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Karsten Heard, head of design and technical development at modular kitchen specialist PKL, has passed the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) low-carbon consultant design exam.

Heard is now trained and certified competent by CIBSE to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions from PKL’s kitchens, both in design and operation. UK law requires all buildings to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations (all installations over 2 years or over 50 meters2) to help achieve low or zero CO2 emissions.

The course took place over 3 days and allowed Heard to go beyond the current legal minima to improve the energy performance of new and existing buildings.

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This now means it is certified to: confirm Part L2A compliance against the five compliance criteria, advise on energy efficiency and conservation, advise and design low-carbon and renewable technologies, use passive design technologies to make the most of shading and natural ventilation, and provide the information necessary to effectively manage the building and ensure that it continues to function according to its design intent after delivery .

PKL believes that this certification and the continuous improvement of the expertise of its staff illustrates its attitude towards the continuous improvement of the sustainability of its company’s product and service offering and its continued commitment to the environment.

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