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Block Inc.’s Square unit on Thursday night unveiled a suite of hardware and software tools that the company says aims to help restaurants more efficiently manage orders, payments and their overall business as they battle labor shortages and other fallout from the pandemic. The new technology also comes as competition between payment companies for the hospitality market has intensified.

The new suite of tools includes Square for Restaurants mobile POS, a mobile device servers can use to take orders and accept payments, and Square Stand Mount, an iPad point-of-sale device that can be mounted on any which wall or counter. Square also announced several updates to its 4-year-old Square for Restaurants point-of-sale platform that improve the ability of servers to add items to orders previously submitted to the kitchen and route tickets. a point-of-sale device directly to a kitchen display system. The restaurant’s point-of-sale technology also includes new features for loyalty, payroll, reservations and ordering.

“Payment technology is increasingly becoming part of the stack,” said Bryan Solar, restaurant manager at Square, via email. “That said, the POS that powers payment sees a growing expectation to help improve everything from dining experiences to restaurant profitability.”

Two benefits of the Square for Restaurants mobile POS for restaurants are that servers can send orders directly to the kitchen, speeding up order fulfillment and seeing sold out items in real time. This second feature allows servers to let diners know before they take the order which menu items are sold out.

Restaurants using the Square for Restaurants mobile POS during the beta phase were able to turn tables faster and increase sales, even when they were short-staffed, according to the company.

Scaffidi Restaurant Group, a Steubenville, Ohio-based company that operates restaurants as well as catering and delivery services, says that during the test phase, alcohol sales increased by 22% and that orders canceled due to out of stock items decreased by 57%.

“We are seeing added efficiency in our operations with the Square for Restaurants mobile POS, as our staff spend more time on the floor rather than out of reach placing orders,” says Frankie DiCarlantonio, owner of Scaffidi Restaurant Group. Affirmation prepared.

Square for Restaurants mobile POS runs on two handheld devices: Square Terminal and the upcoming Restaurant Mobile POS kit. To entice restaurants to try the new device, Square is waiving its per-location software fee for the device through the end of the year. After the promotional period expires, Square will charge restaurants $50 per location.

Square for Restaurants POS system updates include coursing, a feature that helps restaurants manage the flow of orders to and from the kitchen by allowing servers to send additions to orders already sent to the kitchen . This feature also improves the efficiency of prep station personnel and shippers—

links between kitchen staff and servers, allowing them to view all orders placed, pending or completed. This capability improves ticket readability, reduces errors, and enhances the dining experience, Square explains.

Square KDSwhich launched in 2021, is being updated to allow restaurants to route tickets directly from a POS system to a kitchen delivery system, giving restaurants more flexibility in arranging from their kitchens to support delivery and pick-up orders.

Improvements to Square Loyalty will allow sellers to schedule one-time and recurring promotions. Square Payroll is updated to help restaurants attract and retain staff in a tough hiring market. Features include pay-as-you-go, which allows W-2 employees to access up to 50% of their earned income by the end of the pay period.

Square partners with SoundHound AI Inc., a Santa Clara, CA-based audio and voice recognition company, to enable servers to accept voice commands without devoting staff to answering the phone. Restaurants using Square for Restaurants POS will also be able to power their own delivery services through integrations with delivery management software providers Cartwheel and Vromo.

To help restaurants better manage reservations, Square plans integrate the OpenTable online reservation service into Square for Restaurants POS. The integration will connect restaurant POS data to OpenTable’s reservation system data. Data shared between the two systems can help restaurants create more personalized customer services, according to the company.

“We believe it will be essential for companies like Square and others to invest heavily in democratizing the customer and owner technologies that restaurants need so that every restaurant, from large chain to independent local, or able to keep up with the technological arms race. from places like Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A,” says Solar.

This arms race also applies to technology providers. Besides Square, companies like Shift4, Toast, Clover, Revel, and Lightspeed have entered the restaurant POS market over the past decade.

Comparison of online betting sites and betting shops https://embroidery2u.com/comparison-of-online-betting-sites-and-betting-shops/ Thu, 19 May 2022 20:28:38 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/comparison-of-online-betting-sites-and-betting-shops/

When it comes to betting, there are two ways to place your bet. You can choose to visit a betting store or simply bet online. Betting shops are physical locations that licensed bookmakers have where punters can officially place their bets. On the other hand, online betting involves placing your bet through the internet. Among bettors, there has always been the question of which is better. Online or in-store betting?

Online betting

The online revolution has certainly had a huge impact on sports betting. With the ease of access and massive growth in the number of betting sites, this industry has grown tremendously.

Over the years, online betting sites have also added a plethora of bet types, increased sports coverage and included great features such as withdrawal, bet builder and live betting.

betting shops

The UK has several betting shops strategically located in all cities. In 2020, the number of stores was 6,735 belonging to bookmakers such as William HillLadbrokes, Coral, Stan James, BetVictor and Betfred.

Betting shops have branched out into sports other than horse racing. In addition, these stores have large screens where live matches are shown live. Bettors can confirm the progress of their bets while awaiting the results. Unlike online sites, here players have to write their bets by hand on a betting slip. Only during special sporting events do they have pre-printed coupons.

Online betting vs betting shops

When it comes to deciding how to bet, know that each method has its pros and cons. Here’s how to bet on betting sites outside of Gamstop differs from betting shops.

Better odds

Online betting offers better odds than betting shops. This is because betting shops have operational costs to cover, unlike online sites.

More betting markets

Unlike betting shops, online sites have more sports coverage, from popular sports to esports to live casino tables. Most betting shops choose to offer betting only on popular sports.

Bonus offers and promotions

In order to attract more bettors, online sites offer a variety of tempting offers. It is now common to find welcome bonuses on most sites for newly registered players. Moreover, these sites offer free bets, cashback, odd bonuses and reload bonuses to make gambling fun. Of course, betting shops also offer offers, but not in abundance like online sites.

Outstanding Features

Online platforms have several features that make them more fun and simple. Features like cashouts and bet builders are highly rated by bettors. Betting shops miss these features.


It goes without saying that online betting offers ease of access. With mobile apps and most sites optimized for mobile gaming, players can play from anywhere, anytime.

Final Thoughts

Online betting clearly offers more advantages than betting shops. Nevertheless, bookmakers ensure that betting shops remain relevant in today’s world. For example, on some sites, players can transfer their online winnings to the betting shop and vice versa. Also, betting shops have introduced prepaid cards which can be used to fund betting accounts and also be redeemed at fast food outlets.

Planners share what to know about negotiating with a venue https://embroidery2u.com/planners-share-what-to-know-about-negotiating-with-a-venue/ Thu, 19 May 2022 18:58:17 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/planners-share-what-to-know-about-negotiating-with-a-venue/

When Melissa Marks and her fiancé Pat first saw their wedding venue on September 17, 2022, it was love at first sight. But, the one thing they didn’t like? The high price of the region. Instead of continuing their venue search, the couple decided to take their shot and negotiate the terms of the event — and it worked.

“We asked them to send us quotes for their peak season for 125-140 guests knowing we were going to have over 200 people at our wedding,” the bride shares. “There was a lot of back and forth, but our final proposition was that if we increased our number of guests to 200 people, they would give us off-peak pricing, an open bar of premium liquor, a extra cocktail hour station and a free bonfire after the beach party. They accepted the offer! We have our dream place [and] all these extra amenities within our budget.

Admittedly, entering into negotiations with the location of your dreams can be a bit overwhelming. (One wrong move and you’re entering very uncomfortable territory.) But, not only is trading with your site completely permissible, it’s also a planner-approved move.

“Everybody wants a lot and when you’re [getting married]it helps to have some negotiation tactics up your sleeve,” says AJ Williams, Founder and Creative Director of AJ Events. “Sometimes you’ll be able to ‘score’ with an incredible offer, and other times (or even most) you’ll receive the most incredible concessions; “benefits” added to your contract that make you feel even more special. »

So how do you know which terms are negotiable? How do you even approach the conversation? And what if you don’t get everything you ask for? Below, two wedding planners share their expert advice.

Meet the expert

  • AJ Williams is the founder and creative director of AJ Events.
  • Amy Lynn Parmar is the lead planner for Poppy + Lynn.

Understand your options

According to Amy Lynn Parmar, chief planner at Poppy + Lynn, wedding venues are currently in high demand. So you may not be able to bargain everything of your terms. That said, your site may have some wiggle room on logistics like payment timing, timing, and when your vendors can drop off decorations. Another area of ​​negotiations? The menu.

“If your venue has its own catering, you might be able to negotiate the minimum if you opt for a cocktail with passed nibbles instead of a sit-down dinner,” Parmar shares. “[Also]you can sometimes exchange liquors, wines or beers for brands or types that you prefer.

But, while there’s plenty of room for negotiation, Parmar stresses that some terms are simply beyond your and your site’s control. “These types of clauses are usually in place for safety or for the preservation of the venue, and usually there’s nothing you can do about it,” she shares. For example, music end times may be strict due to local noise ordinances, while certain special effects may be prohibited at historic sites. If in doubt, ask your site coordinator to clarify any confusing terms. This way you will be able to understand what is to be traded and what is not.

Photo taken by People Photography

Choose your battles

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a time-consuming and, yes, stressful endeavor, so the very last thing you’ll want to do is spend time negotiating something that hasn’t. not important. As Williams says, focus only on the terms that will truly make or destroy your wedding day. “I always ask what the restrictions are and what’s included that we haven’t discussed,” she shares. “I would like to address what is important to you and what your deal breakers are.”

And, when it comes to starting the negotiation conversation, Williams recommends approaching wedding venues as if you were buying a house. “Don’t tell them their place is the only one you’re considering,” she explains. “Let them know that location is your number one choice, but budget is a concern. Connect with your contact, get to know them and communicate with them. »

keep it nice

Gone are the days when poker faces and my way or the highway attitudes reigned supreme. For these marriage experts, benevolence is essential. “I would say the biggest mistake couples make is assuming they’re entitled to anything,” Parmar shares. “Coming with a legitimate and demanding attitude will only make the place less eager to work with you. No one wants to deal with a rude and inconsiderate couple.

When in doubt, focus on communicating your vision in a calm and considerate manner. “Show the venue that you’re genuinely excited about their space,” she shares. “Gently explain why you would like to make a change.” Parmar says if you’re kind in your communication, a venue might be more likely to try to shake things up.

Find common ground

No matter how nice and communicative you are, a place may not want to budge on a certain term. While it can be frustrating to be pushed back for your dream wedding, both Williams and Parmar agree that a venue isn’t obligated to change anything in their contracts. But, before that feeling of defeat sets in, consider a plan B.

“Thank them for trying and always be nice; you may not receive a concession in advance, but that does not mean that they will not provide a concession in the future. said Williams. “If a venue can’t or won’t budge on something that you think is a dealbreaker, see if there’s something else that can be compromised.”

For example, if your hotel can’t guarantee a larger block of rooms for your guests, ask them if they’d be willing to upgrade your honeymoon suite as a compromise. Although you may not get everything on your terms, a compromise might make you feel better about signing on the dotted line. What if your site still isn’t ready to move? Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to leave.

“Getting mad at the site team won’t help you get the results you want,” Williams shares. “So if you’ve tried to find a compromise and they’re still not budging, you may have to decide if it’s worth moving forward as is or if you need to look elsewhere.

Ask for help

With a booming wedding boom, Williams and Parmar recognize that it’s a place market right now. (Translation? If you finally pass on a venue, there are probably several couples ready to set a date.) Instead, you might want to ask your wedding planner for help.

“They know the industry better than anyone and may be able to work on your behalf to find a solution that works for both parties,” says Parmar. “A good wedding planner is your biggest advocate and will work tirelessly to help you where they can. my clients, because they know that I work well with their team and that I take care of things.

Maruti to design Rs 18k cr at Sonipat factory to launch 1 million units/year https://embroidery2u.com/maruti-to-design-rs-18k-cr-at-sonipat-factory-to-launch-1-million-units-year/ Thu, 19 May 2022 18:52:37 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/maruti-to-design-rs-18k-cr-at-sonipat-factory-to-launch-1-million-units-year/

Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said on Thursday that its new manufacturing office in Haryana, the organization’s third in the state, will reach a maximum creation capacity of 10 lakh units for each year over the next eight years, involving a total investment of Rs 18,000 crore. The new facility, which is said to come on an 800-acre site at IMT Kharkhoda in Sonipat district, will involve a total investment of Rs 11,000 crore in the main stage with a creation capacity of 2.5 lakh units per year.

Speaking at an event held here to mark the official announcement of land allocation to the auto major, MSI Chairman RC Bhargava said the 10 lakh production capacity of the Sonipat plant would help meet demand in domestic and export markets.

The first set of vehicles is expected to roll out of the facility in 2025.

“Subject to market conditions, we will be able to reach full production capacity in 8 years. The Sonipat plant will then become the largest site with a production capacity of 10 lakh cars,” he noted.

Its parent company Suzuki Motor Corp has also set up a factory in Gujarat with an installed production capacity of 7.5 lakh units a year after the start of production of the third unit in April last year.

Currently, MSI has a combined production capacity of around 22 lakh units per year at its two manufacturing plants in Haryana and Suzuki Motor’s parent plant in Gujarat. The two factories in Haryana – at Gurugram and Manesar – together deploy around 15.5 lakh units annually.

All units produced at Suzuki Motor Gujarat Pvt Ltd (SMG) are supplied to MSI.

MSI Executive Vice President Kenichi Ayukawa said the growth of Maruti Suzuki and the prosperity of the people of Haryana are intertwined.

“When Suzuki Motor Corporation started operations in Haryana, India was not on the world map of car manufacturing. Today, India is the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world. And we hope that in the coming years, India will become the third largest automaker in the world,” he said. He noted that Haryana has played a leading role in the growth of the business over the years, helping to become the nation’s leading automaker.

“So we are happy that Haryana is one of the best car manufacturing sites not only in India but in the world. Today we are signing the agreements with the Government of Haryana for the award of 800 acres of land to Maruti Suzuki and 100 acres of land to Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited Maruti Suzuki will immediately start construction works on the car manufacturing plant,” Ayukawa said. of the state, the first factory, with an annual capacity of 2.5 lakh vehicles, is expected to be commissioned by 2025, he added.

Phase 1 of the project will have an investment of around Rs 11,000 crore, Ayukawa said. This includes the land, the car manufacturing plant and some common infrastructure and facilities for future factories, he added.

MSI presented a check for Rs 2,131 crore to the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (HSIIDC). In addition, Suzuki Motorcycle India, which will get 100 acres of land at the new facility, handed over a check of Rs 266 crore for the allocation of the land.

Haryana Government Principal Secretary for Industries and Commerce Vijayendra Kumar said Maruti Suzuki and Suzuki Motorcycle have committed an investment of Rs 18,000 crore and Rs 1,466 crore for the Sonipat site. The facility will provide direct and indirect employment opportunities to more than 13,000 people, he added.

Summary of news:

  • Maruti to design Rs 18k cr at Sonipat factory to launch 1 million units/year
  • Check out all the news and articles from the latest business news updates.
5 Best Pharmacies in Aurora, CO https://embroidery2u.com/5-best-pharmacies-in-aurora-co/ Wed, 18 May 2022 03:25:36 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/5-best-pharmacies-in-aurora-co/

Below is a list of the best and leading pharmacies in Aurora. To help you find the best pharmacies near you in Aurora, we’ve put together our own list based on this rating point list.

The best pharmacies in Aurora:

The best rated pharmacies in Aurora, CO are:

  • Walgreens Pharmacy – provides prescription drugs and other health-related items
  • King Soopers Pharmacy – grocery store offering all kinds of healthy and organic items
  • GraneRx – strives to provide long-term care pharmaceutical solutions for the elderly
  • Apex Pharmacy – local independent pharmacy with an emphasis on individual care
  • Safeway- provides a dedicated pharmacy team that ensures its customers receive the best care available

Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy – Aurora, CO

Walgreens Pharmacy provides prescription drugs and other health related items. It is open 24 hours a day to meet the immediate needs of its customers. There are services available for curbside, drive-thru and in-store shopping. Moreover, they ensure that their customers have a hassle-free shopping experience with them. There are also pharmacists ready to help you. They have the skills and knowledge to provide quality services.

There are also services such as prescription drug disposal and flavoring. Additionally, they offer travel health consultations and blood pressure health tests. There are also vaccines against influenza, Tdap and pneumonia.


pharmacy, vaccination


Address: 12051 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Telephone: (303) 340-8860
Website: www.walgreens.com


”Quick and easy last minute purchase! Friendly employees” – Aldo Garcia

King Soopers Pharmacy

King Soopers Pharmacy -Aurora, CO

King Soopers Pharmacy is a grocery store offering all kinds of healthy and organic items. They are open every day at different times from the mall. They also ensure that their customers receive the items they order quickly. Moreover, their trained and educated pharmacists assist customers throughout their shopping session. They make sure to bring home the items they need and want.

There are a variety of in-store services. This includes cheese counters, deli and groceries. There are also products and services for pharmaceuticals. There are also items on sale that can keep customers within budget.




Address: Commuter Station, 1515 Market St #115, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Telephone: (267)-930-3755
Website: www.kingsoopers.com


“Great selection, cheap prices and helpful staff” – L Buckley


Grane Rx - Pharmacy in Aurora, CO

GraneRx strives to provide long-term care pharmaceutical solutions for the elderly. It is a leading provider of senior care pharmacies for senior communities and PACE centers. Additionally, they offer medication management services for nursing. Dedicated senior care professionals provide a full range of pharmacy services. The teams are made up of experienced nurses, pharmacists and industry experts.

They offer a wide range of services for home and hospital care. Additionally, they offer clinical guidance, pharmacy transition facilitation, and pharmacy automation. They also offer staff training and accurate prescription of medications.


pharmacy, geriatric care


Address: 3251 N Revere St, Aurora, CO 80011
Telephone: (720) 381-3737
Website: www.granerx.com


“I have had medication refilled and delivered by Grane RX for a number of years. They are very reliable and their customer service representatives are always professional and friendly. I am happy to share this information on the web. –Barbara Rogers

Apex Pharmacy

Apex Pharmacy Aurora, CO

Apex Pharmacy is an independent local pharmacy with an emphasis on individual care. Their products and services are offered at the lowest possible process. They are dedicated to maintaining the well-being of their clients and their families. moreover, the shelves are always filled with items necessary for every household. There are also pharmacists and staff attentively assisting customers.

They offer a variety of vaccines for the whole family. There are also long-term care services like nutritional support offers and medication regimen status. They also provide emergency prescriptions and patient education. There are also specialized services like diabetes management and birth control.




Address: 12597 E Mississippi Ave Unit 300, Aurora, CO 80012
Telephone: (303) 479-3864
Website: www.apexrxco.com


“The staff at Apex Pharmacy are some of the nicest people I have ever met. While my mother is undergoing chemotherapy, they keep asking me how I am. Such a small gesture, but so kind. –Alyssa Delk


Pharmacies in Aurora, CO

Safeway provides a dedicated pharmacy team that ensures its customers receive the best care available. Their pharmacists take the time to carefully assess the medication history of their clients. moreover, they explain the medicine in detail. There is also a mobile app to make ordering refills easier. It also gives a reminder when it is already time to take the medicine.

They offer a wide range of services. In addition, they provide health examinations, preparation services and specialized care. Flu shots and vaccinations are also available. In addition, they offer vaccines and travel medications.


pharmacy, flu vaccine


Address: 12200 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
Call: (303) 696-1923
Website: local.pharmacy.safeway.com


“The staff here is wonderful! Everyone I talk to is efficient, thorough, helpful and kind. Thank you for what you do!” – Kritika Salooja

Technology Innovation Center at IIT Delhi will help design CISCE program in robotics and AI https://embroidery2u.com/technology-innovation-center-at-iit-delhi-will-help-design-cisce-program-in-robotics-and-ai/ Sat, 14 May 2022 07:39:41 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/technology-innovation-center-at-iit-delhi-will-help-design-cisce-program-in-robotics-and-ai/

IHFC will assist CISCE in organizing the 21st Century Skills Building Program and running some aspects of NEP 2020 for students.

The IHFC of IIT Delhi will assist the CISCE curation program. (Representative image)

NEW DELHI: I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Technology Innovation Hub (TIH), has signed an agreement with Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) to design curricula for CISCE-affiliated schools in upcoming technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science.

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IHFC will assist CISCE to organize the 21st Century Skills Building Program and execute some aspects of the New Education Policy (NEP 2020) for students in its affiliated schools.

IHFC has also offered its expertise to CISCE to revamp the current STEM courses in line with the New Education Policy (2020) launched by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Speaking about the agreement, Project Director, IHFC and Professor at IIT Delhi SK Saha said, “We are delighted to partner with CISCE to develop a robotics and AI curriculum for school children in India. Nurturing teamwork, innovation and knowledge to bridge the gaps between young engineering students and potential future robotics enthusiasts are the pillars of our vision.”

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Ashutosh Dutt Sharma, CEO of IHFC, while emphasizing the need to build the country’s capacity in the field of robotics and future technologies, suggested that the effort of IHFC is to reflect the principles of the experiential learning as well as theoretical aspects while developing the program.

He further indicated that IHFC could also play a key role in carrying out the same in more than 2,700 CISCE affiliated schools and provide guidance to them to implement it.

Stressing the need to introduce new and contemporary subjects at school level, Gerry Arathoon, CE&S, CISCE said: “CISCE has always strived to provide its students with a wide variety of subject choices, catering to their interests and capacities, while meeting contemporary requirements, and it is with this objective that the CISCE plans to introduce the subjects – Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the ICSE (Classes 9 and 10) and ISC (Classes 11 and 12) levels”.

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He added, “I am glad that the curriculum for these two subjects is created and developed by IHFC, TIH of IIT Delhi. Their expertise and advice are greatly appreciated by the CISCE”.

It is worth mentioning that IHFC works in the field of Collaborative Robotics (COBOTICS) and was set up as a Technology Innovation Center of IIT Delhi by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Indian government as part of its national mission on interdisciplinarity. Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS).

Follow us for the latest education news on colleges and universities, admission, courses, exams, schools, research, NEP and education policies and more.

To contact us, email us at news@careers360.com.

Future of Miss Russia NZ pageant uncertain as venue pulls out https://embroidery2u.com/future-of-miss-russia-nz-pageant-uncertain-as-venue-pulls-out/ Sat, 14 May 2022 00:46:00 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/future-of-miss-russia-nz-pageant-uncertain-as-venue-pulls-out/

The future of a Miss Russia NZ pageant to be held in Auckland is uncertain following Alexandra Park’s withdrawal of its bid for a venue.

There have been calls for the July 30 event to be canceled since February, and its detractors were told on Thursday that Alexandra Park would no longer host the event.

“We very strongly support the Ukrainian community. Unfortunately the catering company involved took the booking last year before all the atrocities that are happening now. Once they figured out what the event was about, they immediately canceled it,” Alexandra Park Vice President and Acting General Manager Rod Croon said in an email to interested parties.

Croon confirmed Thing he would not host the event.

It is unclear if the event will be held at a different venue, but event details remain at eventfinda.co.nz and no updates have been posted to the Miss Russia NZ Facebook group.

* Russian band set to rock Auckland for charity concert in Ukraine
* The Russian opera singer will take the stage in support of Ukraine
* ‘A battlefield of gains and losses’: Russia hits rails and fuel facilities in attacks on Ukraine

Russian-New Zealander Elena Nikiforova, who moved to New Zealand 20 years ago, has been the driving force behind calls to cancel the contest.

“In light of the war in Ukraine, any entertainment event promoting Russian state symbols and flags will be highly disrespectful, insensitive and offensive to the people of Ukraine, whose innocent civilians – including children – are murdered by the same army that carries these symbols,” Nikiforova said.

Elena Nikiforova calls for the cancellation of the Miss Russia NZ pageant.


Elena Nikiforova calls for the cancellation of the Miss Russia NZ pageant.

“I think holding such an event would be insulting to the Ukrainian community, damaging to the reputation of the Russian community and upsetting to the New Zealand community as a whole.”

Nikiforova wrote an open letter urging organizers, sponsors and Alexandra Park to withdraw their support for the competition.

By May 11, the letter had been signed by more than 510 people.

Nikiforova is particularly concerned about comments from Miss Russia NZ event organizer Olga Ovsyannikova, also a Russian-New Zealander.

Olga Ovsyannikova did not respond to requests for comment.

Ovsyannikova previously reportedly said she was “neutral” to the war. She reportedly said she believed Western media reports of the Ukraine invasion were misleading and wrong.

Kate Turska moved to New Zealand 16 years ago, but was born and raised in Sloviansk, Ukraine.


Kate Turska moved to New Zealand 16 years ago, but was born and raised in Sloviansk, Ukraine.

Acting as Mahi’s spokeswoman for Ukraine, Ukrainian-born Kate Turska said any pretense of neutrality in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a facade.

“Neutrality cannot exist in times like these – either you are for war or you are against it.”

Ovsyannikova had pledged to donate all proceeds from the competition to the Heart-to-Heart Foundation.

The foundation’s founder, Ksenia Trifonova, said the foundation “helps the least socially secure people in the war situation.” She had not been informed of a cancellation.

“I am very upset that there is a war in Ukraine. It’s a terrible situation. It’s not good for the peaceful way to have a conflict like this,” she said.

]]> Design Cafe expanding in Hyderabad https://embroidery2u.com/design-cafe-expanding-in-hyderabad/ Fri, 13 May 2022 15:24:17 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/design-cafe-expanding-in-hyderabad/

Posted: Posted Date – 8:54 PM, Fri – 13 May 22

Hyderabad: Design Cafe, a home interior solutions brand, has unveiled its second experience center in Hyderabad at Banjara Hills. Spread over 2,500 square feet, this new center offers a range of services from gold paneling options to a 2.5 BHK show apartment, as well as separate exhibition areas with cabinets, living and dining areas and three elegantly designed modular kitchen areas.

Radhika Cherukuri, designer and franchise owner of Design Cafe, Banjara hills, said, “The new store will help us serve more customers in Hyderabad who deserve more versatile designs and quality-focused interior solutions.

With over 45,000 design possibilities, the brand brings expertise with world-class materials and a customer-centric approach to home design. One can also find a wide range of innovative, space-saving and smart storage solutions.

Design Cafe CEO and Co-Founder Shezan Bhojani said, “We have seen a strong appetite in Hyderabad for end-to-end home interior solutions. Property prices in the area have skyrocketed over the past 40 years making it a lucrative property market and we are all set to take advantage of this opportunity. This new center will be a significant contributor to the growth of our business as we expect to design and deliver over 100 homes in the hills of Banjara in 2022.”

The center will also recruit in-house designers, design partners and sales managers to ensure that each customer will have a curated experience tailored to their needs.

The colossal 115ft party submarine provides an underwater venue for 120 guests https://embroidery2u.com/the-colossal-115ft-party-submarine-provides-an-underwater-venue-for-120-guests/ Fri, 13 May 2022 07:35:36 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/the-colossal-115ft-party-submarine-provides-an-underwater-venue-for-120-guests/

If you’ve ever been on a cruise with booze and thought “I wish there was less access to fresh air”, this one’s for you! Dutch underwater company U-Boat Worx has announced a huge new underwater entertainment venue that can accommodate up to 120 guests, plus a full crew and catering staff.

With a colossal 150 m² (1,615 sq ft) of reconfigurable floor space, the “Underwater Entertainment Platform, or UWEP, is designed as a true entertainment space that can be configured as an underwater restaurant. -marine, a casino, a wedding venue, an illuminati meeting room or whatever you want.

It has to be one of the most spacious submarine models we have seen. In fact, maybe it’s the the most spacious submarine design we have ever seen. It is 35.1 m (115 ft) long, 7.7 m (25 ft) wide and 7 m (23 ft) high, with 14 huge acrylic windows 4.5 m in diameter (14.8 ft) to watch, and the exterior is adorned with high-intensity lighting to give everyone a clear view of what’s going on outside.

One of the few submarines that we will describe as spacious

U-Boat Worx

This thing is so huge that the sections forward and aft are split into two tiers – the upper being a stage-like area for extra seating, and the lower sections hiding the pilot’s compartment up front. and a catering kitchen and five bathrooms there are. If the floor seating isn’t fancy enough to make your biggest wigs feel special enough, the bar can be configured with a VIP lounge above, so they can get the exclusive treatment they’ve grown accustomed to.

The UWEP’s steel pressure hull allows it to go down to 200m (650ft) below the surface, which isn’t a huge depth in the scheme of things, but it’s more than deep enough to really feel like you’re not in Kansas anymore. It is a fully electric vehicle, with four 80 kW (107 hp) horizontal thrusters and four 40 kW (54 hp) vertical thrusters to assist the ballast and buoyancy systems. Top speed is 3 knots (3.5 mph/5.6 km/h) on the surface and 2.5 knots (2.9 mph/4.6 km/h) underwater, so we don’t recommend not to use it as an evacuation vehicle.

Interestingly, U-Boat Worx uses “high capacity lead-acid” batteries for the massive 1.2 megawatt-hour underfloor battery. That’s enough power, the company says, for rides of up to 18 hours, or several shorter between charges – and a separate backup battery will keep critical systems online for 96 hours if things go well. of pear.

Large windows give guests a good view of the main attraction -- i.e. plenty of water

Large windows give guests a good view of the main attraction — i.e. plenty of water

U-Boat Worx

The sheer size of this thing should make it one of the least claustrophobic submarines ever built – assuming of course it’s built. We can’t think of many others we’ve seen with nice spiral staircases at the entrance and exit instead of ladders. And it’s also designed with a huge deck up top for when it surfaces, although there are large bubble windows dotted along the roof, so you’d want to think twice about standing next to it. one of those in a short dress.

It’s a pretty overwhelming vehicle, really, and mind blowing to think how much it would cost to even rent event space, let alone what U-Boat Worx will charge buyers. If your pockets are shallower, the company will also sell shorter 27.1m (89ft) versions with two-thirds of the floor space, accommodating up to 80 guests plus crew and staff.

Source: U-Boat Worx

First Swiss IWC Watches in Nigerian Retail Stores https://embroidery2u.com/first-swiss-iwc-watches-in-nigerian-retail-stores/ Thu, 12 May 2022 07:09:30 +0000 https://embroidery2u.com/first-swiss-iwc-watches-in-nigerian-retail-stores/

Swiss luxury watchmaker IWC said it has partnered with PoloLuxury, a Nigerian watch retailer, to unveil its products in the local market.

In a statement released in Lagos yesterday, the company said the partnership was aimed at bringing the Swiss watchmaker to a booming watch market in Nigeria.

With IWC’s entry into the market, watch collectors have access to the 154-year legacy of watchmaking innovation with products like the Portugieser, Pilot Watch and Da Vinci.

PoloLuxury is the official retailer of some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands in the world, including Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, Chopard, Longines and IWC.

Polo said that with this track record, IWC has decided to bring its products closer to its Nigerian customers, the statement said.

IWC has a progressive vision with cutting-edge American technology and Swiss know-how.

Commenting on the partnership, Polo’s Executive Director, Ms. Jennifer Obayuwana, hailed IWC’s reinvention of women’s watches.

Also speaking on the durability of the watches, Ms. Obayuwana said, “IWC uses bronze in the manufacture of its products. For us watchmakers, this is an innovation because bronze is a material little used by watchmakers.

“The brand is also dynamic in its ability to meet the needs of its aviation fans with truly sporty, active and fast-paced lifestyles while also serving a distinctly conservative demographic,” she said.