Four benefits of integrating e-signature with the tools you use every day

Tech solutions are supposed to make our lives easier, but app overload can cost you dearly.

For example, did you know that 69% of employees spend up to an hour a day switch between different applications? This frustrating inefficiency interrupts workflows and trains of thought, and amounts to a shocking 32 working days of lost productivity per person every year.

When you embed electronic signatures directly into the tools and systems you use every day, it’s not just productivity that’s affected. Here are four more benefits for your business.

1. Save time and money

Connecting electronic signatures to the tools and systems you use every day improves efficiency because it means:

  • no more duplication of data between different systems,
  • data sharing between systems occurs automatically, and
  • you can adapt and customize workflows and experiences to better meet your business goals.

For example, integrating electronic signatures with your accounting and bookkeeping software allows you to draft, send, track, sign and store documents quickly and automatically.

Or maybe you want to collaborate and validate work more easily, without leaving your favorite productivity tools, such as Teams, Word, Outlook and SharePoint.

However you use them, app integrations are all about staying in the zone.

To learn more about why your business should choose eSignature, you can download DocuSign’s whitepaper here.

2. Build trust and loyalty

Face-to-face interactions build trust, loyalty and deeper bonds, and for obvious reasons, video conferencing apps such as Zoom exploded in popularity in the early years of the pandemic.

Integrating e-signatures with your video conferencing system lets you securely share, review, and sign documents directly in meetings for a smoother, more transparent agreement process.

Being able to discuss the details of these documents live and in person reduces the time it takes to get them signed. And when that time comes, you can provide a frictionless experience by completing the transaction without closing the app.

3. Reduce risk

There’s a reason industries that handle large amounts of sensitive information — including government agencies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions — were early adopters of e-signatures. Electronic signatures are harder to forge, and if auditing is required, a secure metadata trail shows who accessed a document, when it was accessed, and where.

Being able to collect signatures without having to leave platforms such as Salesforce further improves security by allowing you to prepare, sign, execute and manage contracts in one place. It also reduces errors by eliminating the need to manually transfer data to other systems.

After rigorous certifications and security standards that ensure your documents are safe and scalable, they are then digitized for effortless diligent record keeping. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

4. Increase your cash flow

All this streamlining of complex workflows means businesses can benefit from faster document turnaround times and a smoother sales process.

In other words: by connecting e-signatures to the tools you use every day, you can start automating and accelerating cash flow by closing deals faster.

5. Improve your customer and employee experience

Integrating electronic signatures into your web and mobile applications provides a seamless experience for customers and employees. These simple, hassle-free processes are a distinct competitive advantage in our virtually connected hybrid work world.

So when evaluating e-signature providers, be sure to check if they can connect to the systems and capabilities you use every day, as well as those you plan to start using in the future. ‘coming.

If your favorite systems and tools integrate with each other, a whole new level of productivity suddenly opens up. And with frictionless workflows that increase efficiency, increase revenue, improve compliance, and enhance customer and employee experience, you can take your business to the next level, too.

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