An artistic impression of the development of Whitlam stores.

The new suburb of Whitlam in CANBERRA will include local stores that meet the specific needs of residents, said John Dietz, CEO of the Suburban Land Agency.

According to a tender published today (June 22), community consultation formed part of the sales documentation for the 1.8 hectare site opposite the future Whitlam School, located on the main avenue from the suburbs.

“The site will form an important center of activity for the community and we will seize the opportunities presented by the landscape setting,” he says.

“Community consultation took place from February to April through workshops, surveys, online feedback and meetings. Feedback from future residents was important to help shape local businesses and inclusions before the land hit the market. A Place Brief and a Design & Place Framework have been developed and are integrated into the sales documentation for potential developers.

“Six themes of places emerged from the consultation. These themes are intended to guide the future site developer to integrate the values ​​throughout the development life cycle.

“The local center in Whitlam will include residential, commercial and community amenities. Industry will have the opportunity to respond to what the community has identified as important to them.

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Ian Meikle, editor