Elegant and Historic Wedding Venue in Downtown Columbus

What should readers know about the Ohio Statehouse?

The Ohio State is a wonderful location for events, tours, and participation in our state government. My name is Mike Rupert, and it’s a pleasure to serve as Communications Manager for the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.

What do readers on your site need to know?

The Ohio Statehouse is open for special events, weddings and receptions. The Ohio Capitol complex is a beautiful backdrop for your photo shoot, inside and out.

What sets you apart from other places?

The Ohio Statehouse is the center of civic life in Ohio. The unique architecture, art and memorials are impressive reminders of our origins and our hopes for the future. The historic building is accessible with modern amenities, catering and service providers to make your event unforgettable.

What can engaged couples expect when working with the Statehouse team?

The Ohio Statehouse staff takes a personal interest in couples planning their special occasions. See the locations available in person and your questions will be answered from start to finish.

A wedding reception in the atrium of the Statehouse

What do you wish more customers knew about Statehouse?

The tall Greek columns and rotunda dome are an impressive reminder that Ohio relied on classical ideals when the building was designed in the 1800s.

Is the Ohio Statehouse old?

The Ohio Statehouse was completed in 1861 at the start of the Civil War and is 161 years old. It was restored to the original colors and furnishings in the 1990s, while adding amenities for an accessible, working building.

Does the Ohio Statehouse have locker rooms for the couple getting married?

The State Room is a picturesque place where the bride prepares for the special day. Other historic rooms may be chosen for use by members of the wedding.

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