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Women-led games company Robin Games has launched its first game, PLAYHOUSE, as part of its mission to create a more diverse category of digital games. PLAYHOUSE is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

PLAYHOUSE partners with over 100 interior design brands, such as Chairish, Society 6, and Tom Dixon, allowing players to choose from over six thousand real furniture and decor pieces, allowing players to combine content from real lifestyle with mobile games.

By teaming up with established partner brands, PLAYHOUSE offers a different experience than other similar interior design games, as well as new advertising streams for the brands involved.

The game uses 3D drag-and-drop technology to allow players to create more immersive spaces than in other titles of its kind, while realistic renderings help merge moving spaces with real content. As such, the game can be used for real interior design projects, allowing users to create mockups and see what their vision would look like in real life.

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The Robin Games team also partners with a number of content creators in various categories, from design to beauty to pets, for challenges where users are tasked with using a selection of settings. organized to create spaces in their unique style.

More and more brands from various industries are getting involved in mobile gaming, whether through the use of branded content or in-game advertising. PLAYHOUSE stands out as perhaps one of the most ambitious attempts to date, allowing players to use real marks as part of the game cycle.

“We built PLAYHOUSE on the principle that anyone with a phone and a desire to be creative can be a gamer, so we’re not only reaching out to the massive mobile gaming audience out there – which is already overwhelmingly female – but also to lifestyle enthusiasts who otherwise wouldn’t have tried a mobile game,” says Robin Games Founder and CEO Jill Wilson. “Our definition of ‘gaming’ and who becomes a ‘gamer’ has been too narrow so far – we aim to expand that and literally change the game.”

Last week, we wrote that Maybelline is partnering with Zynga for in-game advertising, making it the first beauty brand to enter the hypercasual market.

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