Founder of Css: Web design company enabling startups to build their websites and part of Digital India

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Updated: Monday, July 11, 2022, 7:00 PM [IST]

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A website is the first point of contact for any business in this increasingly digital-centric world. The world is integrating as a digital ecosystem and having an edge is essential. In this emerging facade of web solutions, websites open up new possibilities for a start-up business. This not only helps them attract more users, but also expands your reach.

Founder of Css: a web design company enabling startups to build their websites and be part of the Digital India campaign

Building startup websites is one of the most effective ways to establish an online presence and boost your brand exposure. But building websites can be a tedious and tedious process for most businesses because they lack the required know-how. The founder of Css is one of those great companies that has served over 11,000 customers and is expanding its reach to major cities around the world. Under the vision of “a website for everyone”, the company is attracting attention for its original thinking, conceptualization and website design.

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The company’s ‘made in India’ mission is one of the integral visions of the team and goes back to Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘made in India’ idea.

The Digital India campaign aims to respond to the new age revolution and is based on the principle of enabling all businesses regardless of their borders, incomes and backgrounds to have a website. The company began operations in 2016 and since then has been working proactively for the well-being of other businesses and disadvantaged communities.

To respond effectively to the new dynamics, the organization must awaken ecosystem awareness, start thinking about ways to adapt to its ecosystems and create opportunities on the web, these ecosystems are facilitated by companies such as Css Founder.

In pursuit of the same ideology, Css Founder has been working in the direction of realizing its corporate social responsibility. Pioneering India where the number of people who do not receive two meals a day is extremely high, the company has taken on the task of being the frontrunner in feeding thousands of households and distributing food to thousands of people .

Css Founder is one of the most promising web design company in India, USA and UAE as it expands its services in UK. The digital revolution is redefining the way companies interact with their target audience and other stakeholders.

Companies like Css Founder are increasingly meeting the needs of the times by designing websites for businesses of all shapes, sizes, incomes and potentials. Today, CSR is an integral part of most companies and is breaking into the business world as a step that shows their willingness to contribute to the betterment of society.

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