Best active adult design of 2021: Texas project offers easy transition to senior life

Frisco, Texas is one of America’s fastest growing cities, but one of its newest senior housing developments aims to maintain the familiarity of a small community.

By design, Edgestone’s 188-unit Presidium, a luxury age-restricted working-adult community, blends into its Frisco surroundings, creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents ages 62 and older.

The community includes both a main three-story building and a series of chalet-like homes, all located on an 18-acre site with a stream running through the middle.

With multiple living options, the community serves as a “middle ground” between apartment living and independent home living, according to Presidium COO Lindsay Colbert.

“I think it’s a great transition from a house to apartment-style living,” she told Senior Housing News.

The simple yet thoughtful exterior and interior design of Edgestone’s Presidium earned the project top honors in the “Best Working Adult” category of the 2021 Senior Housing News Architecture & Design Awards.

The concept

Capstone Real Estate Services acquired the project which became the Presidium at Edgestone 2018. By this time Cross Architects’ design was largely complete.

The designers of the project aimed to cater to two different types of residents: those looking to live in a single large building and those who prefer smaller, more private spaces.

In all, there are seven self-contained chalets on the property with three to four units per chalet, the furthest of which is around 100 meters from the main building.

Residents living in the main building are close to community amenities and their neighbors, while the cottages offer more privacy and a more family-friendly experience.

The project also included pathways and outdoor spaces for residents elsewhere on the property, including a bridge spanning a stream

“It was interesting ground for the project,” Adam Everett, project manager at Cross Architects, told SHN. “I think a lot of these elements would generally be frowned upon for land for a multi-family project, but we were able to use it to glorify the project and create beautiful outdoor spaces.”

A challenge for the designers was the limits imposed on ownership by the city of Frisco.

“They wanted us to study the surrounding areas…and focus on visibility,” Everett said. “They wanted it to match the style of the city.”

For Everett, these restrictions were not only a fun challenge to overcome, but also a benefit to the project itself.

“We do some pretty creative things on buildings,” Everett said. “But with this one, we just tried to keep it simple and a bit classic, almost timeless.”


Despite challenges with local restrictions, construction of the project went smoothly and on schedule, according to Colbert and Everett.

“As a rule, I would like to tell an exciting story [about the construction process]but it was a really smooth process,” Colbert said.

Despite the global chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting labor and supply chain issues, Everett estimates construction took around 22 months after work began in 2019.

The Cottages were completed in Spring 2020 and the larger project was fully completed in early 2021.

“I don’t remember anything that gave me heartburn at all,” Everett said of the work done by general contractor Provident General Contractors.


Since its opening, the Presidium at Edgestone has seen a large number of referrals from residents, which shows just how popular it has been. The cabins are also a hit with residents.

“Prospects and residents really liked them,” Colbert said. “They really are like little houses.”

The chalets feature open floor plans and nine-foot ceilings with full access to the amenities offered in the property’s main building. Dwellings feature quartz countertops, tile backsplashes, ceramic tile floors, walk-in closets, and private patios. Units are also equipped with energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.

More general community amenities include club rooms, a resort-style swimming pool, fitness and wellness center, library, cyber lounge, arts and crafts room, meeting rooms, media and games, pavilions and a shaded garden area for residents.

Everett also touted the “oversized” kitchens in the community units, both in the cottages and in the main building.

“I think cooking is one of the most important things for the senior community,” Everett said. “When you meet, you meet in the kitchen.”

Larger kitchens help residents transition from their previous living situations into active adulthood, creating a “sense of home”, he added.

The community’s design is thoughtful, with a decent range of amenities, according to Bruce Hurowitz, president of Merlino Design Partnership and judge of this year’s Design Awards.

“[The] interior design has an expressive color,” he added.

The community is also accessible and easy to navigate, according to Ric D’Amico, vice president of development at The Belaire Group and another judge for this year’s Design Awards.

“Unit features like an integrated office space are user-friendly and the connection to the wider community is well done,” he said.

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