Leek Place Obtains Marriage License

A Leek wedding company that specializes in helping terminally ill people to get married for free has obtained its own marriage license.

Emma Wisely has been running her business – Em’s Catering: Cakes & Events – for 14 years.

But this year, the 38-year-old mom decided to draw on her experience and contacts within the wedding industry to embark on a new adventure.

Emma, ​​who organized Leek Weddings at her Town Yard Industrial Estate facility, said she was blown away by the support from people and businesses.

Over the past few months, Emma has forged ties with Dougie Mac Hospices and Katharine House, from whom she receives referrals.

The site can now offer all the services required for a wedding.

Emma said: “We have finally obtained the marriage license and can now offer the whole package on our site.

“This now means that we can marry Dougie Mac’s references on location, which is really amazing. It will make such a difference for these couples as we can source hair, makeup, nails and dresses which can all be installed on site in our bridal locker room so that from start to finish it can be done on site. .

“We also have small weddings for everyone, which helps us fund free weddings, and we also offer wedding dress rentals.

“We have worked very hard and are very happy to have obtained the marriage license.

“I think it will make a huge difference and help a lot of people, who can get married for free.

“I had this idea to do something for the terminally ill. It all started with an idea, and I asked if anyone could help me.

“If you die and you are not married, there are a lot of legal rights that your partner might not get, even if you have been together for a long time. From a practical and financial point of view, this is really important.

“But it’s also a really special and final thing for someone. We can make this special day a reality for them and do whatever they want.

“Initially, I just pitched the idea to see if any local businesses or individuals might be able to help, and the response has been incredible. Donations have poured in. “

Emma is also keen to welcome those who may be bedridden and unable to make it to the site.

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