Hyundai Motor aims to maintain leadership as demand for Creta, Venue continues

Having dominated the segment in 2021 with the sale of over 2.5 lakh of SUVs, Hyundai Motor India looks to maintain its leadership in the segment this year as demand for its models like Creta and Venue continues to be robust, according to a senior company official.

The automotive major has led the sport utility vehicle (SUV) space in the country for two consecutive years (2020 and 2021) and now plans to dominate the segment in 2022 as well.

The company sold 1.8 lakh SUV in 2020 and closed 2021 with a shipment of 2.52 lakh units.

SUV sales have grown in the country at a rapid pace.

In 2020, SUVs accounted for around 29% of total passenger vehicle sales. The share rose to 37% in 2021.

In an interaction with PTI, Tarun Garg, director (sales, marketing and service) of Hyundai Motor India, said the company is confident to maintain its leadership in the segment this year as well.

We have the technology, we have the design and we have the products. The company has succeeded in creating an excellent SUV customer base.

“In the past five years, we have sold over 8.34 lakh SUVs. So we are convinced that we should continue to do well when it comes to the SUV space. We have a full range which puts us in an advantageous position, ” he noted.

Garg said the SUV segment continues to grow unabated and the company is well positioned to lead the space.

He noted that the transition to SUVs will continue in the domestic market, as vehicles have sort of become a kind of status symbol for buyers.

“There is also a perception that SUVs are safe. In addition, high ground clearance is an added advantage for driving on any type of terrain. SUVs also feature an elevated seating position which allows for better driver control, ”Garg said while explaining the reasons for the popularity of SUV models in the country.

He noted that customers are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the cars they want to buy in terms of design, functionality, driving dynamics and this fits well with Hyundai which has continuously improved its model line. .

“This is the reason why Creta remains a leader in the SUV field despite the number of new models launched in the segment,” Garg said.

He noted that the company is sitting on a backlog of more than a lakh of units, with Creta leading the reservation rankings.

In 2021, the company sold 1,25,437 units of the model.

Garg noted that unprecedented demand has resulted in an increased waiting period for the model and that the company is working hard to increase production.

He noted that the company continues to offer its model line with multiple fuel options, powertrains and transmissions, thus meeting all kinds of customer demands in various regions.

“With the addition of Alcazar to our lineup, Hyundai now boasts five stellar brands across a diverse array of choices to the delight of customers.

“Going forward, we will continue to deliver exciting new products with a focus on smart technology, innovation and sustainability,” Garg said.

The company has sold over 1.08 lakh of Venue units last year and 17,700 Alcazar units since its launch in June 2021.

Hyundai also sells Tucson in the market and is now preparing to drive a new version of the SUV.

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Posted on: Sunday January 02, 2022 6:36 PM IST

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