Save the Date: How to Choose a Wedding Venue – Top 7 Tips

The date is set, and the next step on your wedding to-do list is to find a place where you, your partner, and loved ones can celebrate one of the most special days of your life.

To help you make this all-important decision, we chat with Richard Brend, Managing Director of The Royal Hotel in Bideford, who shares seven top tips for finding the perfect setting for your big day.

1. Select a wedding venue that is suitable for all the guests present.

Before researching wedding venues, it’s a good idea to plan your guest list. This will help you choose a location that is perfectly sized to suit the type of reception you want.

“Our 17th century Kingsley Room can accommodate up to 35 people and is perfect for a more intimate gathering, or our beautiful Regency Restaurant has a capacity of 120 people and is ideal for large wedding parties,” explains Richard.

The Royal Hotel is also licensed for wedding ceremonies, so you can decide to get married and hold your wedding reception at the same location.

2. Choose a location that offers delicious dining options

The Royal Hotel’s magnificent 17th-century Kingsley Room is perfect for a more intimate wedding
– Credit: Kevin Nicholson

“I recommend choosing a place that offers catering. It will relieve stress and save you time and money, ”explains Richard.

The Royal Hotel offers a selection of traditional menus or tailor-made options if you are looking for something unique. They offer silver service, plated main courses, and pasture table options.

“We are renowned for our legendary service, mouth-watering cuisine and our expertise in ensuring the happiness of your guests at your wedding,” he adds.

3. Choose a wedding venue that also offers accommodation

“Organizing travel, accommodation and parking for your guests can be a nightmare, so it’s best to choose a location that offers everything you need, all in one place,” says Richard.

There are 32 luxurious rooms at the Royal Hotel, where your guests can stay, and wedding packages available for exclusive hire from the hotel.

Choose from a one or two night stay and you’ll have access to The Kingsley Suite, ensuring the wedding party has enough space to prepare. You will also have access to the private or master suite, as well as the private lounge and bar.

“There is plenty of space to park and as the hotel is located in the heart of Bideford it is easy to access for everyone,” says Richard.

4. Find a place with an idyllic view

Overlooking the River Torridge, surrounded by breathtaking private gardens, lush rolling hills and nearby sandy beaches, the Royal Hotel is ideally placed for a romantic wedding. The beautiful backdrop will provide plenty of photo opportunities and amazing scenery to make your wedding day unforgettable.

“You will immediately feel at home among the charm and character of the 17th century building,” says Richard. “It’s a great place to explore North Devon. You can also travel to Lundy Island, a Natural Trust treasure site.

It’s a gorgeous place to take a walk the day after your wedding to extend the celebrations, and could even make a wonderful honeymoon destination.

5. Discover a place that offers everything you need and that respects your budget.

The Royal Hotel dining room can accommodate up to 120 wedding guests

The Royal Hotel offers a selection of traditional menus or tailor-made dining options for weddings
– Credit: Kevin Nicholson

“The key to a fantastic wedding venue is flexibility,” says Richard. “No two couples are the same, and as such no wedding is the same either. You want to choose a venue that can meet your needs, tastes and budget.

At the Royal Hotel, you can choose from several affordable and high-quality wedding packages to find the one that’s right for you.

6. Look for a wedding venue that can stick to your calendar

It’s best to have a wedding date in mind to help you find an available venue and make sure they can help you prepare your plans on time.

“We love meeting couples and having a cup of tea at the hotel to learn more about their wedding and discuss how we can help them plan this special day,” said Richard.

7. Choose a wedding venue that can help make your big day one to remember.

“Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, civil ceremony or vow renewal, we have the expertise you need to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, so you can relax and make the most of each. minute, ”says Richard.

“We have been running wedding events for over 40 years so trust me when I say no matter what surprises may arise, we’ll be there to sort them out and make sure nothing is interrupting any of the days. most important in your life. “

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