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At the start of this semester, Cherokee High School offered a Placement Research for Advancement course through the College Board for students who wish to delve deeper into a subject or academic problem.

In AP Research, students learn the 7 stages of academic research, introduction (which includes topic, problem, objective and research question), literature review, research design, data collection and analysis, as well as findings and implications.

Dr. Amy Pontius facilitates the design, planning and execution of one-year research. Dr Pontius focused on the pedagogical skills needed to think critically, apply context and perspective, analyze sources, and write a college-level academic article. Students choose a topic and find the problem (gap) in the research.

Last week, they released their respective research questions in a presentation to the Cherokee Institutional Review Panel (Dr. Byron Booker, Ms. Amy Kenner, and Mr. Cody Helms) for approval to conduct the study. Upon completion of this step, AP Research students will review existing literature relevant to their selected research topic.

Kudos to Yash Trivedi, Henry Brooks, Cheyenne Bare, Maya Lawson, and Jesse Foster for their work in AP Research.

It’s not your average Humpty Dumpty

Aspiring engineers from Mr. Jeff Hobbs’ Principles of Engineering class participated in the annual Egg Drop event just before the fall break last week.

Students designed and built a cradle platform capable of protecting a raw, Grade A egg when dropped from an approximate height of 12 feet onto a concrete floor.

Nine sheets of 8 ½ x 11 paper, a choice of adhesive from white polyvinyl glue, rubber cement or glue stick, and the student’s problem-solving skills were the only materials provided.

Points were earned on a progressive scale from an egg without injury to a cracked egg without leakage to a broken yoke and you pay off. Neighboring auto professor Dewey Ferguson added the background story behind each named egg and provided full-color commentary as the egg dipped into the crack-defying drop.

Everyone had fun as the students learned the general principles of gravitational force, engineering design, scientific principles, and construction theories.

Teacher Jeff Hobbs prepares the next “drop of egg” as a student in his Principles of Engineering class watches.

CTE Study Council of Cater Student Heads

Four student chefs from Chef Whitney Roberson Swinney’s Culinary Arts 1 class had the opportunity to host a lunch for the First District Career and Technical Education Council held at the Schools Training Center of the Hawkins County earlier last week.

On the menu, baked chicken, roasted butternut squash with other fall vegetables, cream of potatoes, bread and mini apple pies. These freshmen hit the equivalent of a culinary homeroom by replacing 4 conflicting student culinary chefs for this catering event.

Congratulations to these student chefs who prepared a delicious meal. Moms and dads, please take note.

Your kids may be able to help with cooking chores around the house.

Volleyball Lady Chiefs stands at the net

Congratulations to the Cherokee Lady Chiefs Volleyball team for a strong performance in the District II AA conference tournament.

After an early loss to Grainger County, the Lady Chiefs took a position on their home turf in the double-elimination tournament by defeating second-seeded Chucky Doak to advance to the semi-final.

The Lady Chiefs fought fiercely in the straight set loss to Grainger County.

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