Interior design master Banjo confesses to the risky way he chooses color

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  • Last week Banjo Beale was crowned winner of this year’s Masters in Interior Design with Alan Carr on BBC One. A fan favorite from the start, week after week, Banjo stunned judges and viewers alike with his creative designs, however, the contestant reveals he had an unusual way of choosing the show’s best color combinations.

    In the show’s finale, Australian Banjo made the bold last-minute decision to change the color of one of the walls in his comedy bar. However, talking to Ideal home, Banjo revealed that this last-minute color swap was nothing new. In fact, he admits that he always chooses the color last in a project.

    Interior Design Masters Winner – Banjo Beale

    “I always feel like an impostor when it comes to color,” says Banjo. “I always chose my color last. I don’t know if that’s what interior designers do, but because I’m a collector and curator first, I like to step back and look at my pieces and then choose a color that might tie the everything.

    Image credit: BBC One

    “Rather anxiety-provoking, but as I say, pressure makes diamonds! And it got results. It was a hotly contested final, between Amy and London bar designs Banjo. But Banjo’s cohesive navy and green color scheme won the contract to design a self-contained beach retreat at Watergate Bay in Cornwall

    While Banjo’s color choices might be last minute, one design tip we’re stealing is his character creation. In each episode, we were treated to Banjo’s imaginary characters who helped him bring a design to life – our particular favorite was in the finale when his character inspired him to create a ‘granny nightclub’.

    It’s a smart trick to not get caught up in decorating trends and create a cohesive design. This is also a trick Banjo uses variation on when designing parts for himself. “When it comes to our homes, we’re the stars of the show. But we often think of ourselves as explorers. When we travel, we always bring back the less practical things for home – mortar and pessels, delicate, unfired pottery, giant lampshades,” he explains.

    Vanner at Watergate Bay

    Banjo’s conversion of ‘Winnow’ holiday home at Watergate Bay in Cornwall, the winning contract, has already been unveiled.

    Living room with wood paneling and rattan light fixtures

    Image credit: Elliott White Photography

    Inspired by nature and sustainability, the space is filled with soothing textures and colors, and even wallpaper ideas from fellow finalist, Amy.

    “I was immediately inspired by nature and my record was honestly a dream, make it Banjo and make it durable,” he says. “I created a slow, reflective space after the whirlwind of the show. It’s filled with natural materials, textures, local crafts, vintage finds, and bespoke happenings from small makers, including beautiful headboards from Poh Mauna that I designed, a table from Galvin Bros, and a remarkable chair from Buchannan Studio.

    winnow is currently available to book through the summer with 3 night stays from £1,888

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