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Harting takes into account current trends and developments shaping industrial transformation and presents infrastructure solutions for easy access to IIoT. Connector innovations such as RJ Industrial MultiFeature, preLink RJ45 as well as the industrial interface T1 for single-pair Ethernet according to IEC 63171-6 in M12 and M8 housings play a special role.

Ethernet is deployed in more and more areas of automation and is the connecting element for IT and OT (Operational Technology). Harting develops and refines its range of industrial Ethernet connectivity to implement networks for industrial use. With fast Ethernet and gigabit Ethernet, the Technology Group is highlighting new variants of the RJ Industrial Multifeature interface: the industrial RJ45 with “integrated side cutter” for accelerated and simplified cable connection, as well as the new RJ45 preLink with optimized design. Both RJ45 innovations are available in straight and angled versions.

To meet demanding Ethernet applications at the field level, where the assembly can be subjected to massive time pressure, Harting introduces circular M12 connectors conforming to the new standard IEC 61076-2-010. This is the PushPull locking standard in the market for M12 connectors. allowing access to both standing and recessed device sockets, while interfaces can also be connected 75% faster in the field and overcoming the problem of second source and interoperability.

Compared to RJ45 solutions, the miniaturized ix industrial connector features the 70% smaller interface specified in the PROFINET directive Wiring and interconnection technology and provides users with a more compact, robust and industry-compatible interface for demanding applications in the PROFINET environment.

The variants of the industrial interface T1 for single-pair Ethernet also play a special role, in particular the standardized interface according to standard IEC 63171-6 in M12 and M8 housings. The Technology Group will present the new hybrid concepts for SPE plus Power according to IEC 63171-7. The -7 standard for hybrid SPE solutions represents an important step in meeting power requirements beyond the possible 50 W of Power over Data Line.

Trying to make SPE technology accessible to other areas of industrial applications, the Technology Group made available the first single-pair connection solutions via a PCB terminal. The terminals further simplify the connection of SPEs, bring Ethernet to the field level, and simplify handling. This is particularly interesting in the context of SPE and IIoT with low data rates from 10 Mbit / s and transmission lengths of up to 1000 m in industry, construction and process automation.


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