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Photo of the Christopher Kemp Chapel House

A former family estate in Minster will open to the public next spring as an exclusive and luxurious venue for weddings for up to 120 guests.

Thanet’s council granted a building permit for the company at the Thorne Hill estate in October.

The site, which spans 25 acres of land, includes Chapel House which will be used as a boutique bed & breakfast capable of accommodating a wedding couple and a main wedding party as part of wedding packages from a , two or three days.

The attic and barn become a reception room and the pavilions are on the open land to the west of the main house and outbuildings.

The restored north alley will provide the main access to the estate by entering through the private and gated entrance. Guests will have access to a grassed car park that can accommodate up to 70 cars, including charging points for electric vehicles. Beyond this point, the estate has a no-car policy as it seeks to protect the natural setting of the soil.

Photo Christophe Kemp

As part of the private stay, on the eve of the wedding, the bride and groom and their immediate guests will be served drinks in the courtyard and dinner with local Kent products, including vegan and vegetarian options.

The estate will also be able to host wedding ceremonies in areas such as the wild apple orchard and the walled courtyard. The courtyard can accommodate up to 60 people while the orchard is large enough for 120.

The Old Malt Granary is licensed for indoor weddings. A banquet barn is being built next to the attic, an intimate Amore ceremony is offered at Chapel House with a reception hall licensed for 15 people.

Chapel House, a Grade II listed building dating from 1290, is the centerpiece of the estate.

The house has a large master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a dressing room with bridal bathroom and two attic bedrooms with en-suite bathroom. A large kitchen, two lounge areas and a collection of vinyl records to play on the upcycled record player are also available.

Guests staying on the estate can enjoy the gardens and woods and a personal driver will be on call for trips further afield.

The southwest paddock will house ten private lodgings, all with private bathrooms and bedrooms. 24-hour on-site concierge service will be included.

One of the founders of the project, Jonathan Sawyers, who lives with his family in Margate, said: “We fell in love with Chapel House as soon as we entered the park. Each time we visited the estate, the more opportunities we saw to create a premier wedding venue.

“The vast surface area allows guests to disappear into nature while the buildings close to Chapel House will create the perfect space for couples who want their guests to feel truly part of the celebrations.”

Bosses in the field say sustainability and supporting the local economy are a priority and they strive for a low carbon footprint. Products will be sourced from local farms and catering will be overseen by Matt Sworder, chef / owner of The Corner House restaurants. Transportation to the venue by train will be actively encouraged with a 24-hour chauffeur service providing shuttle service for guests to where they need to be.

In the planning documents submitted for the site, it is stated: “The sheep graze in these pens, which we will continue by retaining the sheep, thus contributing to our sustainability ethic and our ecological approach at the heart of our project.

“In addition to the sheep, we will set up around 10 beehives for the bees, a vital part of our ecosystem, acting as very effective pollinators of our food crops and gardens and in doing so we support the protection of this vital insect that is undergoing a dramatic decline.

“For this, we have hired a beekeeper who will occupy a permanent position and who is a member of the local beekeeping community. Over the next few years, we intend to expand our sustainability and introduce other supporting projects.

The document also states: “The project will help support the local economy in addition to providing jobs throughout the year. These proposed positions will include, but are not limited to, catering, waiting, operations and housekeeping staff, grounds and garden maintenance positions, marketing and sales as well as local trades. .

“Our clientele will grow by taking advantage of local amenities and businesses. A single wedding with an average of 85 guests, more than half of whom traveling from outside the immediate area, could reasonably generate additional income generated directly from the wedding venue through spending at other accommodation establishments. , restaurants, services and local tourism during the stay of the guests for a period of two nights and three days or more.


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