BBB gives advice to clients after local wedding venue closes

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – The Better Business Bureau provides advice to clients who may have lost their money after a local event center closes.

Empyrean Events and Catering unexpectedly closed its doors and left thousands of dollars for clients and employees.

READ MORE: Local event center unexpectedly closes, leaving some customers with thousands of dollars

BBB officials say it might be difficult to say when something like this will happen. Nichole Thomas of the BBB says it’s always important to do the proper research on any business before working with it.

In this particular case, the company got a new owner in June, but Thomas says it’s happening all the time, especially now during the pandemic. She says the pandemic hasn’t been kind to event and restaurant companies either.

For affected customers, she says, the best way to try and get your money back is to contact your credit card company or bank for a refund. She says this may need to be resolved in bankruptcy court and that there is no guarantee the money will be returned.

“There’s really nothing these brides or clients could have done to see this coming, that’s kind of what makes it worse, is that they’ve been taken aback. But again the pandemic hasn’t been kind so before you condemn this company just understand that we are all trying to work things out and hopefully they will do what’s right for their customers, but one more time. times, everything will probably be shaken. in court, ”Thomas said.

She also wants to remind clients to keep all of their records. Keeping all your receipts and paper documents could be helpful if the case goes to bankruptcy court.

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