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Inside The Venue is a free guide and fact sheet of local sites in the city. The theaters that participate in this series do not pay to be part of it. This is a free resource provided to local businesses to help them market their name and use the Wichita By EB platform to expand their reach. If you would like to sponsor this feature, please send us an email.

Why choose the fun place
“We are a local family business, very well located in downtown Wichita with easy access to many free public parking lots. And finally, we have very competitive prices with what we offer. Thank you!”
– Gigi Chung, owner of The Fun Venue

Site: 221, chemin N. St. Francis

Contact details: 316-755-6790 – Email
Social networks / Web: Website – Facebook – Instagram

Location details

  • Reception capacity: Maximum capacity of 80 people seated inside and maximum of 49 people seated in the exterior courtyard
  • In business since 2019

Food and Alcohol Policy

  • Catering policy: open catering policy, can also bring own food.
  • Alcohol Policy: BYOB Allowed. No restriction on the type of alcohol. Licensed bartender required only if alcohol is sold.


Rental rate per hour:
Mon-Thursday before 9 p.m. $ 80 per hour, after 9 p.m. $ 150 per hour
Friday before 5:00 p.m. $ 100 an hour, after 5:00 p.m. $ 150 an hour.
Saturday before 5:00 p.m. $ 150 an hour, after 5:00 p.m. $ 180 an hour.
Sunday before 9 p.m. $ 120 per hour, after 9 p.m. $ 150 per hour
Vacation rate varies.
* There is a minimum of 2 hours rent required.
* Free 30-minute setup time just before the event and 30-minute free teardown (teardown must begin immediately after the event)
* You can add additional setup or teardown time for 50% off the rental rate just before or after the event. (Maximum of one and a half hours paid in total for installation or dismantling. In the event of exceeding, the regular hourly rate will apply)

Full day rental rate or more:
Saturday (10 hours at the time of your choice, the additional hour is $ 100 per hour) for $ 1680
Full day block 10 hours of your choice Friday $ 1,500 or Sunday $ 1,300
* All prices and promotional offers are subject to change without notice *

Car park

Many free public car parks are located in the immediate vicinity of the site. 1 large free public car park just across the street and plenty of off street parking.

  • Is it included in the price? N / A
  • Is there covered parking? No
  • Valet / VIP service available? No

Features / Amenities

  • Tables and chairs: included in the base rate, but free for indoor use only
  • Linen: Not included in the basic rate
  • Table decoration: Not included in the base price
  • A / V equipment: A tailgate speaker and a recreational projector included in the base rate
  • Access to the kitchen: no kitchen, but we have a wet bar with sinks, fridge and prep tables
  • Dance floor: Yes
  • Scene: Yes
  • Wi-Fi access: Yes
  • Security: The Fun Venue does not provide security. For most events, we don’t require clients to hire a security guard, but some do, and if required when booking, clients would be responsible for hiring a security guard.

Cleaning policy

We provide most of the cleaning for events. Customers are only responsible for disassembling their decorations, picking up all garbage and large bins (confetti, confetti balloons, glitter are not allowed. Bulk floor decorations must be removed if used) , reinsert the garbage bags and wipe down the board if it has been used. .

Cancellation policy

50% of rental charge due on booking is non-refundable as a non-refundable hold charge. All payment due at least 2 weeks before the event. Once paid, all payments are non-refundable. Rescheduling is allowed once with a rescheduling fee of $ 50, but a very specific time frame is written into the contract. No postponement is allowed if the event is in less than 2 weeks.

Contact Fun Venue for the full cancellation policy.


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