Bakeries, restaurants and cafes among the thriving small businesses in Clark County

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Battle Ground’s “row of restaurants,” as some locals call it, south of retail giant Walmart, saw the addition of Chipotle Mexican Grill. The Scotton Way Restaurant officially opened in early December, bringing the number of restaurants along the half-mile stretch of Southwest 10th Avenue to nearly a dozen.

Another welcome addition to Battle Ground is Sweetly Bakery and Café (, also on Scotton Way, which opened on October 22. Owner Irinia Sirotkina moved to Battle Ground almost five years ago. She said she decided to open the bakery to bring the selection and varieties that are typically found in big cities to her small town.

“We brought a lot of French variations… we have a variety of croissants, we have macaroons, a lot of variations that no one else in town had,” Sirotkina said. “You would have to travel far and far to find them all. “

In addition to more traditional tariffs like cakes, pies and cupcakes, Sweetly Bakery also does custom orders for weddings, baby shower, baby showers, parties and bars.

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