Sales in Qatar’s stores peak with Eid celebrations

Sales in various business sectors in the country have increased significantly over the past few days as people prepare to celebrate Eid al-Adha.
In particular, the food and apparel sectors have received an increasing number of customers in various locations and price ranges.
Popular catering kitchens have received a high volume of customer orders to prepare meals to be served at celebrations with family members, friends and guests. Some of these food places have decided to stop receiving new orders a few days before Eid to avoid not delivering existing orders on time.

Sheep at the central market of Wakra

Operators of these companies stressed that they are keen to provide customers with quality service at reasonable prices while extending their working hours for the season so that they can live up to customer expectations.
They said the price for preparing sheep with rice, nuts and spices ranged from QR 300 to 400, with the customer bringing the slaughtered mutton to be prepared. Other customers often ask the kitchen to prepare everything and also bring the sheep, for which the kitchen charges a flat fee depending on the type of sheep.
Meanwhile, livestock markets across the country have continued to see strong demand for different types of sheep, although customers have pointed out that sheep prices this year are slightly higher than previous ones.

The slaughterhouse in the central market of Wakra saw intense activity on Saturday

A good number of sellers in these markets pointed out that their sales had started to increase steadily as Eid approached with the highest sales reported so far on the morning of the first day of Eid, as many customers prefer to buy the sheep and have it slaughtered. immediately to the nearby slaughterhouse instead of keeping the animals at home for a while.
However, traders expect demand to fall as usual after the Eid holiday, which will help stabilize retail sheep prices in the local market.
The Eid holiday has also seen a surge in demand for clothes and accessories, while tailors and dressmakers are also in high demand as many people prefer to buy new clothes for themselves and their families to celebrate the occasion.
These stores reported an increase in demand compared to the pre-Eid period and some of them wanted to attract more customers through special promotions and discounts on several items.
Stores in major malls, traditional souks as well as stand-alone stores received a good number of customers, reflecting the diversity of tastes and preferences of people in the country.

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