Catering Insight – The parent company of Sous Vide Tools acquires the Bertha brand


Gastronomy Plus, owner of Sous Vide Tools, has acquired the Bertha brand of charcoal ovens.

The kilns will continue to be manufactured in the North West of England and to the same standards that established Bertha in the coal kiln market.

Alex Shannon, Managing Director of Gastronomy Plus, said: “In addition to bringing fantastic flavor to anything he cooks, the Bertha oven is the ultimate finishing technique for sous-vide cooked food, making it the ultimate finishing touch. perfect complement to our range of vacuum packaging machines, water baths and blast chillers.

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“Like the other products in our line, the Bertha oven is very specialized equipment and therefore we have added a new member to the sales team specifically to work with dealers, consultants and end users to ensure that ‘they know everything there is to know about this very special cooking method.

The Bertha Oven, which can be fired with wood or charcoal (Sumi Bincho is recommended), has been made in the UK since 2008 and can be found in restaurant and hotel kitchens around the world where it is used for searing, broil, roast, slow cook and smoke hot or cold.

Shannon concluded: “We expect wood and charcoal cooking to remain popular and are already working on exciting plans to expand the Bertha range in 2022 so that even more chefs can reap the benefits this way. unique to cook and create dishes with real meaning. of difference.


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