Bowness Bay Brewing opens The Venue in Kendal


A BRASSERIE in Kendal is the unexpected location of a new wedding venue.

The Venue was developed by Richard and Kim Husbands from their Bowness Bay Brewing head office in Castle Mills, near the River Kent and five minutes from downtown Kendal.

The place was originally intended to be a bottling plant for the flourishing brewery and a pipeline was laid from the brewery to the building.

However, the space wasn’t big enough for the expanding bottling operation, so the husbands set out to turn the space into a private rental spot for wedding receptions and parties.

The finished design combines the trend for industrial-style wedding venues and Scandinavian influences – and couples can enter through folding doors to accommodate up to 150 guests.

“No one would guess by looking at this building on the outside that we have succeeded in creating this fantastic interior,” Mr. Husbands said.

“Everyone who walks through the doors is blown away by its appearance and its relaxed and friendly feel.

“The tipi, the chandelier of greenery, the wood siding and the lightings give it a warm, rustic and Scandinavian atmosphere, that’s what we were looking for.

“There is nowhere else like this in the area for weddings.”

The tipi was provided by Covered in Style tipi rental experts, based in Flookburgh and the local themed art was created by artists Kate Lloyd ‐ Philips and Hannah Fox.

A shed, fitted with an old MGB GT car trunk lid that doubles as a hatch, can be used as a dressing room for musicians and performers.

Couples are free to decorate the place in their preferred style and book their own entertainment and dining and husbands say there’s plenty of room outside to park a food truck.

And the bar will be run by the brewery team.

For any request, contact Anna on 07379 437125


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