Floral Connections: Creator, Cross Client, Link at Woodland Floral Design Co.

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Serving others is not always unique.

Meaningful connection and impact can be found on all paths, both well-worn and lesser.

It’s a lesson Misha Dennison learned in late 2020, when she quit her job as a social worker to become a full-time florist. And that helped form the basis of her Biglerville-based company, Woodland Floral Design Co.

“I always knew I wanted a job where I could help people, and when I thought about the wedding industry, I never equated being a wedding florist with being so helpful. than being a social worker,” Dennison said. “But, it’s really just a different way of serving people. Even if it’s just through the flowers, for me it’s much more than that.

Dennison first explored floral design when she interned at C&J Catering several years ago. However, it wasn’t until a high school peer posted on Facebook looking for an affordable wedding florist, after exhausting DIY efforts, that she gave it a full try. And she offered to do it for free.

“We just paid for the flowers,” said Alyssa Rowe Aucker of Carlisle, who married Lance Aucker in November 2019. “I wasn’t his best friend or his sister; I was just someone she vaguely knew from high school. It meant so much to me that she put in so much effort to make my wedding day special, although she doesn’t get much compensation for it yet.

But those first free floral creations for Aucker — a classic accord of white roses and eucalyptus — have since grown more than tenfold. If you scroll through Woodland Floral Design Co.’s Instagram feed, you’ll see just how much their business has blossomed. Last year she averaged 65 weddings and as she entered the new year she was already almost booked for 2022.

The evolution of his creations over time also tells a story. They all share locally sourced flowers and a mix of dried bits, adding Dennison’s texture and whimsy. But, in every bouquet, you see fragments of the bride’s personality. Some are comprised of vibrant pinks, oranges, and yellows, while others feature muted neutrals and caramel tones.

“I can never really do the same design twice, because each one is for a different couple,” Dennison said. “It’s inspired by them.”

From inquiry to day of delivery, Dennison’s heart and hands are behind the Woodland Floral Design Co. brand. She does it all herself. And she has no intention of outsourcing any element of her job, even as the business grows, for the same reason she wants to stay in the wedding industry: people.

“Knowing that my clients aren’t just hiring a florist is so important to me,” Dennison said. “They’re looking for someone to connect with.”

It’s a blurry line where Dennison ends and Woodland Floral Design Co. begins. In many ways, they are one. She lives a mission to serve others in her daily life, offering a sweet smile and a listening ear to those in need. And, if you were to visit her home nestled in nature, you’d see evidence of her passion strewn about every room – piles of inventory heading for the ceiling and dried flowers delicately draped from curtain rods and linen racks. .

Dennison is thrilled to soon have a more defined space to channel her creativity, as her back porch is being transformed into an office that overlooks the woods. She hopes this office will bring an abundance of natural light – a happy retirement as she tinkers on projects. It will also give her the opportunity to connect more and create a community with her clients, rooted in the same core mission that started it all.

“As my business has evolved, it has shown and reminded me daily of what my priorities are,” Dennison said. “So as I look forward to what the future may hold, I think those priorities will be the same. I’m still going to ask myself, ‘How can I serve better?

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