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Editor’s Choice

Editor’s Choice Pressed Café

Breakfast sandwich
It’s always a happy day when Basic ingredients in Bristol opens for the season. For 30 years, they’ve been delighting Lake Newfoundland residents and summer visitors with baked goods (fresh bread, pies, scones, muffins, cookies, and ridiculously good sticky buns) and take-out food (paella, macaroni and cheese, chicken parmesan, tofu spinach lasagna and more), but this year we have to call their cookie breakfast sandwich. You might just get cookies, but why would you avoid piling on bacon, eggs, and cheese? Reading this in the colder months? Visit their Facebook page to see where the food truck hangs out.

Exceptional lunch
Fortunately, the Pressed coffee continues to expand, with New Hampshire locations now in Bedford, Salem, Spit Brook Road in Nashua, and drive-thru on Cotton Road in Nashua. Be sure to check out the dish of the day, but if you decide to dive deeper into the menu, you might find it hard to make up your mind. The paninis are delicious, and other offerings include all-day breakfast, acai bowls, smoothies, vegan options, soups, salads, their signature bowls, toast (avocado, smoked salmon, labneh, hummus or Nutella and peanut butter) and much more. For liquid-only meals, try a smoothie or something from the raw juice and tonic menu.

Readers’ Poll Winners

Breakfast place Globally
Polly’s creperie
sugar hill

Breakfast place Global Multilocation Local
by Tucker
Multiple locations

Breakfast place Concord area
The post office

Lunch Location Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee Area
Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery


Breakfast place Northern Great Woods region
Shipment full bar and grill

Breakfast place Lake District
Farmer’s Kitchen


Breakfast place
The purple finch cafe

Breakfast place Manchester Area Multi-tenancy Regional
The friendly toast
Bedford and Portsmouth

Lunch spot Monadnock area
The Riverhouse Cafe


Breakfast Location Monadnock Area Multilocation Local
The Red Arrow restaurant open 24 hours a day

Multiple locations

Breakfast place in Nashua area
Suzie’s dinner


Salem Area Breakfast Location
at Maddie’s


Breakfast Location Salem Area Multilocation Local
MaryAnn’s Dinner

Derry, Salem and Windham

Breakfast place coastal region
The airfield cafe
North Hampton

Breakfast place Coastal region Multi-tenancy Regional
The friendly toast
Portsmouth and Bedford

Breakfast place White Mountains Region
Red Cart Bakery

The old salt

Butcher’s shop
Tuckaway Tavern and Butcher

Distinctive Dining Celebrations

Overall Dinner Winner
Tilt’n Diner


Concord Area Dinner
Northwood Restaurant


Diner Concord Area Multilocation Local
The Red Arrow restaurant open 24 hours a day

Multiple locations

Restaurant Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee area
Dinner 4 Aces

western lebanon

dinner Lakes region
George’s dinner

dinner Manchester area
Dinner at the airport

Diner Manchester Area Multilocation Local
The Red Arrow restaurant open 24 hours a day

Multiple locations

Restaurant Monadnock Region
Peterborough Restaurant

Diner Monadnock Area Multilocation Local
The Red Arrow restaurant open 24 hours a day

Multiple locations

Dinner in the Nashua area
Joey’s dinner


Salem District Dinner
The bacon barn


Diner Salem Area/Multilocation Local
MaryAnn’s Dinner

Derry, Salem and Windham

Littoral region dinner
Roundabout dinner and lounge


White Mountains Region Dinner
Littleton dinner


Biederman’s Deli

food truck
In your grill
Merrimack area

Gourmet to take away
Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Factory

Sandwich bar
Biederman’s Deli

Sandwich bar Multi-site room
Wrap City Sandwich Company

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