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Machining center Machine tools designed for productivity and precision

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United Kingdom – The GM Group makes its first appearance at Mach 2022. Since becoming the sole UK and Republic of Ireland agent for the Victor range of CNC machine tools in 2020, the GM Group based in Oldham has experienced exceptional growth.

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Victor AX380 machine from GM CNC.

(Source: GM CNC)

Victor machine tools are renowned for their build quality and stability, and at stand 619 in Hall 19 from April 4-8, 2022, visitors to the Mach exhibition will be able to see the benefits of these tools firsthand. The Victor range is diverse and covers all industry segments with everything from small to large machine tools with simple or complex machining solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the user.

At the Birmingham NEC, the GM Group will give show visitors a taste of this diversity with the Vcenter AX380 high-performance 5-axis machining center appearing alongside the compact, automated Vturn NP20 turning center with the loading system/ Easy Way articulated robot unloading as well as the Vturn A26-85YCM twin-spindle turning center with Y-axis milling on the tool turret.

For manufacturers looking for a new high-performance machining center designed for productivity and precision on a rigid platform that delivers long-lasting performance, GM invites engineers to take a closer look at the 5-Axis Machining Center Vcenter AX380. The Vcenter AX380 offers great flexibility, incorporating a 380 mm diameter A+C axis trunnion-type rotary table and being able to facilitate 5-axis machining of large parts up to 200 kg thanks to its 700 by 500 by 540 mm X , Y and Z axis travel. For manufacturers looking for a solution to machine larger components, the Vcenter series is also available with the larger AX630 and AX800 variants.

The Vcenter AX380 has rigidity and precision built into every aspect of the machine, something that is characterized by the A+C trunnion-type tilt table that features an integrated zero-backlash roller cam mechanism that sits on the machine base to maximize rigidity. The A axis can rotate up to 33 rpm with a torque of 2452 Nm while the C axis rotation is capable of 40 rpm at 2158 Nm.

The compact powerhouse comes standard with the powerful Fanuc 0i-MF CNC control unit which steers tools around the work envelope with high precision and speed. Designed to gallop around this work area, a high-speed 12,000 rpm spindle (15,000 rpm optional) with the famous BIG Plus BBT-40 interface which increases the clamping rigidity of the tool. The high-speed spindle is powered by an 11/15/18.5 kW continuous spindle motor that generates exceptional levels of torque for intensive cutting of difficult materials with impressive material removal rates.

The stable machine platform provides high surface finishing qualities. Pins are manufactured in-house by Victor and each pin has a unique ID code to facilitate future service needs and records. Supplied with up to 30 tools via a two arm type quick change barrel, customers can also select the machine with the option of 40, 48 or 60 tool positions.

As standard the AX380 incorporates a spindle oil cooler, fully enclosed splash guard, rigid tapping facility, remote MPG handwheel, hand tools and tool box, integrated work light , an automatic stop system, leveling pads and a screw chip removal. system.

From a flexibility standpoint, Mach visitors can specify the Vcenter AX380 to meet bespoke requirements. This includes the option of a chip conveyor with trolley, spindle coolant from 20 to 70 bar, linear scales/angle encoders for accuracy levels of 0.005 mm over the entire stroke of the machine, automatic measurement of the length of tool, automatic part measurement, HSK-A63 interface as well as a selection of control units including Fanuc 0i, 32i and 31i control units or Heidenhain 640 control units.

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Technology Screening Tools Market To See Huge Growth With Cloudscene, Wellspring and Scoutbee Mon, 10 Jan 2022 20:42:52 +0000

The latest publication of the research study on the Global Technology Screening Tools Market offers a detailed overview of the factors influencing the global scope of business. The Technology Sensing Tools market research report shows the latest market information, analysis of the current situation with upcoming trends and the breakdown of the products and services. The report provides key statistics on the market status, size, share, and growth factors of the Technology Research Tools. The study covers data of emerging players including competitive landscape, sales, revenue and global market share.

Current market players are adopting various strategies, such as strategic alliances, to expand their regional footprint in growing economies. Key Players In This Report Include: Cloudscene (Australia), Wellspring (US), Scoutbee (Germany), VentureRadar (UK), Linkovate (US), PreScouter (US), Clarivate Analytics (UK) United), upBOARD (United States), eZassi LLC (United States),

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Stay on top of the latest market trends and changing dynamics due to the impact of COVID and the economic downturn around the world. Maintain a competitive advantage by evaluating business opportunities available in the Technology Screening Tools market, various emerging segments and territories.

Quick overview of technology screening tools:

Technology research tools are software that helps companies explore new or emerging technologies, patents, studies, and markets for various business use cases. This tool helps companies get the data and organize it with business requirements, such as discovering potential markets or implementing innovative technologies into existing products. In addition, the growing use of these tools anticipates the growth of the market for technology watch tools. Business is moving faster than ever. Consumer demands have never been higher, and large organizations that dot innovate will eventually die. Large groups can no longer rely entirely on the in-house R&D team or employee base to produce product innovation and the knowledge that will keep them in the game. This is where proven technology research software comes in. a crucial role in the success of innovation.

Technology screening tools market segmentation by type, application, end users etc.

by deployment mode (on-premise, in the cloud, on the web), solvers (solution providers) (researchers, start-ups, experts, supply chain, employees, universities, customers, inventors), size of the organization (small organization, medium organization, large organization)

Market Trend:

Growing attention to threats
AI Based Recognition Platform Application

Market factors:

With the increasing adoption of technological screening tools due to the increase in many industries, there is increased pressure on R&D to be effective. The reason is the intensification of competition and the simultaneous growth of R&D costs. The focus on internal resources is no longer sufficient, companies must open up to external technologies and ideas to maintain themselves.


Lack of skilled labor

What benefits will the AMA research study bring?

– Latest trends influencing the industry and development scenario
– Open new markets
– Seize powerful market opportunities
– Key decision in planning and to further expand market share
– Identify key business segments, market proposition and gap analysis
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Brief on TOC

Technology Screening Tools Market Executive Summary
Research methodology
Technology Screening Tools Market Overview

Introduction, market size, demand forecast, recent trends and developments etc.

Market dynamics of technology screening tools

Drivers, constraints, opportunities, challenges, opportunities

Supply chain analysis
Attractiveness of the technology spotting tools industry – Porter’s five forces analysis

Bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of consumers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, intensity of competitive rivalry

Technology Screening Tools Market Segmentation and Analysis (Overview, Market Size and Demand Forecast to 2026)
Regional market analysis (overview, market size and demand forecast to 2023)

North America, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific

Key business analysis * (presentation, products and services, financial data **, recent development and analyst’s view)
Competitive landscape

Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations and agreements, strategies adopted by the main players


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Productivity principles rather than tools, says Jain of Flexiloans Mon, 10 Jan 2022 05:08:31 +0000

Ritesh Jain, co-founder of Flexiloans, a digital lending platform for MSMEs, is avid self-taught. With the sea of ​​content available online on any subject, Jain spends time every day browsing to improve his knowledge. Since the pandemic, it has become a sort of habit of self-improvement.

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A former student of ISB Hyderabad, Jain launched Flexiloans in 2016 with three others from the same institute. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jain worked in various industries, at companies such as Citi Group, Tata Teleservices, Starwood Hotels and Last year, Flexiloans partnered with Google Pay to provide instant loans to small business owners.

Mumbai-based Jain talks about what it means to be a mentor, his productivity principles, and what running has taught him about productivity. Edited excerpts:

Who do you consider to be your mentor and why?

I don’t consider a single individual to be a mentor. I believe you can learn from everyone around you. I look for unique traits in the people around me, including my colleagues, and I learn from them. For example, as a startup you are constantly solving problems day in and day out, and everyone’s approach to problem solving is different. I look at others’ approach to the same problem and if it’s better (than mine), I change my approach.

A major idea / change that you worked on with the guidance of a mentor?

One of the most important things I have learned is to focus on little. Instead of trying to do multiple things – and as a startup you’ll be tempted to solve multiple issues – pick a few and do them right. This is the only way to be successful. Previously, I thought we had to seize every opportunity that presented itself and take advantage of it. But I’ve learned that doing this takes a toll on the organization, as resources are limited.

It has also become a personal productivity mantra for me. If you focus on one thing when you start your day, you (will reach completion) at the end of (time of day). But if you have 10-20 things, chances are you won’t complete any of them.

How do you supervise your colleagues at work?

I always remember the adage “With great power comes great responsibility” when I think of being a mentor. You are in a position of great power when you mentor someone. I am careful not to give direct solutions when guiding someone. I cannot claim to have the best solution or a solution that would best suit the person’s need. Instead, I give a framework on how to make decisions and try to convince them to use that framework.

I realized that people are resistant to the change in mentality. I remember that a member of the team asked for advice because she wanted to change industry. I gave him my take on the business and the industry, whether there will be any growth in this industry, the chances of the business being successful, etc. This decision-making framework could help him make decisions that could help him in all aspects of his life in the long term. Course.

What time do you wake up and what’s the first thing you do after you wake up? Basically, what’s your morning schedule after waking up?

I wake up at 4:45 am to 5:00 am. At 5:30 a.m., I leave the house to go for a run or do yoga. I’m back at 6:45 a.m. After that I spend an hour concentrating and planning the day and answering all the emails so that I don’t have to spend time on it when I’m on the job. I then have breakfast and spend time with my family until I start work around 9 a.m.

What is the positive work routine you developed during the pandemic?

Since there were no clear lines between personal and professional boundaries when working from home, I consciously took time, in half-hour increments, to learn something that had nothing to do with the job. job. I realized that if you want to learn something new, you have to start working on it continuously for three months in order to develop (the learning) into a habit. For example, I developed an interest in nutrition and spent 30 minutes a day listening, watching or reading about the subject.

Any books / podcasts / apps / videos you would recommend on mentoring and growth in the workplace? Why?

One book I would recommend is by Jack Welch Jack: Straight out of the gut. It’s kind of like a mini MBA because Welch explains how to build an organizational culture or an organizational way of doing things, in an engaging way. It would be useful for people who are in the early stages of starting a business.

Do you have productivity tools and why is it working for you?

Although I use the usual productivity tools, what I find useful are the principles of productivity. One of the principles that I respect is to take notes when I am in a meeting. The role of the brain is not to memorize but to analyze. When you take notes, your mind is free to analyze. Otherwise, the brain begins to memorize what is said.

Another principle that I have learned comes from running. The hardest part of the process is getting up early in the morning every day. There is always inertia in starting something; it’s not that we’re lazy, it’s fear. Instead of considering (something like a) big project, look at the first activity that needs to be done and start it. Once you start, eventually you will finish it. But it is important to take this first step.

When was the first time you took out a loan and for what?

I took my first loan to buy a house when I was 27. The next one was a student loan to do an MBA from ISB Hyderabad. It was the best decision I made. Looking back, I would recommend investing in yourself rather than borrowing money to buy a property.

How to overcome an afternoon crisis?

It is important to understand your body. I don’t organize a problem-solving meeting between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

How to relax on weekends? Any serious hobbies or family routines that you have started since the pandemic?

Saturday night I watch a movie, especially an action movie. Later that night, we have a family game night. My daughter loves making games and we spend an hour playing together. And on Sunday morning, I do a longer race.

Monday Motivation is a series featuring founders, business leaders, and creative people who tell us about the people they admire and their work ethic.

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Key Features for Effective Web Applications and API Security Tools Thu, 06 Jan 2022 15:08:02 +0000

API-based technology provides a better user experience, thanks to its ability to provide more functionality than ever before. However, we are also seeing that these technological advancements overtake those in cybersecurity. As such, Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect for Fastly, discusses must-have features in web application security tools and APIs.

About the Author

Sean Leach is Chief Product Architect at Quickly.

It has become evident that in order to keep up with application advancements, security tools need to be more advanced, with solutions that include flexible deployment, DevOps support, and strong API protection. This is a problem that many businesses face. In the recent research report ‘Reaching the Tipping Point of Web Application and API Security’, we found that over half of those surveyed said that most, if not all, of their applications would use APIs. over the next two years. This is despite the fact that they believe web application and API security is more complicated today than it was two years ago, in part because of these changes to the public cloud and applications. API-centric.