Four productivity tools for college students

Whether you’re a student or a professional, productivity tools that can help you organize your studies or your general workflow can save your life. So, for those of you who are tired of forgetting your college homework, shopping lists, class notes, work reports, etc., here is a list of productivity tools/apps that can help you. help organize your life.


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Notion is an application like no other. As the company itself describes, “Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs,” and that statement is absolutely true. You can use Notion through the app or through the web browser, and the essence of Notion is to organize your information, whether it’s for a report, a project, your daily expenses, etc.

Many people prefer to use Notion to focus on individual/team projects, thereby keeping better track of a large amount of information in one place. The best part about Notion is that you can download endless templates for free to suit your needs.


The idea of ​​mind mapping has become extremely popular over the past couple of years. As we move towards more digital workspaces and tools, we also seem to have become somewhat nostalgic for old traditions. Similar to how you would take notes on a topic, mind mapping allows you to let your thoughts flow freely, while still providing some level of structure.

Xmind is an application that allows you to do just that. The app provides a blank space, where users can jot down and connect thoughts in a non-linear way. Xmind is quite intuitive, with its minimal user interface being the perfect canvas for boosting creativity.


Everyone needs a to-do list, and Todoist is probably the best to-do list app out there. Letting you jot down reminders or tasks with the tap of a button or through its widget, Todoist helps you keep track of everything you need to constantly remember throughout the day.

Simultaneously, Todoist also lets you separate tasks based on different projects and tags, allowing you to better keep track of your daily to-do list.


Have you ever worked on a project or report that required you to browse through a million links and then select dozens? Maybe you needed to do this for a research paper, a thesis, or even for an article you’re writing for a journal. Well, if you have been looking for something like this, then Pocket is going to change your life.

Most commonly available as a browser extension, you can click on the Pocket extension from any webpage and the link to that page will be saved immediately. You can then choose whether or not to add a tag to the saved link for better organization. On phones, you can download the Pocket app, and whenever you share a link, you’ll have the option to save to Pocket instead of just sharing it.

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