One of New York’s most charming cheese factories expires – and more closures

More than a year after the first restaurant closures inside New York City, restaurants and bars continue to close. At least 1,000 have closed since March 2020 due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the difficulty of tracking restaurant and bar closings right now, experts say that number could be even higher and that it will likely take months, if not years, to assess.

Among them are new neighborhood spots like Jeepney and Burgie’s, as well as decades-old institutions including 21 Club, Fedora, and Frank’s Cocktail Lounge. Below, Eater documents the city’s permanent restaurant closures so far. If a restaurant or bar has closed in your neighborhood, let us know at [email protected] This article will be updated regularly.

22 october

Bryant Park: Cafe Zaïya, a subsidiary of Parisienne Bakery in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is permanently closed. The sister location of the Japanese bakery, located nearby on the second floor of the Kinokuniya bookstore, remains open, however.

Bushwick: Seitan Rising Vegan Cafe – the combined strengths of a vegan meat-based deli company called Seitan’s Helper and Pisces Rising, a vegan bakery – disband, despite being one of the the best vegan spots in town. While the bakery will no longer be part of the business, sandwiches and cold cuts ordered at the counter will still be on deck. The company, located at 2 Morgan Avenue, is renamed Seitan’s Helper. The combined Seitan Rising Instagram account has been deleted, so check out the @SeitansHelper for daily updates on promotions.

East Village: One of New York’s most charming cheese dairies, Backyard cheese dairy, is No more. EV Grieve reports that the company – which opened on Avenue C in 2008 and then moved to Avenue B in 2016 – has been forced to close due to staffing issues. The store’s sandwich options were often on Eater’s best sandwich rating. Owner Beatriz Gutierrez may continue to use the space for catering in the interim.

East Village: The location of the iconic hot dog on 14th Street King Papaya closed, according to EV Mourning.

East Village: After almost 23 years in the East Village, Street-B, a bar specializing in live music with a particular eye for jazz, has closed its doors. Owner Mike Camacho, who has been in charge for five years, posted on Instagram that while the Alphabet City space is no longer, he will be moving Rue-B to a new location.

October 15

East Village: Pioneer Filipino Gastropub Jeepney, known for his impact on the city as a champion of Filipino cuisine and culture, ended his nine-year reign in downtown Manhattan. Owner Nicole Ponseca told Eater that while Jeepney’s closure marks the end of her New York restaurant presence for now, she likely won’t be gone for long. Ponseca hopes to eventually expand Jeepney to multiple cities, in a format similar to his Newly opened outpost in Miami.

Williamsburg East: After less than a year of operation, Burgie’s, the The Roberta burgers branch of Carlo Mirarchi and Brandon Hoy has closed. When the team opened Burgie’s, they went in a different direction from the burger they were known for at the pizzeria – here it was the burger-style patty. Last month, Eater reported that the business was marked closed on Bark and her Instagram page was deleted or renamed.

Gramercy: The starred restaurant of the Freehand hotel Simon and the whale is not anymore. When the restaurant opened in 2018, it was hailed as a rare hotel restaurant that could stand out among other bustling openings in the city. While the hotel’s website still lists restaurateur Gabriel Stulman’s business, a new restaurant is indeed occupying the space, now from the team behind Colonia Verde in Fort Greene. Stulman Freehand studio, the casual upstairs cafe, has also closed at the facility.

Downtown East: Four decades after the opening of celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich Felidia, the Midtown restaurant that launched his career has ended. According to PincusCo, Bastianich sold the brownstone that has housed his restaurant since 1981 in a $ 4.7 million deal in September. It is not clear at this time whether Felidia will reopen at another location. Eater contacted Lidia and Tanya Bastianich for more information.

West Village: Restaurateur Roni Mazumdar and Chef Chintan Pandya shut down four-year-old neighborhood Indian restaurant Rahi and replaced it with Semma, a different restaurant focusing only on South Indian cuisine. A new executive chef, Vijay Kumar, has joined the Mazumdar and Pandya restaurant group to lead the business.

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