Shanshan Ren of Experience Design Group for Lenovo has developed a new truly wireless gaming headset with convenient and reliable automatic charging support

Morrisville, North Carolina, USA

The Legion H600 headset and S600 charger combo designed by Shanshan Ran and the Experience Design Group for Lenovo is a new space-saving headset that meets the standards of the most demanding gamers.

For its innovative design, the Legion H600 & S600 helmet received a 2021 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Headset offers scalable charging for true wireless gaming; it automatically recharges every time it’s clipped to its mount, making low battery a thing of the past.

Exclusive magnetic charging pins make the process ultra-simple and always reliable.

Cluttered desks are a major inconvenience for modern gamers, as is the need to use wires to charge in an otherwise completely wireless experience.

The nimble setup of this headset saves more space than it takes up.

Already slim and minimalist in design, the S600 becomes a hub for the modern gamer’s must-have gadgets.

It keeps the headset and an additional device wirelessly charged and supports two more with full USB data and power transmission.

It’s the ultimate answer to desktop clutter.

The headset showcases the leading wireless and connectivity paradigm, with high-performance wireless, cross-platform support, and excellent specs catering to even the most demanding gamers, while pushing true wireless to more devices. with the Qi charger at the base.

The H600 and S600 belong to the Legion family, a line of gaming accessories that deliver industry-leading comfort and user experience, along with a sleek, modern, minimalist design and excellent execution of core features.

Lenovo’s vision for 2021 is to reinvent “wireless” with accessories that will make user-initiated charging possible.

Project: Legion H600 Headset and S600 Charger Combo
Designers: Shanshan Ren, Experience Design Group, Lenovo
Manufacturer: Lenovo

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