Engaged couple out of wedding venue after BOB shutdown announced

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – The Big Old Building is closing.

It’s sad for so many people in Grand Rapids who have memories inside her walls, memories Mary Bauman hoped to have there too… after her engagement to Matt.

“He and I went to Holland, where he’s from, and we just had coffee,” Bauman recalls, “and he took me to Centennial Park, and my best friend was there. She had some coffee. photos. It was super nice. It was low key, that’s what I wanted. “

But for Mary, her special day doesn’t quite turn out the way she wanted it to. She reserved her reception at the BOB.

“I absolutely loved the floor we were on,” she says. “We were going to be level. Just like the open masonry, all that.”

She booked the BOB in September 2021, more than a year before her wedding in October 2022.

But by then the BOB will be closed.

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“We actually booked it a week after our engagement,” says Bauman. “We were quick enough to get a venue because we knew … People had postponed their weddings because of COVID, and we wanted to get married in October.”

The Gilmore group tries to help Mary move her marriage.

“That she would help us find a new location, but basically we just had one contract with Gilmore Catering. But we didn’t have a location at the time.”

But still, Mary has no place.

“We are going to visit a location next week,” she said, “but it was difficult to find places that still have our date because we have already booked our ceremony location.”

Mary said she had no idea that the sale of the building meant the closure of her reception space.

“I understand there was always a possibility that the BOB would sell out. But I didn’t think that would impact our reception there.”

But still, she says it’s not about marriage; it is about her marriage to her fiance, Matt.

“We walked into each other’s lives at the perfect time,” recalls Mary. “It was kind of in the middle of the pandemic, so we were like, ‘Okay, if we can get through this, let’s get married! “”

Mary can’t wait to make memories with Matt that will last forever.

“We’re sort of at that point where before we start other new things, we can start this new thing as well.”

We are told that Gilmore Catering is unaffected, so the brides who booked them for their catering are in the clear.

In general, it is disappointing for a bride no matter how you trim her.

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