Saddle River Range functions as a family entertainment venue


The owners Michelle and Thom Bolsch are residents of The Woodlands. (Ally Bolender / Community Impact Journal)

Owners Thom and Michelle Bolsch opened Saddle River Range in 2015 with the goal of creating a family-friendly, comfortable and fun shooting range that people would want to visit. While remaining a luxury gun and archery stand as well as boutique, Saddle River Range also offers opportunities for event planning, catering and team building.

Support for veterans

Michelle is a retired veteran and served in the US Air Force for six years. Thom is a retired US Secret Service agent and has worked in gun handling.

The owners said they were making an effort to support, hire and buy from veterans and veteran-owned businesses. Coffee at the on-site 2A Cafe is purchased from a veteran-owned business, and a significant portion of the staff at Saddle River Range are retired veterans, the owners said.

“Our goal is to find veterans and former law enforcement officers,” said Thom. “Not only do we research and have veterans [as employees], but most of them are disabled veterans.

Additional services

The owners said that since they are both trained in gun handling and safety, they wanted to bring the education and the hobby to the community. The booth has 24 firing ranges and over 120 weapons available for hire, such as handguns, pistols, exotic weapons, suppressed weapons, and fully automatic machine guns.

The range offers a variety of training courses ranging from courses for people who have never taken a firearm before to advanced defensive training courses.

“For someone walking into a gun store for the first time, it can be intimidating,” said Thom. “We’re very friendly about it. If someone says they’ve never handled a weapon before, we’ll start from the beginning.

Saddle River Range has an indoor and outdoor archery bay, and the facility offers archery training as well as equipment rental and purchase. Additionally, the shooting range features an activity called “Archery Assault” in which parties can shoot each other with blunt-tipped arrows.

Saddle River Range frequently hosts events, like a special two-for-one night out. Saddle River Range also has an event planning team that hosts a variety of parties and team building experiences. In addition, the range also has a supervised area for children. The owners said the store sells products such as clothing and accessories. Additionally, Saddle River Range offers a private shooting club that features a private entrance into a six-lane area, conference room, bar, smoking area, and TVs.


Saddle River Range is working on expanding event services and opportunities. Earlier in 2021, the owners set up an outdoor archery range for long-distance shooting.

The owners also opened Saddle River Spring on Spring Cypress Road this summer. They said the new range is being upgraded to provide similar services to the Saddle River range.

“It’s a destination, not just a place to come and shoot,” said Thom.

Training courses

Saddle River Range offers a variety of forms of weapons training:

  • Private education
  • Hunter education
  • Youth firearm
  • Handgun Indispensable
  • Fundamentals of handguns
  • First shots from the National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Defensive handgun
  • Preparation of the port permit
  • Ladies Shooting
  • The ordeal of the victims
  • Hunter safety
  • Archery teaching

Saddle river chain

4280 FM 1488, Conroe


Hours: Mon-Thu. 10 am-7pm, Fri 10 am-9pm, Sat 9 am-8pm, Sun 10 am-6pm


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