Roseberry View owner’s attempt to become the best wedding venue rejected by planners

A businessman’s offer for a prominent wedding venue in his popular vacation retreat was rejected by council planners.

Andrew Platts wants his Roseberry View Lodge retreat to be a favorite location for weddings and events all year round.

But residents argued instead of “Ibiza style” – saying they “got a taste” of what the noise levels would be like at a three-day summer dance event.

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Hambleton District Council said the noise impact, “the scale and nature” of the project would be “unacceptable” for a rural setting.

He has warned the company that they will be fined up to £ 5,000 if they exceed their annual allowable limit for weddings.

A popular “beach” area, a multi-level arena, a gazebo, and a pier built to host weddings and parties are all to be demolished.

Andrew says other sites in the area have had similar requests approved and the move will hurt local businesses and lead to job losses.

Luxury lodges offer stunning views of Roseberry Topping

Most of the objections, he says, have come from residents living 1.5 km away on “a particular road” – while others who are closer have not complained.

The entrepreneur says he “hasn’t slept for six months”.

Now he is bracing for more “months of hell” as he intends to appeal.

Major plans included a request for a change of use for a clubhouse “to be used as a facility by lodge park guests, as well as for weddings and private functions.”

A retrospective application for “multi-level outdoor seating, outdoor beach, movie screen, wedding pergola, indoor roads” and landscaping was also filed.

The request had 43 objections while 33 were in favor of development.

Andrew said: “Whinstone View is half a mile away they were donated [permission for] a club house and a wedding bar.

“There is no continuity.

“Arngrove has built a bar-bistro-restaurant – why not me?

“The photo which is Roseberry Topping is actually in my garden.

“They don’t use the beauty of the area.

“Every time we have an event, the hotels and restaurants around me were packed and the economy was boosted.

“Companies say ‘we love it, every time you do something we’re blown away’.

“They will suffer.

“I have to lay people off, we also had 24 jobs on hold – I have to start writing letters to people telling them there is no work.”

Andrew is planning more lodges

The venue has 13 wedding bookings, as well as events ranging from Christmas parties to festive markets.

“Whinstones has 120 weddings, the Treebridge does 63,” Andrew added.

“I told them ‘look what I have in my garden, look what I am trying to create.

“We’re canceling DJs, Santa Claus, Elves, Reindeer – that sounds disgusting.

“We have 35 stalls for the Christmas markets and 100 children who come to see Santa Claus.

“We have also reserved two charities for free.

“We will have to shoot them.

He says other nearby sites have been given permission for similar projects

The venue still has the right to host 28 events a year, including weddings, he said.

“I built a beach – it’s fantastic, it was packed in the summer.

“They want me to take everything away from them.

“I have a kiosk and a jetty on the water.

“I put in a seat for the euros and for people to watch weddings – they want me to take it off.”

The original plans included a “beautiful glass box with a terrace”, but the designers turned it into a barn.

“They were already committed to it and said you can’t put this on, but we love the barn.”

“Two hours later he was rejected.”

Roseberry View has obtained planning permission for five more vacation lodges, which will be built by next October.

Ambitious plans include another lake and ten more lodges.

“The central hub would be the clubhouse that sits between the two lakes,” Andrew added.

“People say ‘what you have done is amazing’.”

A weekend event with big-name DJs over the summer turned sour after residents complained about the noise.

“Some of the comments are ‘we don’t want to live next door to Ibiza, my window was shaking’,” Andrew said.

“We informed the police and the city council of the event, but we did not inform the neighbors.

“We thought it was the board’s job – it isn’t – it turns out it’s up to us.

“I put my hands up and asked the police to deflect any complaints or calls that came to us, which they did.

“We told people it would be over by 4pm on Sunday and everyone was happy.

“It was an outside event, it wasn’t inside.

“I went to the farm half a mile away, I said ‘do you mind?’

“The farmer said he didn’t care.

One objector wrote: “Over the summer we got a taste of what will happen if this development is allowed.

Loud, thunderous speech and music from the lodge park management.

“The size and orientation of the proposed complex will mean that sound is channeled south to Great Ayton, through what is in fact a giant megaphone.”

Many residents who have complained live within a mile of the site, Andrew added.

“There were 35 objections, all coming from the same route.

“There are seven other houses which are closer, no complaints have come from them.

“They are based on an event that occurs once a year.”

“It’s ridiculous.

“It thwarted our covid rebound.

“I had started to have buttocks on the seats.

“About 120 tickets for an event with David Dunn [DJ] sold in 60 seconds.

“I did an event that sold out in three hours.

“People want to come here, it’s proven.

“I paid for an engineered sound report, the best of the best – the traffic noise came out louder than the party.”

Inside luxury lodges

The stress of the situation led to sleepless nights, he added.

“People are going to lose their jobs.

“You come to work and you can see it on people’s faces, looking at me and thinking, ‘Am I safe? “

“It’s not just financial, it’s emotionally draining.

“I run five businesses and employ a lot of people.

“I also hire catering companies because we don’t have catering facilities.

“I am dizzy.”

Roseberry View is the number one park in the northeast with Hoseasons, Blue Chip Holidays, and, he added.

“We are in the top three in the country.

“And we just won the TripAdvisor Excellence Award as well.”

A spokesperson for the Hambleton District Council said: “Members of the planning committee, responsible for determining demand, visited the site to better understand the site’s location and its relationship to neighbors.

“This proposal cannot be in line with the principles of the policies of the development plan, due to the location, nature and scale of the proposed development and, as such, is considered an unacceptable form of development. and not sustainable in the countryside.

“It was also seen as having a negative impact on the character and enjoyment of the countryside and did not meet quality standards for development.

“The proposal would cause damage to the enjoyment of the local community due to the uncontrollable noise impacts of the operation of the reception venue, including outdoor activities, amplified noise and noise, and disruption resulting from vehicles entering and exiting the reception area. site at unsociable hours. “

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