Reddit can’t believe this messy wedding venue dessert dish

According to the original Reddit user, the custard base for the dessert was actually just ice cream that the chef left out of the freezer. Custard, in fact, is a French cream sauce made by whisking milk and sugar with egg yolks (via The Bake School). The custard may seem like melted vanilla ice cream. However, custard is often used as a based For the ice cream. Whip the custard with heavy cream or whipped cream, churn it and voila, ice cream!

The leader in question naturally sparked a tiff among Redditors. A pastry chef defended the caterer by saying that “vanilla ice cream is just frozen English”. However, another suggested that following the same logic, you could also say that meringues are just egg whites: “Which, that’s right, but if you were served lemon meringue pie with whites? eggs cooked on it, you’d be pissed off. “

Many couldn’t believe the chef used Smucker’s jam in the wedding dessert, while others were shocked at the mess and inconsistency of the plating and thought the chef was, frankly, lazy and exhausted. “This is the ‘I’m sick of being a chef but have no other skills to rely on’ plate,” one commentator remarked, which may sound harsh, but hey, to $ 40 per head, it makes sense to expect more than melted ice cream, Smucker’s jam, and chocolate sauce.

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