Mamoa, the focus is on the intentions to develop solutions through services exclusive to each project. AROUNDtheTREE is an award-winning original European brand of signature designer furniture, a responsible brand that aims to create unique furniture. Founded in 1824, the Vista Alegre porcelain factory was the first industrial unit dedicated to the production of porcelain in Portugal. Corque Design promotes a new concept of global brand – “Designing Living Objects”.

On the other hand, Duquesa & Malvada is a design brand inspired by the particular tastes of an urban and demanding generation with a strong personality. X8 Solutions Group Portuguese furniture brand X8 Chairs & Tables, a label whose mission is to highlight natural materials. Hatt is an attitude! In search of new lifestyles, to challenge users and their needs. Porventura is a Portuguese brand at the intersection of national and global design. OWN was born from designer Miguel Soeiro’s wish to continue the conversation around design, craftsmanship and their place in the home. MURANTI is a furniture brand that creates a balance between the spirit and the heart of any interior decoration. Dar-o-nó means “to tie the knot” in Portuguese and represents the union between people and knowledge, materials and colors, ideas and inspiration from cultures around the world.

As an environmentally friendly Portuguese brand, Darono produces textile furniture from upcycled and recycled materials. Vianatece, a family business founded over 35 years ago in the charming village of Viana do Castelo РPortugal. Magyk is the right fine art photo for every space! Since 1975 T̻xteis Penedo has occupied a high position in the production of Jacquard home textiles. Andr̩ Teoman uses the intersection between art and design as a place of experimentation. ARCH (Advanced Research Ceramic Heritage) is a Portuguese company born from the centenary of Valadares, dedicated to the production of top quality sanitary ware.

ARQ TAILOR’S is an award-winning Portuguese studio, located in the prestigious Bairro do Chiado in Lisbon. Faz Lisbon designs products that aim to be sustainable pieces, using the basic concept of materials, textures and design. MBN Industry is a global supplier of furniture and project development.



The mission of the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP) is to represent, promote and protect the interests of Portuguese companies from the five sectoral divisions that make up the wood and furniture sector: cutting, felling , sawing and packaging of wood; panels and paneled wood, joinery and the like; furniture and the like; export, import and distribution of timber and by-products. These industries export 2.5 billion euros per year.

About associative design – The best of Portugal

Associative Design is a trademark of the Portuguese Association of Wood and Furniture Industries (AIMMP). It aims to develop and promote the production of Portuguese products and to launch challenges that will contribute to innovation in the use of both technology and design. A mark of excellence, Associative Design will support, represent and promote companies that share this vision, by taking their products further into exciting new markets.

Associative Design’s partners are brands approved by its Technical Committee (made up of three members of the design and craft community), for their performance in terms of product design, market alignment, in trend or design-ledre-industrialization.

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