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Kirtida Kitchen started her business in May 2012, starting as a vendor at the Guelph Farmers Market and opened her storefront on December 19, 2017. It is a small family business and the first Indian restaurant that operates a 100 % vegetarian. cuisine, with vegan and gluten-free options.

Kirtida Jagad, owner of Kirtida Kitchen

Kirtida Jagad is the owner and chef and runs the business with the support of her husband Hitesh Jagad who generally manages and is also the chef. By profession, Kirtida holds a Master of Commerce ( degree. She previously worked for TD Canada Trust for over 14 years as a personal banking advisor. Kirtida and Hitesh learned everything by following traditional cooking methods and trying different recipes.

During the 2008 recession, Hitesh lost his job and they had to find a way to support their family, which led to the idea of ​​starting a part-time business. They then decided to start a small catering business operating on weekends which was called “Kirtida’s Khana Khazana”. Following the success of the business, they then expanded into the Guelph Farmers Market as a vendor in 2012. After more than five years of operating the Farmers Market, they decided it was time to open their own store and have since been successful to the great support of the community.

business background

Kirtida Kitchen began operations in May 2012. Kirtida chose to invest in Guelph because it was the city they migrated to in September 2004. From the moment they arrived in Guelph, they loved the city and the community and n never thought of leaving.

Kirtida Kitchen strives to support the local community by giving back. During the pandemic, they donated over 6,000 meals to those in need and continually supported and sponsored local sports teams such as the Guelph Storm and Guelph Nighthawks. They have also sponsored eight public ice skates for the community and participated in numerous charity events organized by the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, the Guelph Human Society, the Guelph & District Multicultural Festival and United Way.

When asked why it’s important to support the local, Kirtida replied, “Supporting the local is very important – when people support the local, they’re not just supporting the business, but they’re also helping this business. family business to bring food to their dining table. Small businesses are part of the community and their business success depends on local support. We always support local small businesses, and we encourage Guelph residents to support local on board.

We also asked what makes Kirtida Kitchen unique.

“Kirtida Kitchen is unique in so many ways,” Kirtida replied. “We are the first and only restaurant that offers 100% vegetarian cuisine (no fish, no eggs, no seafood, no chicken, no meat). Additionally, 95% of menu items are vegan and approximately 90% of menu items are gluten-free. We have something for everyone.”

The company’s future plans include continuing to grow its business. Ideas have been considered around a possible franchise or opening more locations, but for now they are happy to continue to offer the best options in their current space and continue to support the local community.

Visit the Kirtida Kitchen website to learn more about their great selection of menu items.

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