Ibadan North Rep, Akinremi, equips 1,250 trainees in tools, in cash

The member representing the Federal constituency of Ibadan North in the House of Representatives, Prince Olaide Akinremi, gave 1,250 members of his constituency various valuable tools and items of economic importance for starting small businesses.

Handing out the 29 different articles at an event held at the pavilion of the University of Ibadan International Conference Center, Akinremi noted that it was encouraging that many of his constituents had secured articles for which they were had received training.

He said training and support to start small businesses in skill areas was of paramount importance to him and noted that, as he had done before, he was strategic in ensuring that the tools and miscellaneous items not being shared with the wrong group of people. .

According to him, scholarship students from the Prince Akinremi Foundation (PAF) were among the beneficiaries of the articles as he had promised them earlier, and added that the students had also been trained in different trades such as ICT, hairdressing, sewing. , catering, barber, shoe repair, etc.

Akinremi said: “It is important that at all levels we continue to train people adequately in different professions relevant to society. It is also important that we support these interns with the necessary tools and equipment to enhance their professional abilities. In addition, they also receive money which would greatly help the start-up and improve the sustainability of these businesses. “

He reiterated his commitment to continually empower the people of Ibadan North and always encourage them to embrace entrepreneurship not only as a way to secure their own economy, but also as a way to reduce poverty and unemployment in society.

Akinremi instructed people to expect more training and skills development at a center he facilitated and located at Immanuel College Primary School, as well as Prince Akinremi Town Hall which will be soon to be inaugurated also in Ibadan Nord.

He congratulated the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, saying his support for the performance of 9th Assembly lawmakers and his encouragement had been invaluable in their representation of their constituents, their legislative activity and the empowerment of their constituents.

Gbajabiamila, he argued, had continued to work “assisting in the interest of our country, and if a man as such has the privilege of securing the support of Nigerians for the highest office in our country. country, we will only make further progress, for he is a man whose current feat as Speaker of the 9th Assembly of the House of Representatives replaces that of his predecessors.


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