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When Melissa Marks and her fiancé Pat first saw their wedding venue on September 17, 2022, it was love at first sight. But, the one thing they didn’t like? The high price of the region. Instead of continuing their venue search, the couple decided to take their shot and negotiate the terms of the event — and it worked.

“We asked them to send us quotes for their peak season for 125-140 guests knowing we were going to have over 200 people at our wedding,” the bride shares. “There was a lot of back and forth, but our final proposition was that if we increased our number of guests to 200 people, they would give us off-peak pricing, an open bar of premium liquor, a extra cocktail hour station and a free bonfire after the beach party. They accepted the offer! We have our dream place [and] all these extra amenities within our budget.

Admittedly, entering into negotiations with the location of your dreams can be a bit overwhelming. (One wrong move and you’re entering very uncomfortable territory.) But, not only is trading with your site completely permissible, it’s also a planner-approved move.

“Everybody wants a lot and when you’re [getting married]it helps to have some negotiation tactics up your sleeve,” says AJ Williams, Founder and Creative Director of AJ Events. “Sometimes you’ll be able to ‘score’ with an incredible offer, and other times (or even most) you’ll receive the most incredible concessions; “benefits” added to your contract that make you feel even more special. »

So how do you know which terms are negotiable? How do you even approach the conversation? And what if you don’t get everything you ask for? Below, two wedding planners share their expert advice.

Meet the expert

  • AJ Williams is the founder and creative director of AJ Events.
  • Amy Lynn Parmar is the lead planner for Poppy + Lynn.

Understand your options

According to Amy Lynn Parmar, chief planner at Poppy + Lynn, wedding venues are currently in high demand. So you may not be able to bargain everything of your terms. That said, your site may have some wiggle room on logistics like payment timing, timing, and when your vendors can drop off decorations. Another area of ​​negotiations? The menu.

“If your venue has its own catering, you might be able to negotiate the minimum if you opt for a cocktail with passed nibbles instead of a sit-down dinner,” Parmar shares. “[Also]you can sometimes exchange liquors, wines or beers for brands or types that you prefer.

But, while there’s plenty of room for negotiation, Parmar stresses that some terms are simply beyond your and your site’s control. “These types of clauses are usually in place for safety or for the preservation of the venue, and usually there’s nothing you can do about it,” she shares. For example, music end times may be strict due to local noise ordinances, while certain special effects may be prohibited at historic sites. If in doubt, ask your site coordinator to clarify any confusing terms. This way you will be able to understand what is to be traded and what is not.

Photo taken by People Photography

Choose your battles

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a time-consuming and, yes, stressful endeavor, so the very last thing you’ll want to do is spend time negotiating something that hasn’t. not important. As Williams says, focus only on the terms that will truly make or destroy your wedding day. “I always ask what the restrictions are and what’s included that we haven’t discussed,” she shares. “I would like to address what is important to you and what your deal breakers are.”

And, when it comes to starting the negotiation conversation, Williams recommends approaching wedding venues as if you were buying a house. “Don’t tell them their place is the only one you’re considering,” she explains. “Let them know that location is your number one choice, but budget is a concern. Connect with your contact, get to know them and communicate with them. »

keep it nice

Gone are the days when poker faces and my way or the highway attitudes reigned supreme. For these marriage experts, benevolence is essential. “I would say the biggest mistake couples make is assuming they’re entitled to anything,” Parmar shares. “Coming with a legitimate and demanding attitude will only make the place less eager to work with you. No one wants to deal with a rude and inconsiderate couple.

When in doubt, focus on communicating your vision in a calm and considerate manner. “Show the venue that you’re genuinely excited about their space,” she shares. “Gently explain why you would like to make a change.” Parmar says if you’re kind in your communication, a venue might be more likely to try to shake things up.

Find common ground

No matter how nice and communicative you are, a place may not want to budge on a certain term. While it can be frustrating to be pushed back for your dream wedding, both Williams and Parmar agree that a venue isn’t obligated to change anything in their contracts. But, before that feeling of defeat sets in, consider a plan B.

“Thank them for trying and always be nice; you may not receive a concession in advance, but that does not mean that they will not provide a concession in the future. said Williams. “If a venue can’t or won’t budge on something that you think is a dealbreaker, see if there’s something else that can be compromised.”

For example, if your hotel can’t guarantee a larger block of rooms for your guests, ask them if they’d be willing to upgrade your honeymoon suite as a compromise. Although you may not get everything on your terms, a compromise might make you feel better about signing on the dotted line. What if your site still isn’t ready to move? Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to leave.

“Getting mad at the site team won’t help you get the results you want,” Williams shares. “So if you’ve tried to find a compromise and they’re still not budging, you may have to decide if it’s worth moving forward as is or if you need to look elsewhere.

Ask for help

With a booming wedding boom, Williams and Parmar recognize that it’s a place market right now. (Translation? If you finally pass on a venue, there are probably several couples ready to set a date.) Instead, you might want to ask your wedding planner for help.

“They know the industry better than anyone and may be able to work on your behalf to find a solution that works for both parties,” says Parmar. “A good wedding planner is your biggest advocate and will work tirelessly to help you where they can. my clients, because they know that I work well with their team and that I take care of things.

Future of Miss Russia NZ pageant uncertain as venue pulls out Sat, 14 May 2022 00:46:00 +0000

The future of a Miss Russia NZ pageant to be held in Auckland is uncertain following Alexandra Park’s withdrawal of its bid for a venue.

There have been calls for the July 30 event to be canceled since February, and its detractors were told on Thursday that Alexandra Park would no longer host the event.

“We very strongly support the Ukrainian community. Unfortunately the catering company involved took the booking last year before all the atrocities that are happening now. Once they figured out what the event was about, they immediately canceled it,” Alexandra Park Vice President and Acting General Manager Rod Croon said in an email to interested parties.

Croon confirmed Thing he would not host the event.

It is unclear if the event will be held at a different venue, but event details remain at and no updates have been posted to the Miss Russia NZ Facebook group.

* Russian band set to rock Auckland for charity concert in Ukraine
* The Russian opera singer will take the stage in support of Ukraine
* ‘A battlefield of gains and losses’: Russia hits rails and fuel facilities in attacks on Ukraine

Russian-New Zealander Elena Nikiforova, who moved to New Zealand 20 years ago, has been the driving force behind calls to cancel the contest.

“In light of the war in Ukraine, any entertainment event promoting Russian state symbols and flags will be highly disrespectful, insensitive and offensive to the people of Ukraine, whose innocent civilians – including children – are murdered by the same army that carries these symbols,” Nikiforova said.

Elena Nikiforova calls for the cancellation of the Miss Russia NZ pageant.


Elena Nikiforova calls for the cancellation of the Miss Russia NZ pageant.

“I think holding such an event would be insulting to the Ukrainian community, damaging to the reputation of the Russian community and upsetting to the New Zealand community as a whole.”

Nikiforova wrote an open letter urging organizers, sponsors and Alexandra Park to withdraw their support for the competition.

By May 11, the letter had been signed by more than 510 people.

Nikiforova is particularly concerned about comments from Miss Russia NZ event organizer Olga Ovsyannikova, also a Russian-New Zealander.

Olga Ovsyannikova did not respond to requests for comment.

Ovsyannikova previously reportedly said she was “neutral” to the war. She reportedly said she believed Western media reports of the Ukraine invasion were misleading and wrong.

Kate Turska moved to New Zealand 16 years ago, but was born and raised in Sloviansk, Ukraine.


Kate Turska moved to New Zealand 16 years ago, but was born and raised in Sloviansk, Ukraine.

Acting as Mahi’s spokeswoman for Ukraine, Ukrainian-born Kate Turska said any pretense of neutrality in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a facade.

“Neutrality cannot exist in times like these – either you are for war or you are against it.”

Ovsyannikova had pledged to donate all proceeds from the competition to the Heart-to-Heart Foundation.

The foundation’s founder, Ksenia Trifonova, said the foundation “helps the least socially secure people in the war situation.” She had not been informed of a cancellation.

“I am very upset that there is a war in Ukraine. It’s a terrible situation. It’s not good for the peaceful way to have a conflict like this,” she said.

]]> The colossal 115ft party submarine provides an underwater venue for 120 guests Fri, 13 May 2022 07:35:36 +0000

If you’ve ever been on a cruise with booze and thought “I wish there was less access to fresh air”, this one’s for you! Dutch underwater company U-Boat Worx has announced a huge new underwater entertainment venue that can accommodate up to 120 guests, plus a full crew and catering staff.

With a colossal 150 m² (1,615 sq ft) of reconfigurable floor space, the “Underwater Entertainment Platform, or UWEP, is designed as a true entertainment space that can be configured as an underwater restaurant. -marine, a casino, a wedding venue, an illuminati meeting room or whatever you want.

It has to be one of the most spacious submarine models we have seen. In fact, maybe it’s the the most spacious submarine design we have ever seen. It is 35.1 m (115 ft) long, 7.7 m (25 ft) wide and 7 m (23 ft) high, with 14 huge acrylic windows 4.5 m in diameter (14.8 ft) to watch, and the exterior is adorned with high-intensity lighting to give everyone a clear view of what’s going on outside.

One of the few submarines that we will describe as spacious

U-Boat Worx

This thing is so huge that the sections forward and aft are split into two tiers – the upper being a stage-like area for extra seating, and the lower sections hiding the pilot’s compartment up front. and a catering kitchen and five bathrooms there are. If the floor seating isn’t fancy enough to make your biggest wigs feel special enough, the bar can be configured with a VIP lounge above, so they can get the exclusive treatment they’ve grown accustomed to.

The UWEP’s steel pressure hull allows it to go down to 200m (650ft) below the surface, which isn’t a huge depth in the scheme of things, but it’s more than deep enough to really feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore. It is a fully electric vehicle, with four 80 kW (107 hp) horizontal thrusters and four 40 kW (54 hp) vertical thrusters to assist the ballast and buoyancy systems. Top speed is 3 knots (3.5 mph/5.6 km/h) on the surface and 2.5 knots (2.9 mph/4.6 km/h) underwater, so we don’t recommend not to use it as an evacuation vehicle.

Interestingly, U-Boat Worx uses “high capacity lead-acid” batteries for the massive 1.2 megawatt-hour underfloor battery. That’s enough power, the company says, for rides of up to 18 hours, or several shorter between charges – and a separate backup battery will keep critical systems online for 96 hours if things go well. of pear.

Large windows give guests a good view of the main attraction -- i.e. plenty of water

Large windows give guests a good view of the main attraction — i.e. plenty of water

U-Boat Worx

The sheer size of this thing should make it one of the least claustrophobic submarines ever built – assuming of course it’s built. We can’t think of many others we’ve seen with nice spiral staircases at the entrance and exit instead of ladders. And it’s also designed with a huge deck up top for when it surfaces, although there are large bubble windows dotted along the roof, so you’d want to think twice about standing next to it. one of those in a short dress.

It’s a pretty overwhelming vehicle, really, and mind blowing to think how much it would cost to even rent event space, let alone what U-Boat Worx will charge buyers. If your pockets are shallower, the company will also sell shorter 27.1m (89ft) versions with two-thirds of the floor space, accommodating up to 80 guests plus crew and staff.

Source: U-Boat Worx

Horsham holiday spot wins top tourism award Wed, 11 May 2022 14:27:26 +0000

Walnut Barn, part of Sussex Luxury Accommodation, has won a Rose Award from Visit England.

The barn is one of three company owned properties situated in a rural site on the outskirts of Horsham.

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Walnut Barn sleeps up to 10 people in five bedrooms, four with king-size double beds and one with twin beds.

walnut barn

All three properties – Walnut Barn, Walnut Cottage and Walnut Studio – have consistently been rated 5* Gold by Visit England.

Visit England says its Rose Awards “recognize accommodation providers across England who offer visitors the warmest of welcomes.

“They celebrate establishments, regardless of star rating, style or type of accommodation, where owners, management and employees deliver exceptional experiences for their guests.”

Visit England Director Andrew Stokes said: “It’s great to see the Rose Awards back as we celebrate and congratulate accommodation businesses across England who excel in customer service and create exceptional experiences that keep visitors coming back time after time.

“The awards are also a wonderful showcase of the breadth of exceptional accommodation across England, with visitors truly being spoiled for choice.

“From superb estates with campsites on their doorstep, to quintessentially English pubs with cozy bedrooms, from charming B&Bs and self-contained cottages in stunning locations to quirky beach huts in picture-perfect seaside towns, there is something for everyone. the requirements.”

Lilly Pad permit would limit live music volume and hours on Varina site Mon, 09 May 2022 08:16:05 +0000

A community meeting was held at the Lilly Pad last month as part of the dockside restaurant’s application for a new permit to continue operations. (Jonathan Spiers photos)

The party doesn’t seem to be over for The Lilly Pad, though the popular dockside restaurant in east Henrico may soon have a county-enforced curfew.

A proposed interim use permit for the restaurant and Kingsland’s largest marina would limit live music to certain times and decibel levels, among other conditions that county staff are recommending after determining the expanded restaurant has exceeded the metrics. a previous permit.

Complaints from some neighbors and area residents about noise from live music and an increase in concerts at the Lilly Pad prompted the county to require owners Max and Karen Walraven to apply for and obtain a new permit to put the restaurant in compliance with the new zoning rules and to address these concerns.

The proposed permit, which is to be presented to the Planning Commission at its meeting this Thursday, would limit live music to 5-10 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 5-11 a.m. Saturday and 1-11 a.m. Sunday. The Lilly Pad is currently closed on Mondays.

It would also ban dine-in hours from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. The restaurant’s website says it currently operates from 4pm to 10pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4am to 11am on Thursdays and Fridays, noon to 11pm on Saturdays, and noon to 10pm on Sundays.

The Lilly Pad restaurant is the centerpiece of Kingsland Marina. (File photo courtesy of The Lilly Pad)

A noise study conducted at the site in late March recommended the use of a sound level limiter to limit any amplified live music to 98 decibels, which the permit says would keep the volume at 55 decibels at the perimeter of the property. Lilly Pad’s 10-acre property off Osborne Turnpike is adjacent to a residence to the south and Osborne Boat Landing to the north.

The permit would also require that a 100 foot treed buffer between the marina and the residence to the south be maintained and preserved. The Walravens had asked to only commit to a 20-foot buffer because they planned to build their own residence on the property, according to an email sent to the county by their attorney Will Shewmake.

County documents contain a petition supporting The Lilly Pad with more than 300 signatures, as well as numerous letters of support from restaurant patrons and area residents.

Among them is a letter from Andy Edmunds, a local resident and director of the Virginia Film Office, who describes the Walravens’ improvements as a benefit to the community. He noted the location’s appeal to members of the film crew and actors such as Michael Keaton and Ewan McGregor, who frequented the restaurant during filming in Richmond.

A search of the county file by BizSense found three emails expressing concerns about noise and traffic that have increased with The Lilly Pad’s expansion. Two residents said they could hear live music from their homes a mile or more away.

More than 150 people attended the meeting to show their support for The Lilly Pad’s permit application.

A report from county staff for the permit indicates that Henrico issued a building permit for the expansion in 2020, but additional improvements were made to the exterior of the building that were not reflected in the permit application. .

These additional upgrades included a 5,600 square foot outdoor dining area along a new deck over the water, a 400 square foot concert stage, two tents covering part of the dining area, and a 1,300 square foot guest waiting area and additional outdoor dining area at restaurant entrance.

Max Walraven said he invested $250,000 in the upgrades, which allowed the restaurant to accommodate up to 150 customers, according to the report.

A site visit in October revealed other violations, including an extension cord feeding a public address system that ran through the kitchen. The county required that the cord be replaced with permanent wiring, and permits were needed for the tents, a range hood, and a brick pizza oven that were installed.

The county had also issued a stop work order regarding the placement of dredge soil without a county-approved erosion and sediment control plan. Walraven also had to apply for a floodplain development permit, documents show.

Some Lilly Pad supporters arrived by boat.

Despite these violations, county planning staff are supporting the new permit application with proposed conditions, which also address permitted uses, concept and site plans, location of outdoor music, parking and signage.

At a community meeting held at the Lilly Pad in April, more than 150 people showed up to support the restaurant and rally attendance at the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings. None of the speakers who addressed the crowd spoke in opposition.

Among those who spoke was David Napier, owner of Old City Bar and White House Catering in Richmond, who said he bought his first boat from Kingsland Marina 40 years ago.

“I encourage people in the opposition to bend a little for the greater good,” Napier said, adding that he had heard some people describe the new Lilly Pad as a nightclub.

“My business is in Shockoe Bottom and I know what a nightclub is. It’s not a nightclub,” Napier said. “People who come here have to get home before the nightclubs open.”

Lilly Pad owners Max and Karen Walraven with their daughters Sydney, left, and Lola.

Walraven, who was present with Karen and their two daughters, said he was overwhelmed by the show of support.

“I had no idea how much support we would get. It almost made me want to cry,” he said.

Walraven added that he received encouragement from supervisor Tyrone Nelson, who represents the Varina district which includes the marina and was also in attendance.

“He was really positive and said they would help us through this, so I think we’re on an upward trajectory,” Walraven said.

A stylish bar is a must-see in the town Sat, 07 May 2022 07:00:00 +0000 Alan Pennell reflects on the situation he and his fiancee Holly Ambrose faced after opening Chapter 2, a stylish cocktail and wine bar in Bingley.

“We bought what used to be a nightclub and created a new bar,” he says. “It opened on November 14, 2019 but quickly had to close due to the pandemic.”

But as quickly as it was forced to close its doors, the Chapel Lane bar rebounded and is now a go-to destination in the city, not only for sitting down and having a drink, but also for party fun. events. Alan and Holly put their heart and soul into entertaining customers – and it shows.

“We hung on thanks to Covid – now we’re on the other side, we’ve seen a big increase in custom – it’s buzzing,” says Alan. “With endless themed brunches, comedy nights and monthly 90s nostalgia nights with Bingley’s acclaimed DJ Matt Evans, . We got great reviews – “The best night I’ve ever had” and “Those 90s nights are exactly how I remembered them back then.”

Past events have included the Spice Girls Bottomless Brunch, 80s Hits Brunch, Dirty Dancing Brunch, Mama Mia Mother’s Day Brunch and the Queen’s Tribute Brunch.

“We have a Britney VS Christina brunch planned for Easter weekend and many more to come.”

The popular bar also hosts a monthly comedy night. “We’re Bingley’s only regular comedy venue and the nights are amazing. We had top comedians such as Scott Bennett, Nina Gilligan and Bingley’s beautiful Seeta Wrightson. We are about to launch a monthly karaoke night on a Thursday.

The “very Instagrammable” interior is modern and trendy, with flowery walls, neon lights and designer decor. “It has comfortable cabins, a big shiny window and a very stylish illuminated bar,” says Alan. “We have a little outdoor seating area with flyover which is a fantastic little place to soak up the sun and people watch.”

Alan and Holly run the business, working alongside their daughter Daisy, 19, and staff members Hollie Haigh, Josh Bishop, Sophie Long and Molly Marsh.

“We are a fantastic team who are passionate about our work,” says Alan.

Chapter 2 is the second business opened by Alan and Holly, hence its name. “We own and run Cottingley Diner, a cafe in Cottingley, so this is the next chapter in our working lives,” says Alan.

“I also admit that at a food festival in the summer of 2019, we saw two businesses owned by the same owner in the same city called Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. We loved that and thought the idea quite appropriate for ourselves. .

“At first I kept a job while running the bar, while Holly continued to run the cafe, but now is the time for me to hang up my tools and enjoy the adventure we’ve created.”

The bar sells a wide range of cocktails “made with fresh, premium ingredients”. We don’t stop there, our wine list is also fantastic – we source our wine from an independent local supplier who are well known for their quality,” says Alan.

“We also have a brilliant range of lagers, ciders and draft and draft beers. We have two rotating beer options where we tend to stick to Yorkshire brews, occasionally slipping in an award winning beer like the Titanic Plum Porter. Our customers are spoiled for choice. »

Alan praises their regulars, who have supported them from the start. “Without them, we wouldn’t be here now,” he says.

Chapter 2 proves popular for private functions. “Our room is the perfect size and layout,” says Alan. “With fantastic links to party accessories, we can throw an unforgettable party. We have several clients who have immediately booked for another party later in the year. »

The bar is also available during the week for various functions. “Bingley WI run a craft group every Tuesday morning, we have a few evening craft groups that run monthly classes and we also host a Friday night book club which is a fantastic group that loves to discuss the book of the month while enjoying good company and a glass of wine.

Baby showers, engagements, wakes and even a wedding have taken place on site, which offers “one-stop service with a catering package”.

Alan and Holly are transforming the first floor of the building. “Our vision is to build a kitchen and a new Speakeasy bar. We hope to have the work completed by the end of the year,” adds Alan.

*Chapter 2 Cocktail & Wine Bar, 11a Chapel Lane, Bingley BD16 2NG

Italian esports set to be regulated following controversial venue closures Wed, 04 May 2022 18:12:54 +0000

The Italian government is seeking to officially regulate and recognize esports, according to Italian Undersecretary for Finance Federico Freni.

The decision comes shortly after Italy’s esports community was rocked on April 29, when the local Customs and Monopolies Agency (Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli) seized all equipment from multiple venues. games and esports across the country.

Esports Palace is a LAN center in Bergamo, Italy. Image credit: Esports Palace

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The reason given publicly by the Agency for the seizures was that the companies involved did not comply with Italian regulations. However, current Italian regulations classified LAN video game equipment as iGaming equipment such as gambling, slot machines and arcade machines.

According to Customs Agency, only three sites were closed on the 29th. However, this caused widespread panic as fines of between €5,000 and €50,000 (~£4,200 and £42,000) per seized equipment can be issued by the Agency. As a result, many companies shut down their gambling operations to avoid being affected. Esports bars may continue to offer catering services, however, these establishments were temporarily restricting patrons from playing video games.

The Agency’s decision was would have motivated primarily by slot machine business owners, who questioned why LAN rooms and esports bars that provide gaming hardware as a service were not taxed or registered under the same terms. This has resulted in the seizure and classification of gaming PCs, consoles, peripherals and even driving simulators as non-regular equipment.

On May 3, members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Luca Carabetta and Daniele Belotti, as well as Senator Simona Pergreffi, were pushed by the community. In close contact with gaming and esports entrepreneur Alessio Cicolari, the individuals are said to have encouraged conversations in the Italian parliament for specific regulations for the market.

The result seems to be that specific esports regulations will be developed in the country.

May 4, Federico Freni, Italian Undersecretary for Finance, mentioned to the Chamber of Deputies: “The government reserves the possibility of taking into consideration the most appropriate regulations, in order to guarantee stable and effective regulations as soon as possible.

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Alessio Cicolari is the Owner of Esport Palace, a location in Bergamo, Italy, whose gambling equipment was seized. He spoke to Esports Insider about the dramatic seizure and subsequent political pushback.

“Yesterday I was not happy, but today I am. The lack of specific regulations has always been a challenge for us to promote events in Italy,” said Cicolari. According to the site owner, new esports-specific regulations will bring more investment to the scene, as brands and traditional entrepreneurs will now feel more secure about future esports funding opportunities.

“It was ‘one small step for a man’ but one giant leap for the stage,” he added.

Cicolari has still not specified a date for Esport Palace and other venues across Italy to fully resume operations. However, he expects that in the coming weeks an interim furlough will be granted while the government works on the regulations.

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Cicolari believes that the complaints raised by the owners of slot machines were not intended to attack and destroy video game establishments, but to protest against the regulations in force in the field of gambling. Cicolari, however, doesn’t think the strategy worked for them as nothing is expected to change in this market.

Cicolari also praised the community’s support throughout the scandal, which he sees as essential to the successful outcome. “The public, media, industry professionals and some politicians were really supportive. It was a union I had never seen before in the gaming and esports scene.

Esports Insider says: While the French president touts esports as the world of opportunity that it is, Italy’s old structures have acted to hold back its market. Fortunately, what started as a step backwards for Italian esports has turned into a much-needed opportunity to move forward. It’s a moment of change for Italian esports. The case is also a warning for other countries without clear regulations: in the short to medium term, this can significantly affect the industry.

ESI DC is May 16-18! Learn more.

Oceandiva London: the first CO2 neutral venue on the water in the UK Wed, 04 May 2022 09:14:53 +0000

FR visit the Cheesegrater skyscraper to hear about Oceandiva London – a new multi-purpose event ship that will revolutionize the events industry

“WWhy travel to the place, when the place can come to you? asks Greg Lawson, CEO of Smart Group, during a recent press briefing for the launch of Oceandiva London.

Gathered on the 42nd floor of the Leadenhall Building, venue representatives and members of the events industry overlook stunning views of the River Thames, where in just a few months the ship will be in use for the first time, accommodating up to 1 500 standing guests and 600 seated places for exhibitions.

After six years of planning and a joint investment of over £25million, the vessel, developed by Smart Group and Amsterdam-based company Oceandiva, will be the largest floating event space on the river measuring 86m in length and 17 m wide, spanning three decks.

Described as the UK’s first CO2 neutral site on the River Thames, the 2,625m² vessel will also be used for events including conferences, receptions, gala dinners, product and brand launches activations.

When launched in the autumn, it will welcome guests from London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, Greenwich and ExCeL London, with the possibility of using more capital destinations in the future.

“Oceandiva is leading the way to a net zero future for the events industry,” Lawson says.

“The project is the first of its kind in the world and what better place to launch it than the global city of London.

“The journey began with the ambition to create a versatile event venue on the River Thames – and having listened to stakeholders reflect on and adapt to the challenges of the modern age, sustainability must be at the heart of everything we do. do.

“I strongly believe that Oceandiva London will be the catalyst to develop the green future.”

Speaking of the ship sustainable credentials and how Smart Group aims to become net zero by 2030, the company’s Managing Director, Chloe Jackson, says: “It will be powered by 100% renewable energy, relying on green electricity dock-based fast charging. This is further supported by onboard solar panels and a backup biofuel generator for any longer excursions.

“We installed an advanced Airflow heat recovery on-board cooling system, which is regulated with the temperature of the River Thames and results in a 60% power reduction.

“We intend to work with clients to help them make informed choices about their events and how best to balance their carbon emissions.”

Jackson adds, “Our chefs are already using the most local and seasonal produce on their menu and we will continue to reduce food miles where possible and ensure that guests make informed, well-informed decisions about their food choices. menu.”

Working with industry body Isla, Oceandiva London will reduce its carbon footprint for every onboard event by tracking and measuring from the planning phase through to event execution. Smart Group will also work with longtime production partners Encore, who Jackson says share the company’s desire to “make every event as sustainable as possible from the start.”

Tom Ring, Director of Production Venues at Encore, said: “We have invested over £1 million in permanently installed production equipment to deliver high impact events with a low impact on the environment. We install 130 lights to provide peak production for awards shows and celebrations, 28 speakers to provide a sound system around the ship to ensure sound is in the areas that matter most, and 54 m² of ultra-high resolution LED screen to provide a stunning backdrop.

Designed, built and owned by Oceandiva, which was founded by Edwin Petersen in 2003 in the Netherlands, the vessel will be the first London venture outside mainland Europe by the group already established in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Oceandiva London’s trading company will be owned, managed and operated by Smart Group, which owns Evolution London and organizes sporting and cultural events such as Royal Ascot Village and Lord’s.

As part of the Anglo-Dutch partnership, the ship will be supplied by Smart Group’s own catering brand, Moving Venue, which operates in more than 50 venues, including the historic Royal Palaces and the Natural History Museum. Moving Venue will work in partnership with catering company Last Supper, recently acquired by Smart Group.

Tracey Halliwell, Director of Tourism, Conventions and Major Events at London & Partners, says: “Meeting planners are always on the lookout for something new, unique, unusual – and more, they are looking for something green. Our hope is that Oceandiva can tick all of these boxes.

Oceandiva CEO Edwin Petersen adds: “Our plan is to create a new market on the river which will help London maintain its position as Europe’s leading event city..”

Guy Fieri, LQHS is hosting a luncheon to thank 400 local veterans and first responders Thu, 28 Apr 2022 23:10:32 +0000

TV host and chef Guy Fieri partnered with La Quinta High School to host a special BBQ thanking more than 400 local veterans and first responders.

His foundation has partnered with the Aziz Farms Packhouse and the La Quinta High School Culinary Program.

One of the students, Caleb Balmer, told us that Fieri gave the students a pep talk before the event: “He was just saying that experience is the main thing to work for in the industry, and he just gave some advice on what to do. And that was super cool.”

Fieri’s foundation is dedicated to supporting communities and celebrating their heroes. “Everyone in this community got involved. The school was great. All kinds of people helped us and it was a great event,” says Fieri.

Students were able to work alongside Fieri’s catering team to help prepare and serve food on Thursday.

La Quinta High School culinary department head David Wood told News Channel 3, “They’re starting to practice the things we learn in class. We do a lot of catering ourselves, but come in and watch a professional team like Guy’s team come in and work together. It’s just awesome.

Fieri is filming a few episodes of his show in the Coachella Valley and is also expected to make an appearance on Stagecoach this weekend.

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]]> ‘Forever Grateful’ The Venue Receives Overwhelming Support After Call for Help – Wed, 27 Apr 2022 21:37:35 +0000

People came in droves to support a local business.

The Venue by Ken’s Catering has been struggling for the past few weeks after its merchant, Clover Canada, began withholding credit and debit deposits.

Owner Kelsey Dalida told MIX 107 that when she spoke to the company, she was told the payments were on hold because some of their larger payments had been flagged. She said she tried to explain to them that it was both a catering business and a restaurant, so it shouldn’t be uncommon to have longer days, but that she couldn’t convince anyone to release the payments.

The Fort Saskatchewan restaurant posted a message on Facebook Thursday night (April 21), asking for help from the community. The owners hoped people would consider getting food from the restaurant and paying by cash or wire transfer as the business sank without their day-to-day funds.

“Honestly, I had no other choice. Just putting myself in the community, that was hard to do,” Dalida said. “I know if I ask for help it will come. Our community has always been so supportive.”

The post received hundreds of shares and many people expressed their support for the company. Over the next four days, Dalida said the restaurant was packed. She went so far as to open the doors early on weekends.

“We had record sales on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Dalida said.

Dalida tried to personally thank everyone who came to help – the response she heard was “you called, we came”.

“Thank you will never be enough. It’s not a strong enough word but honestly, our community, the city of Fort Saskatchewan, they saved us and we will be forever grateful to them.”

Dalida said Clover Canada finally released the payouts on Monday evening. She attributes much of this to the pressure many people put on them after hearing The Venue’s story.

While Dalida is frustrated with the way the situation has been handled, she said she hopes other companies see this as a sign to always keep pushing and never give up. They plan to show their gratitude to Fort Saskatchewan by continuing to give back through their programs like Feed the Fort.