Bread shortage looms as bakers lower their tools

The Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria has warned Nigerians of impending bread shortages as the industry continues to face high costs of doing business and challenges.

The association also gave a two-week ultimatum to the federal government to address various challenges facing the industry.

The association’s chairman, Gabriel Adeniyi, made the point while speaking to reporters in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi state, on Tuesday.

He revealed that the decision to withdraw his services was taken following the plethora of issues facing the bakery and catering industry in Nigeria,

He added that the government and its agencies have obstructed all efforts by the association to remedy the precarious situation.

“Master Bakers and Caterers nationwide have decided to close tools and close all bakeries from July 20-26, 2022. I wish to inform the general public and indeed customers and consumers, that the Secretariat national association headed all chapters. to be observed without fail. »

“Among the reasons that forced the unfortunate industrial action were shortage of raw materials, rising cost of materials, overtaxation and levies.

“Since the ban on the import of flour into the country, no serious effort has been made for local wheat, as promised by the government and its competent agency, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.”

He added: “Master bakers have asked for palliatives in the form of concessional loans or subsidies to bakers to enable them to produce affordable quality and quantity of bread for mass consumption, which has been promised but unrealized.

“These challenges facing the association threaten the production of affordable and quality bread in the country.

“The merchandise will therefore be off the streets, markets, shops and the dining table to drive home the points raised for necessary government action.

“The constant increase in the prices of bakery materials, especially flour, sugar and other ingredients, has led to lower costs, poor quality and a great loss of customers and consumers, consequently leading to the closure producers.

“If this is allowed, thousands of bakers, millions of their employees will be out of work and traders will also be affected, while millions of naira extracted from the industry will be lost to smugglers and foreign bakers.” He added.

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