Australian workers are turning to digital mental health tools

Australian workers are turning to digital mental health tools

Australian professionals are facing a mental health crisis and are turning to digital mental health tools to tackle it, according to Headspace Health.

A report released by the organization found that almost nine in 10 Australian CEOs (88%) say they have used digital mental health tools.

Globally, adoption has doubled since 2020, with 54% of Australian workers having ever used technology-enabled emotional or mental health services.

But the research also found that one in three Australian workers feel their employer is not doing enough to support their mental health. While 71% say their company has increased its focus on mental health during the pandemic, only 31% say the company has maintained that focus during the crisis.

There is a disconnect between CEOs and employees in this regard, with 97% of Australian CEOs believing they are doing enough to support the mental health of the workforce, compared to just 66% of employees.

Australian employees also face acute stress, with 91% of Australians reporting feeling moderate to extreme stress at least once a week. The main stressors for Australian employees are COVID-19, burnout due to increased workload or understaffing, and poor work-life balance.

This is impacting employee productivity, with 72% saying they’ve missed at least one day of work – and 41% a full week of work – in the past year due to stress, anxiety or other mental health issues.

“Employee mental health is a business continuity issue that every leader must address, especially as many employees return to the office and experience new stressors daily,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health.

“To attract and retain talent, it’s critical that leaders de-stigmatize mental health from the top down and meet their employees’ growing expectations for high-quality mental health benefits.”

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