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The Municipality of Athens and the Athens Merchants Association have recently launched a new digital buyer’s guide for residents and visitors of the Greek capital.

Under the name of “Athens Shopping”the online guide offers information on shops and businesses in the city from Category (F&B, catering, food, home, household appliances, jewelry, gifts, fashion, bookstores, department stores, etc.) and neighborhood.

The new digital platform is already working on a pilot project in Greek. An English version should be launched soon.

“Athens Shopping” was established by the Athens Destination Development and Management Agency (EATA) as a result of the ongoing collaboration between the Municipality of Athens and the Athens Shopkeepers Association.

According to the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis, the digital platform aims to support the Athens market and boost the city’s economy.

“These are the main objectives of every initiative and action undertaken by the Municipality of Athens. We have developed a valuable partnership with the Athens Merchants Association and are implementing a number of actions that aim to benefit professionals who run businesses in the city’s 129 districts,” he said. after the launch of the platform.

For his part, the president of the Athens Merchants Association Stavros Kafounis thanked all parties involved in the development of the platform and called on the owners of shops and businesses in the city to register on “Athens Shopping” to promote their products, services and offers to residents and visitors.

The online guide is available at

Follow GTP headlines on Google News to keep up to date with all the latest news on tourism and travel in Greece. ]]> What an agency is doing to help local stores in Shanghai cope with a sluggish post-lockdown economy | Digital Mon, 01 Aug 2022 02:51:34 +0000

In recent months, small businesses in Shanghai have suffered heavy losses, especially those in the food, beverage and catering sectors.

Almost all catering businesses in China are struggling due to catering restrictions, lack of financial support, higher supply chain costs and higher commissions from food delivery platforms.

In June, We Are Social launched a small business grant program called Saving Shanghai Shops (SSS Project) as the city began to lift the strict three-month lockdown to fight the pandemic. He first selected three lucky stores: Japanese restaurant Yuu Yakiniku & Sake Bar, desert soup shop Po Lam Tong Sui Po, and local cafe Table Ruby.

Specialized in brand storytelling and influencer marketing, the agency offers its full range of free media services, including market analysis, target audience analysis, strategic marketing planning, online and offline campaign design, and KOL planning and management . Although the campaigns for the three stores have not yet launched and will soon, some preview content has already generated buzz and traffic on social networks.

Country spoke with Pete Lin, We Are Social CEO for North Asia, about the program:

Why We Are Social launched this grant plan? How long will it last?

Coming out of Shanghai’s lockdown, we were heartbroken to see so many small local businesses had been destroyed. It was even more distressing to see that those who still survive may not survive much longer.

As residents in love with the city, our colleagues in the Shanghai office wanted to help the city heal. We don’t really have the skills to help improve macroeconomic conditions, but we do have the ability to help individual businesses, large and small. We knew that small businesses wouldn’t normally be able to afford our services, so we figured if we picked three and helped them out for free (and also paid for some KOL collabs and some media out of our own pockets), then it would be a valuable contribution to the city.

It’s an experience for us. We therefore hope to see the results of our efforts within two months. After that, we will assess our impact on the community and decide if we would keep it as a permanent program.

How did you select the three restaurants? A standard ?

We wanted to select companies with different offers and needs. So we chose a Yakiniku (Japanese sake bar), a cafe (Table Ruby) and a dessert shop (Po Lam). There were no particular standards we required – we just wanted to choose independent stores that bring joy to communities in Shanghai.

How are you going to help these restaurants?

We’ll offer them our full suite of marketing services – from market research, social listening, audience profiling, strategy formulation, to creative planning and execution, to identifying and influencer management, media planning and buying. Each selected company is allocated a modest but sufficient media budget, so that our ideas can be effectively amplified.

Did you and your team have any difficulties because of the grant scheme?

Traders are not used to working with agencies, so we had some difficulty planning and getting them to understand the importance of giving us full details of their business.

How about some specific plans? Please share an example.

Po Lam has a heartwarming story and is a great example of an entrepreneur trying to achieve his dreams. For us, Po Lam is an authentic way for Shanghai residents to experience Hong Kong culture without traveling to Hong Kong. So, our team is currently planning an in-store Hong Kong Culture Festival to give people a reason to visit Po Lam, as well as generate buzz for its desserts.

The three lucky shops

Po Lam Tong Sui Po: Mark, the owner and founder of this shop, gave up his job in banking and learned Tong Sui (local Hong Kong sweet soup) cooking techniques from his father. He then moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai and founded Po Lam in 2019 as a Hong Kong-style sweet soup shop. Before the Covid outbreak in China, it quickly became Shanghai’s first dessert store and opened a second store in 2020.

The first store was closed during the pandemic, but the second survived thanks to the warm support of loyal customers and neighboring communities in Shanghai. While its owner planned to open a third store this spring, a sudden three-month lockdown in China’s largest city halted his business expansion plan and forced him to drop all investments for the new one. store. Po Lam’s only surviving store is now downtown, Xujiahui.

Table Ruby: a café owned by Litchi and Xiaotang, which combines contemporary arts and coffee culture. The co-founders are creating this new coffee brand and hope to provide customers with a whole new experience.

Yuu Yakiniku & Sake Bar: is a Japanese restaurant, like “Midnight Diner” in Shanghai, opened five years ago. The owner, Lin Xiaomu, has had a hard time due to the lockdown, but he is still quite optimistic and thinks that running a business at such a time means “being-toward-death”, an attitude of life wisdom. .

65% of Americans love going to small business restaurants and cafes: here are our top nominees Thu, 28 Jul 2022 13:00:54 +0000

Geber86/Getty Images

GOBankingRates recognizes the best small businesses across the country and gets the scoop from owners on what makes these businesses so special. We asked our readers to name their favorite local businesses and what made them unique, then reached out to the businesses to learn more behind the scenes of these unique places.

Here it is: Our 2022 Small Business Spotlight
See our list: 100 Most Influential Money Experts

Additionally, GOBankingRates recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 Americans to find out why they like to support small businesses versus big box establishments and the types of small businesses they support. We found that 65% of Americans frequent small business cafes and restaurants most often. In light of this idea, let’s take a look at some of our top nominations for cafes and restaurants.

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Best Coffee Nominations

Top Restaurant Nominations

Why small business restaurants and cafes are so popular

Almost every street corner in a city has a quaint restaurant or cozy cafe. To answer the question of what makes these spots a constant destination for the community, we turn to the small business owners themselves.

The “Feel Good” atmosphere

“Coffee shops and cafes (or something similar) are ‘feel good’; people are happy to support independent cafes,” said Deepak Shulka, founder of Pearl Lemon Cafe, a London-based bubble coffee and tea cafe. “Also, with the increased prevalence of remote working, cafes and the cozy spaces they provide are becoming more relevant and appreciated by people.”

They make you slow down

Unlike fast food restaurants, people tend to experience local cafes and restaurants at a more leisurely pace. In our Small Business Spotlight, we featured Source of Coffee, a Willcox, Arizona-based cafe that showcases a slower vibe.

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“(Source of Coffee) stands out from other fast food cafes in town because it has no drive-thru, but instead encourages visitors to sit down and play chess or read a book by the fire, said Benjamin Morgan and Dana and Debra Suorsa, owners of the family cafe.

Unique products and personal connection

Small businesses are able to meet the needs of their community in ways that chain stores cannot. For example, your neighborhood family hamburger restaurant may buy meat from local butchers and sell locally made marinades and sauces to other small businesses in the community. Or, your town cafe may have live music on Fridays and host local bands every week. These specialty items and experiences allow small businesses to continue to attract new customers and serve their community. They inspire people to move away from the convenience of a chain store and opt for a more personal experience.

Take our survey: Do you tip for service?

How to best support local cafes and restaurants in your community

The small businesses you love rely on great reviews, social media promotion, and word of mouth to stay in business and keep reaching new customers. Here are some of the best ways to show your support for local cafes and restaurants near you.

Leave a positive review

Be sure to leave a positive review on Yelp or Google for local spots you like. One or two negative reviews can put a small business at risk, so don’t skimp on a five-star review if you had a great experience. Also, add some photos next to the review to show what the business offers and build credibility.

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Promote the company on social networks

Small businesses don’t have the social media staff and budget that larger companies have. Liking, commenting and tagging the business on your Facebook and Instagram helps promote its content and helps it reach more users. If you post a photo of your morning latte from your favorite local coffee shop, don’t forget to tag the business so your followers can see where you bought it and also start engaging with the company’s social media. ‘company.

make known

If you like the small business you frequent, let people know what makes the business so special and why they should shop there.

Word of mouth marketing is probably more effective than you think. A recent study conducted by Forbes found that 64% of marketers said this type of marketing is the most effective form of attracting new consumers.

Think of it this way, if someone you trust told you that the corner store sold an amazing donut, you’d probably believe it and make it a priority to check it out. If you’re going to find out that your friend was right and the donut was delicious, maybe you tell two other people to try it, and so the cycle continues.

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About the Author

Maddie Duley is a content intern for ConsumerTrack and writes about finance for GOBankingRates. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication and design from the University of California, Davis.

15 Small Town Mom and Pop Shops Worth Checking Out Thu, 28 Jul 2022 12:56:15 +0000

Good Things Grocery

Good Things Grocery is in an ideal location: the center of Main Street near the San Marcos River in the town of Martindale, Central Texas. Occupying space once occupied by the Merchants and Planters Bank, the market leans against a grassy courtyard and stands squarely in a group of turn-of-the-century red-brick buildings opposite the town hall. Owners Taylor Burge and
Austin Burge conceived the idea of ​​a small town grocery store with curated food options a long time ago, but the pandemic set the plans in motion.

As owners of Chaparral Coffee in Lockhart, the couple had seen their coffee sales take a hit at the onset of COVID-19. Anticipating food shortages, they seized the opportunity to start selling basic cafe items and found success.

“We were like, ‘OK, we’ve got deli meats here, so let’s cut the deli meats, package it up, and sell it,'” Taylor says. They did the same with other commodities and added more vendors. “We just turned the 600 square foot cafe into a miniature market in order to stay viable,” she says.

Pimento cheese in a small glass jar on a plate of crackers

Taylor’s famous chili cheese. Photo by Melanie Grizzel

When coffee sales returned, the Burges needed a place to house their new market. At the end of 2020, they opened the Martindale store. The city bordered on relatively desert territory before Good Things: Options were the only local food provider, Dollar General, or driving to Kyle, San Marcos, or Lockhart for regular groceries. A year and a half later, they opened a second location in Lockhart Square.

While the Martindale store was the first, Taylor admits there’s a built-in seasonality to this store — people are strolling around town or stocking up before heading to the San Marcos River. Meanwhile, the Lockhart store is loosely considered Good Things Grocery’s flagship. It maintains heavy foot traffic from its location in the square, where some locals go several times a week to pick up essentials.

Inside both stores, the decor is fresh and inviting, and there are plenty of little treasures to unearth between the shelves. This includes the take-out section featuring hummus, chicken salad, and a Texas delicacy, Taylor’s Chilli Cheese. Customers can find local produce, meat, grass-fed milk, alternative milks, farm-fresh eggs, and local kombucha, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. “We have these items that they can’t get in the HEB that really bring a lot of value to their lives,” Taylor says.

Tucked away in the back is a curated natural wine section that rivals any big city wine store. Somehow, well-known winemakers like Furlani and Glou Glou make their way to the little grocery store in the middle of Caldwell County. “We like to focus on natural, organic wine with a story behind it,” says Taylor.

Good Things Grocery embraces the tradition of small-town grocers, and while the original idea was modest, Taylor lacked neither the ambition nor the foresight to scale the business.

“I want it to be a brand that can be a small family store duplicated in other cities, but also a bigger chain maybe later,” she says. “You know, I was just wondering if this could happen.” -E. Ryan Ellis

404 Main Street, Martindale. 110 S. Commerce Street, Lockhart. 512-357-4417; Open every day. Essentials: alcohol, food, souvenirs, treats.

Best Sandwich Shops in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Troy Wed, 27 Jul 2022 21:22:11 +0000

The best of the capital region

Corned beef and/or pastrami sandwiches are popular among diners at Gershon’s Deli.

Cindy Schultz/Times Union

For 20 years, we’ve been asking you to name and vote for your favorite sandwich shops in our annual Capital Region Top Readers Poll.

In the category’s first year, 1998, we asked for the best substore, but since then (with the exception of a five-year period beginning in 2002 when the category didn’t exist) we we inquired about all types of sandwiches.

But choosing a sandwich shop is only the first step. At Gershon’s Deli & Caterers, winner 2022, you still have to choose from 20 different sandwiches and 15 breads.

Here’s a look at the top sandwich shop winners, starting with the 2022 finalists.

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The delicatessen of Gershon

2022: Winner

A corned beef sandwich at Gershon's Deli.

A corned beef sandwich at Gershon’s Deli.

Michael P. Farrell/Times Union

Best sandwich shop: First place in 2022, 2016, 2014, 2013 and 2012; second place in 2021, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2015 and 2000; third place in 1999

Best caterer: First place in 2017, 2016, 2003 and 2002

Address: 1600 Union Street, Schenectady

Call: 518-393-0617



Pellegrino Import Co.

2022: Second place

Best sandwich shop: First place in 2021, 2020 and 2019; second place in 2022; finalist in 2018 and 2017

Best caterer: Third place in 2017 and 2016

Address: 1197 Central Ave, Albany

Call: 518-459-4472



Italian imports from ragonese

2022: Third place

The Vegan Special sandwich from Ragonese Imports includes roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, olives and artichoke hearts.

The Vegan Special sandwich from Ragonese Imports includes roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, olives and artichoke hearts.

Dragon imports / Supplied

Best sandwich shop: Third place in 2022; finalist in 2021

Best caterer: Finalist in 2017

Address: 409 New Scotland Ave, Albany

Call: 518-482-2358



Deli & Brew

2022: finalist

An Italian sandwich, which includes ham, salami, pepperoni from Deli and Brew

An Italian sandwich, which includes ham, salami, pepperoni from Deli and Brew

Deli and Brew / Provided

Best sandwich shop: Second place in 2019 and 2013; third place in 2014; finalist in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015

Address: 64 Vandenburgh Avenue, Troy

Call: 518-274-9525



Half Moon Sandwich & Salad Shoppe

2022: finalist

Best sandwich shop: First place in 2018, 2017 and 2015; second place in 2016; third place in 2013; finalist in 2022 and 2020

Address: 1613 US 9, half moon

Call: 518-371-2902



Cardona Market

Cardona's Market co-owners Robert, center left, and August Cardona, center right, celebrate the opening of their new store in the former Roma Foods location with the cutting of a giant sandwich on Thursday, September 23 2021, on Cobbee Road in Colonie, NY

Cardona’s Market co-owners Robert, center left, and August Cardona, center right, celebrate the opening of their new store in the former Roma Foods location with the cutting of a giant sandwich on Thursday, September 23 2021, on Cobbee Road in Colonie, NY

Will Waldron/Times Union

Best sandwich shop: Third place in 2020 (Albany site); finalist in 2021 (Albany)

Best caterer: Vice-champion in 2016

Address: 340 Delaware Ave, Albany | 9 Cobbee Road, Latham | 222 Washington Street, Saratoga Springs



Andy’s Italian Cuisine and Delicatessen

Best sandwich shop: Third place in 2019

Address: 256 Delaware Ave, Albany

Call: 518-463-2754



DiBella’s Subs

Best sandwich shop: Second place in 2014 and 2012 (Albany site); third place in 2018 (Albany) and 2016; finalist in 2015 (Latham)

Address: 1235 Western Avenue, Albany | 2 Wade Road, Latham



Genoa import

Best sandwich shop: Third place in 2017, 2015 and 2012; finalist in 2016

Best caterer: Vice-champion in 2016

Address: 435 Loudon Road, Albany

Call: 518-427-0078




Best sandwich shop: First place in 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008; second place in 2007; third place in 2001

Best sub-store: First place in 1998

Address: Multiple locations



panera bread

Best place for a working lunch: First place in 2020, 2019 and 2018

Best chain restaurant: Second place in 2020; finalist in 2018, 2017 and 2016

Best vegetarian restaurant: Second place in 2020

Best place for the fastest sit-down lunch (it’s not fast food): First place in 2017

Best sandwich shop: First place in 2007; second place in 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008

Best new restaurant: Third place in 2002

Address: Multiple locations



Mr. Subb

Best sandwich shop: Third place in 2000

Best sub-store: Second place in 1998

Address: Multiple locations



Sovrana Pizza & Deli

Best Pizza: First place in 1998; second place in 1997; finalist in 2022

Best sub-store: Third place in 1998

Best home delivery pizza: Second place in 1997

Address: 63 N. Lake Ave., Albany

Call: 518-465-0961


Best of the Capital Region 2022

Best of the Capital Region 2022

Best of the Capital Region 2022

Union Times

Winners: Find out who won in each category of the Best of the Capital Region 2022 competition. Prefer something for your coffee table or to store in your car for quick reference? Order our 68-page magazine and we’ll send it to you for free.

100 categories: There were 14 new categories in 2022.

Discover how far Best of the Capital Region has come in 25 years: These are the first winners of 1997.

Best of the Hudson Valley: The winners will be announced in August.

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