Liverpool firefighters secure new rescue tools

A new boat is one of a number of new lifesaving tools the Liverpool Fire Service (LFD) now have to work with.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the LFD Ladies Auxiliary, as well as community support, the department was able to purchase a 4.27 meter AB Marine boat with a 50 horsepower engine and all lifesaving equipment. necessary. The cost is around $30,000.

The new boat pairs well with the 6.4m lifeboat the department purchased last summer.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary orchestrates a number of fundraising activities including bingo, flea markets, online auctions, catering, fish and chips dinners and breakfasts.

“The bigger boat is good, but it can’t really do shallow water,” said LFD spokesman John Long. “This new one allows for a more varied response and can go where the big boat can’t.”

Long noted that the department uses its boats about twice a year for local and mutual aid calls.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary has been around since 1968, and Becky Munroe, its president, says the organization couldn’t achieve what it has without the support of the community.

“The community has been great. Without them, nothing could happen like this,” she said, adding that there are currently only six Auxiliary members; they hope others will join.

Meanwhile, the fire department also recently purchased new rescue tools with a grant from the province under the Emergency Service Provider Fund ($20,000) and proceeds from the weekly raffle 50 /50 Nova Scotia Fire Department. The total cost of the two tools is over $28,000.

The new mower/spreader combination and a 150 centimeter ram are battery powered and hydraulic, allowing for greater versatility.

“They’re very powerful and very responsive,” Long said. “The old hydraulic tool we had was hosed to the truck or portable pump and you are limited and the portable was heavy and bulky. These new tools will be faster and much easier to transport and use,” did he declare.

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